Saturday, October 20, 2007

Feeling better

Hello, everyone. I am feeling alot better today. I want to thank everyone for your wonderful comments and advice with my last entry. You guys are just awesome, and really know how to make a person feel better about themself.

Well, let's see, what have I been up too the past 48 hours? I got caught up on journals. I have about 10 left, but those are from last night and this morning. I did have 161 journal alerts, lol. Not complaining though. I love reading about all of you. Your all like my family and when your sad I am sad, when your hurt I am hurt.

I left Rebecca home from school yesterday. I didn't want to chance driving the van with the brake making so much noise. Jim finally replaced the brake on the drivers side last night. He said there was nothing left on the brake pad, the caliper is fine, but we need a new rotor. It is all chewed up inside and will never pass inspection. So it looks like we'll be investing in a rotor real soon. Jim's outside right now replacing the other side's brakes. He knows I complain if something is wrong with our vehicle and he had better fix it, lol.

So Rebecca and I stayed home, and colored, cleaned up her toys, watched a movie about a mountain man and his white wolf. She enjoyed the movie as much as I did, or maybe it was just the popcorn I made, lol. Later my daughter Emma came over and took me grocery shopping. This time we went to SHOPRITE, instead of ACME or SHOPNBAG. I spent 161.00, yikes, lol. But my shopping cart was filled to the top. I can't say much for their produce prices, they are expensive. But their cold cuts, cheap. At ACME I pay 8.99 a pound for Virginia Baked Ham, but at SHOPRITE it was 5.99 a pound. It is Rebecca's favorite ham. Wheat bread, 99 cents a loaf. The best deal was the London Broils. I bought 2 of them. One for 2.64, and the other for 3.18. Another bargain which is Rebecca's favorite is Campbell's Tomato soup, 5 can's for 2.00, and Cheerios for 1.99 a box. Both are packaged in Breast Cancer awareness colors. Part of the sale is given towards the research to find a cure. I'll take a picture of the Tomato soup labels and post it. The labels are pink instead of red. So cute. I usedEmma's shoprite discount card, and with her purchases and mine, we got a certificate for a free turkey or ham. So we will get a ham, to go along with a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. I always make a turkey and a ham. And all the fixings to go with both. Same thing for christmas too.

When we got outside to go to the car, the sky opened up and it started pouring. Emma went and got the car and brought it up to the store so we could load up our groceries. She helped me carry them all upstairs and then she left to go home. Rebecca helped me put away the groceries. She knows exactly where everything goes too, lol. I do the freezer items though. Then I fixed her a sandwich and she had some grapes and a glass of milk, watched a little tv and into her jammies and bed she went. Around 9:pm we were hit with strong winds and heavy downpours of rain with a little lightning too.

We had to use the airconditioning last night. It was so hot and humid. 85 degree's in my apartment. I cannot sleep when it is that hot in my bedroom. I would not be able to breathe. Storm must of knocked out verizon cause I lost my DSL last night. It just would not reconnect. So I shut down the computer, and turned it back on 5:30 this morning and it was working again.

I watched 2 great shows last night. The first was Lisa Williams show. Wow, is she good. I would love to talk to her about my Dad and maybe find out what really happened in his death. My gut still tells me he was murdered and that an accidental drowning was not what really happened. I forgot the name of the second show, but it was also on Lifetime, and was 4 Psychics who had to guess different things, such as who was an excon, what happened in a hotel room and who's dog belonged to who. I loved both those shows. I will definately be watching them again. CSI on thursday night was awesome. She said yes, I was so happy I wanted to email Lisa and tell her, but didn't want to spoil her hearing it on the show. LOL.

Today I am feeling happy. At around noon my baby granddaughter Adrianna is coming over and staying for a few hours. I love cuddling her in my arms. Jim is happy she's coming over. He doesn't get to see her as much. Rebecca asked if she could hold the baby again. I will let her and I'll take pictures of her holding the baby. She really loves her new niece.

Jim just left to go to Target. He is picking up a black ink cartridge for my printer, batteries for my camera and computer mouse, and a big box of crayola crayons for Rebecca. This kid goes through crayons like water, jeez.

Well, I better get my butt up and get dressed. I'm still in my jammies, lol. I want to clean my kitchen before the baby gets here. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Just wanted also to ask for prayers for those here in need of them. Sugar, that her mattress comes soon. Jeannette and her grandson Daniel, for good health, Angie for her burnt buns and that it isn't so painful when she sits down, lol. Jeanne for her foot and her daughter Kelly for her knee, and Lisa for her MS and the pain it is causing her. I know there are so many more in need of these prayers, and believe me I pray for everyone here in Jland every day.

I better go now. I am getting hungry, haven't had breakfast yet.


Love to all.............................

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  1. I am so glad you are feeling better and not only that, you got some bargains too!
    Gaz ;-)

  2. glad to hear your feeling better!

