Monday, June 11, 2007

Lots to chat about

  Woke up to some rain this morning, which is ok. It's nice and cool outside, so I turned off the A/C and opened my windows. Now what do I hear? Yes, traffic but also a dag on jack hammer. Always something in this city making noise, grrrrrrrrr. But I can deal with it.

Well, the other night when I posted Rebecca was sick, man was she sick. I was up all night. She was coughing, gagging, having problems breathing, crying and gasping for air. I considered ER, but decided against it. So, I stayed up all night attending to her. We went in bathroom, turned on shower (HOT WATER) let room fill up with steam and after about 20 minutes of that she was able to blow so much out of her nose, and cough up alot also. I changed her jammies, because they were damp from the steam and got her back in bed. She woke up 45 minutes later hot. Temperature check and it was 101. Ran tub of cool water, stripped her down and in tub for about 15 minutes. Got her out of tub dried off, rubbed her down with rubbing alcohol, back in jammies and 15 minutes later fever finally broke. Changed her jammies again, blew her nose 10 times and back in bed she went. It seemed like every 30 to 45 minutes, she was up blowing nose, and coughing. At 4:30am when she fell asleep again I got dressed and snuck out to CVS. The pharmacy there is open 24 hours, so I told the pharmacist her symptoms and told him I had given her Benedryl Cold and Allergy. He said her symptoms sound like what's going around with alot of kids. He suggested I give her Childrens Tylenol Plus Cold and Allergy. So, I bought a big bottle of it and also a new jar of Vicks Vapo Rub, and a box of Puffs Pluswith Aloe because her little nose was getting so red from blowing it. I got home just in time, because 5 minutes later she was up crying. temp was up again, 99. I have her the recommended 2 teaspoon dose of the medicine, put new vicks under nose and also rubbed some on her chest. She blew her nose about a dozen times, and back in bed she went. By now I had been up 24 hours straight no sleep. Around 9am, I got my coupons together and went grocery shopping. I bought lots of juices and chicken soup. She won't eat the soup, but I bought chicken noodle star soup and chicken noodle alphabet soup. Guess what? She loves it. So, she had a whole day of medicine, vicks, blowing nose, chicken soup and juice on couch with Ducky blanket. And last night at 8:30 she went to bed and slept all night with no problems. She woke up at 7:30 this morning happy and said, Mommy I feel so much better. Yeaaaaaaa, mommy is happy, but here you go, take your medicine. Pharmacist said to give it to her until all congestion is gone. Rebecca is like me when her throat hurts. We like something cold for throat. So, while at CVS, I spotted these. No Sugar, and freeze them.

 Rebecca loves them, and so do I. I'm thinking Great Snack for dieting, yes? And serving size is 2 freeze pops, 5 calories per serving. Hellooooo, sounds good to me. And they do hit the spot too. I have also seen them in WM and ShopnBag.

Ok, how many of you use Ajax dish liquid? I have used it for years, because I love how the Lemon cuts grease. Well, about 5 weeks ago, I was at WM and seen this Ajax. A 64oz bottle of Ajax with bleache alternative Grapefruit scented. I bought it and I love it. And a little goes a long way too. It cuts the grease just like the lemon one and smells alot better. I suggest you try it. I paid 2.38 for it, but for 64oz that's a good deal.

 Five weeks and thats all I have used, can we say BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday Jim, Rebecca and I went out to Walmart at the Franklin Mills Mall. I was just going to get a pot for my Jade plant Joe got me. I found a nice one, not exactly what I wanted, but I do like this one. Here it is along with the only 2 birthday cards I received so far. One from my inlaws and one from LisaJo. Thank you again girlfriend. It really meant alot to me for you to remember me.

My Jim said the pot wasn't enough for my birthday and said to get something else. I told him I would really like new shower curtains, rugs and mini blind for bathroom. So he said, Let's go get them. Off to the bathroom isle we went. I found the perfect shower curtains. I say curtains cause I need 2 in my bathroom. Also found rugs, and Jim got the mini blind. I looked for a valance of some kind for the window, but couldn't find any. I might just get material and make my own. But here's what I chose.

Jim put up new splash guards on each end of shower and caulked around top of tub, so now it looks so much better. I want to find a towel stand to go over toilet, so I can get rid of the ugly black shelf stand in my bathroom, and I am going to make some wall decor to hang up. I figure since we're going to be living here a while longer, I might as well fix the place up some. Jim's putting a new kitchen floor in next weekend. Yea, finally get rid of that ugly floor covering in there now. I'm going to dye my bedroom curtains. Their cream colored right now, so I am thinking either a tan or hunter green. I like it dark in bedroom when I sleep.

I'm doing the carpets in a couple weeks. They are horrible looking. I have a very light gray carpeting, and man does it show up dirt. When that is done, my next thing will be to get another living room set. I hate my couch and cannot sit on it. There is no back support at all and I need that for my back.

I bet your wondering if I went to bed early last night. Well, sort of. I watched Soprano's last episode, which ended keeping me guessing, I was so disappointed, then I watched the news and off to bed I went. I woke up at 6:30 this morning.

