Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Friday

  I am so glad today is friday. This has been a long week. Above are pictures I have taken over the past few days. I just love getting pics of my new granddaughter and all her facial expressions. She is just a sweetheart. I wish she'd grow a little more. She's so tiny and petite. In the pictures she looks bigger, but she's not. She's very tiny. Daniel won't give her kisses. He won't say why, lol. You can see him in the pics playing with his favorite toy. A wooden Thomas trainset. Ang, this kid loves it and after he is done playing he will put it all back, so it doesn't get lost or his big sister touches it, lol. Daniel is 100% well now, from that awful target rash he had. No scars, swelling is gone, and everything is back to normal color and size.

I'm going over there again today. I was going to stay home today, but I have 2 loads of laundry I want to wash, so Emma said bring it on over. So as soon as I make this entry I will be heading out the door.

Well, I hope one of the other schools I filled out paper work for contact me soon. I want Rebecca out of this school. There are 2 boys in her class Sabastion and Joshua, who are the most misbehaved kids I have ever seen. They are rude, ignorant, and have no respect for anyone or anything. They both are in trouble everyday, even the teacher has a hard time controlling them. She has already been kicked by Sabastion. She has sent numerous notes home to the parents and the parents have not yet come to the school about their kids. These are kindergarten kids. If something isn't done now, they will grow up and become even worse. Rebecca has already been pushed down and her stockings torn, jabbed in the face with a pencil, punched in the hand and had her arm twisted. This morning Joshua was in line and pushed a kid who fell into Rebecca but I grabbed her before she hit the ground. Well, I had enough. I grabbed that kids arm and told him one more time he pushes anyone or hits or hurts my daughter ever again I will beat his ass right there and if his mom comes to the school I will also beat her ass for the way she just leaves her child there and does nothing about his behavior. And I held his arm until the teacher came out and I told her what he had done and what Isaid to him. Even a few of the parents who do stay there with their kids said they were going to do the same thing. Out of 25 kids their is only 5 of us parents who stand there with our kids. I told the teacher maybe she should suspend them from her class until the parents show up. She said she is going to talk with the principal about this matter. I told her us parents who do stay there are very upset about these kids behavior with our kids. Each month the kids are given a Behavior Chart that we sign daily. It is graded as: 1 POOR  2 FAIR  3 GOOD and  4 is EXCELLENT. Mrs. Fitzpatrick told me that Rebecca and O'Saka are her only students who get 4's daily. And each friday a student with a perfect behavior chart gets to pick from the prize box. So today Rebecca and O'Saka get to pick a prize.  The past few days Rebecca has had homework and she has done very well. She's gotten all stars on her papers. I am glad to see even with the disruption in her class with these bad kids she still is able to learn and do so well.

My grand daughter Marissa is also doing well in her school. This week she was elected as Star Pupil of the week. I am so proud of her. She loves school, loves her teacher and has made a few friends. Emma filled out paperwork with the school system and Marissa was approved for reduced lunches. So for 2.00 a week Marissa has lunch provided by the school. To me her school seems money hungry. Because they are totally different then from Rebecca's school, where they supply breakfast, lunch and snacks for free.

Next week I am going to buy from the school 2 sweatshirts with the school's name on them for Rebecca for gym class. And I have to go and get her a few long sleeved white shirts from the Rainbow store and some dark blue knee high socks and thick stockings. These little kids have to stand outside in the morning and wait for their teachers to come out and get them, and I do not want my child freezing while standing there waiting.

Well, I guess that is about it for now. Except that I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the fall weather we are finally having.



Love to all................................


  1. I hope they do something about those misbehaving kids SOON! There's no excuse for that kind of behavior.
    Give Rebecca a kiss for me.

  2. Happy Fri to you too!
    Tell Becca hi, too. :)
    Hugs, Sugar

  3. happy friday to you too! cute pictures thanks for sharing!

