Monday, June 18, 2007

Yesterday....Father's Day

                  Good Morning everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. I woke up at 7:30 exhausted. I slept fine, but yesterday wore me out. I not only cooked for Jim and Uncle Joe, but I also had guests. Emma wasn't up to cooking a big meal, due to the stomach pains when she stands too long, so I invited them over here so Dan could have a special day also. Everyone had a great time, and ate lots. When they all seen all the food, all you heard was Oh My Gosh, Yummmmmmmm, lol. Dan looked at me and said, Mom I love you. I told him he only loves me cause theres lots of olives in the salad. We both started laughing, cause we know he does love olives, lol. As everyone was eatting the kabobs, they wanted to know what sauce I used because they tasted fabulous. I told them it's a secret, lol. I'll share it with you all though. I took a bottle of Kraft Honey Mustard BBQ sauce and poured it into a bowl. Added 1 cup of water and 1 cup orange juice, mixed it up. Poured it over kabobs and let it marinate for 2 hours. And as Jim was grilling them he spooned the sauce over the kabobs. They did come out awesome. Jim loved the limas. I made them the way his grandmother makes them for him, with butter and salt pork. He was a happy man, lol. Guess who else loves limas cooked that way? My lil man Daniel. He ate all his lima's and was saying more mommom, more. He is so much like Jim. And when Jim was holding him last night, Daniel ooked up at his Poppop and said, Poppop fishing. He wants to go fishing with his Poppop already. Yep, I think Jim's gonna have a lil buddy when Daniel gets older. He's gonna want to hang out with poppop alot. Jims already got plans for Daniel. He's going to teach him how to fish, hunt, go crabbing and play the guitar, lol.

Well, yesterday was beautiful. The Dad's, Jim, Joe and Dan enjoyed themselves, ate til they almost popped, lol, and enjoyed watching the kids play. Joe's sons Joe Jr who is an EMT and a volunteer fireman in Allentown, Pa, and Nicholas who is in the USAF in North Dakota both called him wishing him a Happy Father's Day. Those 2 phone calls made Joe a very happy man yesterday. His son Nicholas will be leaving the Air Force in August of this year. He willbe moving back here to Pennsylvania, and will be joining the Pennsylvania State Troopers. Joe is not too thrilled about his son becoming a police officer, but he says it's his son's choice. But on the bright side, he's happy because he'll get to see his grandson Wesley more often when Nicholas and Wesley move back to PA. Nicholas called his exwife, and told her they were moving in August. He asked her if she wanted to see Wesley before they moved. I cannot believe what she told him. Her words were, What for? He ain't my problem no more, he's yours. She gave up all her parental rights to this beautiful child last year, because she wanted to be free to do and see who she wants. I swear I wanna slap the stupid right out of her.

Well, back to yesterday, lol. About an hour after dinner, the kids all wanted dessert. So, Bill and I dished out Banana Cream Cake and Banana Split Icecream. Not a word was heard in the house while everyone ate their dessert, lol. I think they enjoyed the treat, lol. Before Emma and her family left, I packed up a couple kabobs, salad and roasted potatoes with garlic for Dan to take to lunch today. He was a happy man to get that treat for today.

I'm happy everyone had fun and the guys enjoyed their father's day meal. I enjoy cooking. And the more people I cook for the happier I am. I have had a dream for years to have my own restaurant or catering service. It'll never happen unless I hot the lottery, but for now I will just enjoy cooking for the people I love. When they are happy, I am happy.

Before I forget, I have a thank you to make. I want to thank Pam for the lovely card she sent me for my birthday. Thank you girlfriend, it is a beautiful card. I also wanted to thank all of you who emailed me cards on my birthday. I never felt so special on any birthday then I did for this past one. I also received a card from my sister Lucy. Thanks Sis, love it. Her daughter Donna will let her know I got it.

So, what's on my agenda today? Something I am not looking forward to doing, lol. And that is cleaning and doing all the dishes from yesterday. I was just too worn out to worry about the kitchen last night. And this morning I woke up to a sore back from all the standing preparing that food yesterday. I'll take acouple Tylenol Arthritis and in an hour I will be fine, I hope.

So, take care everyone, keep cool if your on the east coast. We're suppose to get a 3 day heatwave, yuck. I'll be staying indoors with the air on high for the next 3 days for sure. I hope everyone is doing well and had a great day yesterday.

Love you all...........................


