Sunday, June 17, 2007


Good Morning Jland. And a Happy Father's Day goes out to all the guys today. What's everyones plans for today? Mine is to fix Jim blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and later today cooking shish kabobs on the grill, along with corn on cob, oven roasted baby potatoes, which I bought 5 pounds of at farmers market yesterday, cooked limas with salt pork, a big salad, deviled eggs, and for dessert there is Banana Cream Cake and Banana Split Icecream.  I think he'll enjoy his feast today. I have invited Joe up for dinner also. He is alone today for Father's Day.

Everyone is still asleep here. I have been up since 5:30. I like getting up early and enjoying the quiet before Jim and Rebecca get up. I don't get much time to myself, except for early mornings. It means I am totally drained by 8pm when Rebecca goes to bed, and want to crawl in bed myself, but then I don't get to talk to Jim for a bit or watch TV. Last night I was so worn out. I got Rebecca into bed, sat at computer and was going to make an entry. Closed my eyes just for a second, and woke up a couple hours later, lol. Some second huh? I shut off computer and went to bed. Well, so much for my quiet time. Guess who just walked into livingroom? Yep, the child is up.

Weather man says we're having a heat wave for the next few days. Lovely. Guess I'll be staying indoors with the air on, otherwise I can't breathe.

Yesterday Jim and Rebecca and I went to New Jersey to Columbus Market. I love that place. Great deals on produce. I spent 32.00 there and got blueberries, strawberries, cherries pears, lemons, baby potatoe's, yams, green beans, brocoli, tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, jar of fresh peeled garlic, and garlic powder, onion poder, garlic pepper, and spice for cooked shrimp or crabs.

Gas was about 35 cents cheaper a gallon in Jersey then it is here in Philadelphia, so Jim filled the tank. That'll last all week. I made no dinner last night. Rebecca fixed her own. She made herself a bologna and cheese sandwich with mustard, lol. Jim and I had tomato and mayonaise sandwich. In a few weeks we'll go back to Columbus Market and get more produce.

My cousin is going to send me a nice picture of Scooby to share with you all. Then you'll be able to see why he was loved so much. She told me she is going to see a lady who has a 3yr old Beagle. She has to find him a home cause her child is allergic to the dog. She said the Beagle's favorite snack is baby carrots. Could you say a prayer that my cousin gets this dog? Her son really wants another dog. Even though her heart is broken losing her Scooby, she would do anything to make her son happy.

Well, I know I have more I wanted to write, but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was. I am finding I forget alot of things lately. Old Age? LOL Or maybe the 8 mos of chemo killed my brain cells. Who knows. I better start writing things down huh?

I guess I'd better go now and make the coffee. And when Jim gets up fix his breakfast. I have a busy day today of cooking for him. He deserves it though. He's a hard worker, a great daddy and a loving husband, who would do anything for me or his kids and grandkids.

So give your guys lots of hugs and kisses today and make their day extra special.

LOVE TO YOU ALL....................................


  1. Cindy, what a beautiful day Jim will have...loved all the photos.  I go to our farmers market all the time...fresh produce is awesome....nothing like it.
    The meal is one, he will love for sure.  We will be in that same heatwave....good day to stay inside...or in a cool place.  Happy Father's Day!!!!
    Enjoy the day...hugs,

  2. Hi Cindy, you sure got a lot of goodies!! YUMMY!  I'm sure Jim will enjoy his Father's Day with all of that good cooking. Enjoy your day and don't get too worn out.
    Love ya,

  3. You got some great bargains, yummy. I'd like some stuffed peppers please !!!
    Enjoy your fathers day.
    Ps gas here in NY is still around 3.15 $

  4. WOW!!! That produce sure looked so good!!! Brocolli is good for Rebecca and isn't it great that she loves it??!!!
    Cindy, will you please tell Jim that I hope  he has a good father's day...I know he will have some goooooooooood  food too!!! lol
    I hope yall enjoy the day!!!
    love ya,

  5. Oh, that fresh produce looked soooo good... want some cherries!! LOL  I came here from the link in the graphics group email, so my screen name is different, this is Val =).  I often get up early like you to get things done... Have you made the pancakes yet?  I want some.   Oh, I sound like a pig. LOL  Hugs, Val xox

  6. WOW! I'm coming to your house for fun & food!!!
    Love the pics.
    Have a great day, hugs to Jim!

  7. seraphoflove9001June 17, 2007 at 6:10 AM

    What a wonderful entry....loved the pictures as always. Have a Happy Father's Day.

  8. YUMMY!  I'll be there this afternoon for dinner. lol  We're having a big church dinner and I made a large casserole dish of banana pudding.  Deep, filled with banana's and vanilla wafers, been sitting chilling in the fridge all night.  Dirk loves it.  I absolutely HATE bananas.


  9. I love the way vegetables look, just wish I like their taste more, LOL.  I'm growing up and adding more to the list as I get older - far cry from when I was young and only liked corn and potatos!  I went shopping too and bought out the fruit market, lol.  Sounds like Jim will be very content after dinner!  Have a great day!

  10. Happy Fathers Day to Jim. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Your dinner sounds lovely. Yummy on all those fresh fruit and veggies. Helen

  11. You're right Jim deserves to be King today. I don't know him, but the love you speak of him in your words I know he has to be a super guy. I know I'd love him to because he takes good care of you and he spoils his children.... that's my kinda guy. I just wish he was an example to so many more guys out there. All the food sounds great today. I'm straving now. That was so sweet of you to invite Joe for dinner also.
    John has talked to the kids for three days now and didn't wanna do anything with them today. So sad. Jay and L.A have to work today anyway. KT and Kyan will be at home waiting on a dryer to be delivered, then she's suppose to go to Anthony's Dads for cookout. All his family is coming to his house. He'd like to have Kyan there, if she can come. Since John has never said he wanted to do anything with HIS kids for Father's Day (he has plans with his bimbo and her kids since he's their new dad you know) she went ahead and made plans to go over there. John will be sorry one day for his decisions I just keep telling myself that.
    Sorry about that... but you guys have a marvelous day. I know you will and take plenty of pictures so that we can it with you all too.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  12. sounds like Jim will have an awesome father's day because of you....the food sounds yummie...
    enjoy your day!!!!!

  13. I gotta go eat after seeing all that food! Our ciggies in the UK ARE ABOUT £5.50, that $11!!!!!!! yup, $11.

  14. Happy Father's Day to Jim. I like the tag you have with his name! :)

  15. Have a great Father's Day with Jim!

  16. Happy Father's Day to your Jim ~ No better eatin, than Fresh, Fresh, Fresh everything ~ Yummy! Hope your enjoying your day!

  17. Cindy, Happy Father's Day to Jim, your produce looked yummy, I hope your cousin gets that doggie, Hugs Lisa

  18. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO YOU JIM.....and to you up in heaven papa norman

  19. Happy Fathers Day Jim:) have a good week


  20. Have a Happy Father's Day with Jim.

  21. loved all the pictures fruit looks so yummy!!!
    gas prices are cheaper there too i was excited cuz it was 298 here. sheesh but the smoke prices are outrageous
    hope you guys enjoyed the weekend its a scorcher here too

  22. i love beagles best of all so good luck on getting that beagle. Wow, you got great looking produce...i just know you are a wonderous cook. I hope all of you had a happy FD!  I cant imagine anyone wasting hard earned $ on such high priced cigarettes! My goodness.