Saturday, October 20, 2007

Farewell to the Sands

This video is a tribute to one of the best casino's I ever had the pleasure of visiting. It is the Sands casino, that was located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I went there for the first time when it just opened and I walked in with 30.00 to gamble with and walked out with 250.00 in winnings. The link below is the celebration of the casino being taken down to make room for an even bigger casino. The video is full of music and fireworks and at the end it shows the coming down of the building. It is 8 minutes long, but so worth the watching. Click on the link and when the page comes up, click the Enlarge button above the bigger screen with the advertisement so you can get a better view. - Video Library


  1. I remember when the Sands in Vegas was demolished and it made me sad. It was one of the first places we stayed at in Vegas over 20 years ago. I stayed there with my Mom. Now Vegas is so big and bright it's almost too much for me.
    Hope you have a good weekend sweetie.
    Love you,
    Pam xoxoxox

  2. I will watch I've never been to Altantic City.
    Take care, Chrissie

  3. Why do people think that bigger is better and it's progress?  A lot of times it is not.  I think buildings like this should have been preserved and restored, but never destroyed.  Works of art and they are historical.  Greed.  That's all there is to it, plain and simple.


  4. I never unstood that people think that if it's bigger, then it's better. sad.

  5. i have never been to a casino or Vegas or Atlantic City. I bet it would be FUN to go!

  6. *kicking self*....I had always wanted to visit the Sands!!!!!  Now it is too late :(  Visit my new blog, it's pointless and about nothing in particular

  7. Cindy, I would love to go to a Casino with you, Love Ya Lisa XO

  8. I will miss the Sands too!

    be well,

  9. I have heard of the sands, but being a Brit, have never been there. It's sad when we aint happy with what we have and always, want bigger and better.
    Gaz xx

  10. will miss it myself

  11. Thanks for the link...and the Sands will be missed by so many...hugs and love,