    ~make it a great day!~

  3. Glad you're feelong better my dear friend. {{}}
    I know what you mean about lots of alerts, sometimes I have 500 or so emails before I can get to them, but only a portion of those are alerts, the majority are from my tag groups.
    Happy Jim got the brakes fixed. Dangerous when they're not working correctly.
    Sounds like you had a very busy day, what with cleaning, & then shopping.
    It's been pouring rain here too, but looks nice today!
    I was watching Ghost Whisperer & Moonlight last night, I don't have cable.
    Enjoy the Gbaby today. {{}}
    TY for the parayer mention, & yes prayers for all of J-Land in need.
    Have a good day girlfriend.

  4. Awwwww Cindy, glad you are feeling better, glad you got some good bargains yesterday , OMG CSI was awesome Thursday night, glad you got to see it, have a good and relaxing weekend, Love Ya Lisa XOXO

  5. Glad you are feeling much better and you got al your shopping done.WOW that was a cart load LOL!! I hope Jim gets the brakes done.It will be great to cuddle babe again I am jealous .He-He.Rebecca sound like I was when a girl.I loved crayoning and still love stationary shops at my age and colouring too with Grandaughter.LOL!!Looking forward to seeing th epictures.Prayers are always said for J/Land and others around the world too who need them.Take Care God Bless Kath
    astoriasand http://journals/

  6. I'm laughing at praying for Angies' burnt buns!!
    I'm glad your feeling better and that your baby is coming today, cant wait to see pictures.
    I'm glad you got the car fixed, that's always a relief.

  7. I'm glad that you are feeling better today, Cindy. :o) I watched the same thing last night...Lisa Willimas! I love her! She is good. And the show after that one, I don't know that name of that one either....but I love it too! :o)
    I also want to think you for the mention. :o)
    Many hugs to you!

  8. Cindy, I knew you guys would like that show, America's Psychic Challenge. I was disappointed because they showed previews for the one where the guy was buried alive in the desert, but that wasn't the episode last night. Lisa Williams is good. She comes on all the time so I'm not sure which ones are new shows for her.
    You sound like me trying to catch up on journals. My computer keeps acting up. I hope it doesn't go out because I don't have the money to replace it right now.
    Glad that Jim got those brakes fixed. Kait is gonna need new ones soon too.
    Glad you all got all your shopping done. I know you hate to get so much groceries, but it cost nowadays. At least you all get a ham for free.. that is worth something.
    We do country ham and turkey for Thanskgiving and Christmas. I order a big country ham and John (only because that is his fav and nobody at the new place likes it) goes and picks it up. We split it 1/2 for us, 1/4 for him and 1/4 to his mom and dad and he pays for it. That's a good deal for me because the smallest one starts at $50, but they are so good. My FIL used to make his own, but he's not able to do it now. I need to get the cure recipe from him and start fixing my own to save the cost. I think they pack it in Coke.
    Take care, Chrissie

  9. Cindy,
    I talk to much and had to do this in two entries.

    You're having my kinda weather heat one day, air the next and they wonder why everyone is sick. Sinus is killing everyone over my way.
    I get my grandson this afternoon. So happy you get the baby. She's such a sweetie pie.
    I need a ink cartridge too, but mine cost like $35 and I can't get one right now. Thank goodness nobody has needed to print anything. I invested in recharables and love it. Finally got Kait to do it too.
    Doesn't ever kid love crayolas? I have a million of them at home. I remember when I was little that was a treat to me when my mother would let me buy the biggest box they had. I thought it was awesome to have all those colors to choice from. Hope Rebecca enjoys hers.
    Yes so many need prayers Trish for just having her surgery, Barb because her cancer is back, Irene with her cancer and D's sister.. so many with illness. Prayers to everyone.
    Take care, Chrissie

  10. have a great day!

  11. You sound so much happier today!! You've got a lot going on! Weather here is good. Almost summerlike again. We have NO signs of any storms. I wish we did. I'd love that!
    I hope you enjoy your baby granddaughter today. Take lots of pictures for us to see. I bet she's getting so big already!
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  12. I am so happy to read that you are feeling brighter this morning..just what we were asking for.  Hope that you have a lovely afternoon with the baby. Looking forward to seeing the photos'  Loce Sybil xx

  13. have a good weekend:)


  14. Cindy I am glad you are feeling better ~ Glad Jim fixed your van ~ hope you are having a good weekend ~ Ally x

  15. I'm really glad your feeling better.

  16. we have a "Save A Lot" store that was cheap to shop at and still is on some things but the WM SC is cheaper than all the groceries in my city. Do you have a SC near you? I love coupons and have some to mail you. Glad that Jim is helpful with those van repairs!
    Love you so,

  17. I am glad you are better.... I hope you enjoyed your time with the baby!

    be well,

  18. am glad to hear you are feeling better

  19. Hi Cindy I am so glad to hear that you are feeling a lot better we all get our down days and you have been through so much. NOW KEEP SMILING Kathie.

  20. I'm glad your feeling better Cindy..    :)  I know what it's like to be behind on alerts.  I haven't seen you at my journal for the last 3 or 4 entries.  Did you stop reading me?  It's okay if you did.. I really don't have much to say anymore..