    ~make it a great day!~

  4. Oh wow! I'm very proud of Rebecca! It's hard to believe how now a days kids seem to start younger and younger on not acting like they have boundries or any kind of sense at all! I love your pictures! She is so adorable! :o)

  5. so glad to hear rebecca is doing so well in school
    its a shame she is stuck going there. but i am glad that she is still learning...i wish some parents would learn how to parent thats not right
    your grandbaby is so cute love the new pictures

  6. The pictures are lovely of the granchildren so cute is the baby and what a lovely little boy he is.I used to love the wooden train my boy had when he was little LOL!! It seems a common thing now in school chldren the bad behaviour,unless it is a disorder or some sort of illness some kids have through certain food intake which some parents do not no of,because they are are too lazy to find out about it..I blame the parents.Rebecca sounds to be the perfect pupil be proud,she is a credit to you.Take Care God Bless Kath

  7. Thanks for keeping us all ip to date with news about the baby   isn't she just the most delicious wee thing !!  Glad that Rebecca is going well at school. It is so sad that there are bullies at that young age. However I am sure it all starts in the home.. I presume they are bullied there by their parents  or see theirparents bully each other...I am sure that Rebecca who is surrounded by such love will be able to overcome any bad influences.  LOve  Sybil x

  8. I hope that you get Rebecca to the other school soon!  The baby looks gorgeous!

    be well,

  9. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. That is so wonderful how the girls are doing in school. I love hearing that. Sorry that Rebecca is having to put up with that crap. I wish you all were able to move so she could go to a better school. The baby is getting so big meaning her eyes are open now. She seems so sweet. You can tell my her little face she's not really that big. I'm so happy to hear that Daniel is much better that was scary and painful for him. Hope that never comes back again. You sound like me.. I go do laundry at Kait's because my dryer is out and John hasn't bought me a new one yet. Supposedly I'm getting a whole new set before the divorce is final... yeah glad I get something out of all these mess.
    Take care, Chrissie

  11. i am so glad Emma filled out the paperwork and Marissa gets reduced lunch:) do they  have a breakfast program? sorry to be so nosey but its the lunch lady in me lol. enjoy your weekend


  12. your daughter had a cute baby Cindy. and i am glad you had a happy friday..
    Love Yah


  13. Bullies in kindergarten tells ME that there is a huge issue at home....these boys are acting out in a big way and the school system will probably fail you when it comes to doing anything about it...i bet they are going to say they are short staffed and under paid. Good thing you are there to protect Rebecca!
    The baby is a doll...she sure is pretty!! So glad Daniel's rash is gone. LOVE YOU, lj

  14. Ohhh I am so happy he likes those trains!!!!!!! I thought I recognized those trains in that pic!!! Wow, that dollbaby is sure changing, you may not see it the way we do here in jland but I see  big facial changes already. JUST beautiful. I am glad Marissa got on a lunch program, that is AWESOME!!! We are in a poverty declared school area so we have to serve breakfast (which is free to those on lunch program and such) but it's not free for everyone and snacks are never free.  It sure adds up <sigh>
    I PRAY PRAY PRAY that Rebecca gets out of that school, MAN that pisses me off, I would be all over that principal, school board and PTO meetings about that. that is bullshit, kindergarten or not, that is not acceptable behavior :(
    Hugs and Love Sis

  15. The scool system here was so bad that Amanda ended up dropping out when she got to high school...They have to have two armed cops in there everyday and everyday I hear on the scanner where they are calling for more cops because of fighting....and drugs. If you can't affor private school here, you best home school.
    love ya,

  16. Cindy, Adrianna is so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cute pictures of Daniel too, I agree you need to get Rebecca out of that school, that kid Joshua sounds like trouble and as long as he gets away with what he does things will get worse, Hope you have a good weekend, Love Ya Lisa XO

  17. I would sure keep an eye on those bad kids, document everything !  And follow up on the teacher talking to the principle. The baby does look bigger, I see it....Enjoy your weekend

  18. LOVE the pics of your new grandbaby---she is adorable--
    thanks for sharing them

  19. loved the pictures. I am so glad your grandson is all better!.
    I don't blame you for being upset with the kids at school, that is terrible. Glad though that it is not affecting her ability to learn.

  20. Your granddaughter is so precious Cindy!  Love the pics!

    There is nothing worse than a bully in the schoolyard!  Be careful though.. putting your hands on someone elses child.  I wouldn't want you to get into trouble or anything.  You know how that can go..

    Good for Rebecca, doing so well in school.  You have taught her well! :)


  21. Your new granddaughter is so pretty...such a beauty.  I can't stand bullies in school...and the schools need to crack down on these kids, big time.  Hope your weekend is going well...make it a great week.
    Hugs and love,

  22. Good for you in taking care of that little bullie. I was mentally cheering you on LOL. My husband & I are planning to have kids soon & that is one of my biggest fears, sending my children off to school. To hear the trouble starts as early as kindergarden makes me worry even more. I will be doing a lot of praying when that time comes.