  1. Looks like a very good meal for Jim's Father's Day. Glad they all had a good day. I cn feel for you after cooking all that food and standing on your feet so long. Hope your day goes well. Have a good day. Helen

  2. hi sis, sounds like everybody had fun, sorry to hear about your hurting, hope the pills work, i'll be busy like yesterday, take care,,,,,,, prccarold

  3. ally123130585918June 18, 2007 at 6:50 AM

    Cindy sounds like you made those "Dads"  very happy on their special Fathers Day ~ how lucky they are to have you cook for them ~ and it did look delicious ~ What Mother could give up all parental rights of her child ~ what a sad and selfish person she must be ~ I could come and join you in slapping the stupid right out of her :o) ~ hope you have a good week ahead of you ~ Ally x

  4. looks like a lot of good food:) everyone looks so happy:) have a good week


  5. mmmmmmmmmmmm---mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....wish I had been at your house yesterday!!!! The food sounded soooooooo good....You would have a great little cafe with good food like that...not enough home cookin' around anymore!
    love ya,

  6. seraphoflove9001June 18, 2007 at 7:11 AM

    Wow...loved the pictures...and it sounds like you had such a great day! And by all means please slap the stupid out of her! I hope the pills work so you'll feel better! :o)

  7. WOO HOO! The food looks delish!!!!! Yum Yum.
    I'm sure all had fun. :)
    Go ahead & slap, I'm sure all will understand.
    Hoping the pills help, will say a little prayer too.
    Have a good week.

  8. I think you should pursue your dreams of catering, start small and work your way up! You obviously have what it takes. Lots of full bellies and tons of smiles when their plates are empty! Have a wonderful day!

  9. catering should be your line of work because you're so good at it.
    All of that food looked delicious...these guys are very well taken care of.
    And my nephew and nieces looked great is ems doing sis?
    take care and keep in you girl ....Nancy

  10. What great food, and also great photos of all your guest and family!!
    I can see you had a lot of work, cooking up a storm!
    Now is a day to deserve it!!
    Hugs and love,

  11. sounds like you all had a FANTASTIC father's day with great food and family around...that is the best kind...
    Be Blessed

  12. i wish i was at your house on Sunday. WOW, such good looking food. WOW.  I dont have anyone to cook like that for me anymore. I am glad you all had such a good time!!! Loved the pics.
    XO lj

  13. Yum, all that food sounds delicious!  How could a mother give up custody of her child?  That woman sounds awful.  

  14. The food looks need to put step by step directions as to how you made them for the begging cooks like me in your recipe journal, LOL
    i cannot believe that mother not even wanting to see him before he moves back home. thats sick. i bet they will be happy being closer to home though
    hope you are well and feel better

  15. Sounds like you all had a great day!!! Looks like everyone went home with full belly's as well! :) Sounds like Joe's grandson is better off without his mom. That's truly sad and heartbreaking, but I'd think there'd be abuse or neglect if she hadn't given up custody with her attitude. I personally can't ever imagine that myself, but there are women out there that have no business ever being blessed with a baby.

    Hope your back's feeling better so you can get to all the fun of cleaning! HA!!

  16. The food looked scrumptious Cindy ... I believe you could make a good business out of catering.  Maybe when Rebeccca is older it would be a good idea.  So nice you all had a good time together.  I don't understand a mother not wanting to see her child .... words are beyond me.  Hugs, Terry x

  17. I'm so glad everything went well and all those Dads had a great day. I'm like you the more the merrier. All the food looks delicious as usual. It's cute that Daniel is taking after his poppop. I'm glad you all have one grandson so he has a buddy to do things with. It must be the age because Kyan is all into fishing. I hope to take him back on the farm sometime. They have a huge pond. It's big enough to put a boat in. I'm so sorry that Wesley's mother could care less about him, but it won't matter because his dad sounds like a great guy and of course I know Joe will be a wonderful grandfather. I know what you mean about owning a restaurant I'd love to do that. Hopefully one day you all will get somewhere when you can be treated to a dishwasher. I love cooking at KT's apartment and then I just throw all the mess in the dishwasher and can visit with everyone. It's heaven. I never thought I would love a dishwasher until I used one. Thanks for sharing those great pics.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  18. The food sure looked good. I think we need a J-land get together so you can cook for us !!
    Glad your men had a good day with good food.

  19. the food looked great, Now I haven't eaten dinner yet so I'm super hungry. Love all the pictures. Everyone sure looks like they are having a great time.

  20. The food looked good!  Yummmmmmm

  21. Sounds like for the most part everything went well, food sounds good.  Will have to share that recipe with the husband (he's in charge of grilling, lol).  Hope you get some rest.

  22. Cindy, that food looked great !!!!!!! Hugs Lisa