My actual birthday is tomorrow, June 12th. There won't be a party. I don't give myself a party. It's just for kids. Anyways, today on my Things To Do list, is clean the kitchen. Vacuum down steps, clean glass on front door, hang new curtain on front door window, vacuum in hall downstairs and maybe wash the baseboards downstairs in hall. They need it badly. Yea, I know. I'm nuts wanting to do all this work with 7 hours sleep in 2 days, but if I don't do it, it'll never get done.

So that's it for now all. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and an even better monday. I have some alerts to read. So, if I haven't commented in a couple days, I will soon. It's just been hectic the past couple days for me, with Rebecca being sick and me getting no sleep.

Love to you all.............................


  1. Tomorrow is you BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  YIPPEEEEEE!!!!  I hope you have and awesome and wonderful day planned...even if you don't have a party!!  

    I LOVE the shower curtain...reminds me of the beach....hey, maybe you should take a trip to Ocean City tomorrow!!!  If Kelly didn't have 1/2 day at school I would meet you there!!

    Whatever you plan to do...make sure you have some FUN!!!


  2. I love that Shower Curtain!
    Mine is the same material but it's an aquarium...all Sorts of tropical Fish.
    I am going for the Beach/Fishie theme in my Bathroom! But i love the lighthouse one!

  3. Hi Cindy!! I really like the things you bought for the bathroom!  I hope you have a better day today with Rebecca feeling better.  I'm mailing you a card today so it might get there late.
    Have a good day and don't overdue it. You're gonna need to rest, too!
    Love ya MUCH,
    Pam xoxoxox

  4. i did not mean for your card to get there so early.....if i had waited till the last minute it would have never come on time!! LOL
    Love the bathroom stuff.....i have a lighthouse bathroom myself. I want to go to a real lighthouse someday. I am SO glad Rebecca is ok!! You are such a good mommy. I have never been partial to a dishwashing liquid but i may try yours now.
    LOVE YOU,lisa

  5. I love that shower curtain and so glad Rebecca is feeling better. Poor kid.  

  6. Cindy, Awwwwwwwww poor Rebecca, I am glad she is feeling better now, that dishwashing soap looks interesting you bought, I am going to do a birthday shout -out to you in my journal tommorow, your bathroom looks great !!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

  7. So glad that Rebecca is feeling better...I am sure that is a massive relief for is terrible when lil ones are sick...
    If I am not able to get online tomorrow I wanted to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY now...I so hope that all your dreams and wishes come true!
    Be Blessed

  8. Your baby was pretty sick...poor thing. You need some rest Girl, hold off the cleaning will ya?
    I couldnt believe Sopranos ending.....alot happened but not enough, I NEED MORE !!!!

  9. My AManda use to have asthma when she waslittle so bad that everytime she got the slightest cold or sinus infection, I too had to be up all night with her and also in the steam room/bathroom! I hated when she got sick because it would scare me to death when she couldn't I know a little of what you went through...I am gflad to hear that little Rebecca is all better...Thank You Jesus...
    I like all the bathroom things you got...You sound like me always getting something for the house for my presents! lol
    love ya,

  10. I'm so glad the little one is feeling better! Love the new shower curtain.

  11. I am glad that Rebecca is so much better. Sounds like you both had a bad time of it. Congrats on your birthday gifts. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Helen

  12. So glad that Rebecca is feeling better. ;o) I do love that shower curtain. :o) Slow down girl! :o)

  13. Great entry!
    Glad Rebecca is feeking better.
    In which are of WM do I find the treats? I take it they're not frozen, but I take them home & freeze them, right?
    Love all your BD gofts. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  14. Glad she's feeling better.

  15. Cindy Happy Birthday for to~morrow have a wonderful day ~ am so glad Rebecca is feeling so much better ~ I know how happy that makes you ~ Ally x

    i'm so so so so glad my neice is feeling much better .
    now i can rest easier...i've been worried about her...give her a big huggggg
    and a kiss from me and her uncle paul....letter to him hung out to be picked up muahhhhhhhh luv ya

  17. Glad Rebecca is better always good news. Sorry you haven't slept much, but I know what you mean you just keep going. Didn't know that the FlavorIce came in light have to check that out. And Yes I know what you mean about the Ajax I have the same 64oz Grapefruit bottle myself and I've had it for months and still haven't finished it. I normally buy Dawn, but when I saw the price on this one I decided to give it a try and it is wonderful and great bargain. Like the shower stuff and your pot. I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow. Your such a sweetie and you deserve it.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  18. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" wishing being sent your way ~ Love your new purchases and really happy to hear your little one is feeling a whole lot better. I am in hopes you get some rest and enjoy your celebration tomorrow! Take care of you and yours!

  19. Happy Birthday:) love the lighthouse shower curtain very nice


  20. Hi Cindy, so glad Rebecca is feeling better.  What a great mum you are sneaking out in the middle of the night for medicine.  Happy birthday for tomorrow, hope its a great one.  I like your shower curtains, really snazzy.  Hugs, Terry x

  21. I'm so glad that sweet baby girl is feeling better.  And I'm REALLY REALLY going to write you back.  I've been caught up in this Brandy drama but I'm catching up now.  Happy Birthday in advance.  SHOOT!  Wish I'd have known sooner.  

    Hope your day is great tomorrow.

    P.S.  Your words of wisdom in your last letter really helped and encouraged me.


  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY............... I think I have still caught it!
    Gaz xx
    PS love those shower curtains!