Sunday, June 29, 2008

This and That

Today my hubby Jim celebrates his 53rd birthday. Nothing special was planned, because someone beat me to the punch without asking what my plans were for today. Joe bought a ticket for Jim along with 3 other tickets for himself and 2 of his nephews for a chartered fishing trip. They left 3:30am this morning and will be gone until later this evening. Jim will be too tired to want to do anything when he gets home. Oh well,  I hope he at least catches a fish.

Yesterday Joe comes upstairs to my apartment. He's talking away with Rebecca and Jim. Answering all their questions, and telling them about his day. I ask him one question, Is your Mom ok? He put up his hand to me and very ignorantly says, I don't feel like talking about it. That really upset me. He can talk away with Jim and Rebecca, but me.......he just blows me off, like he has nothing to say to me. He didn't even say hi to me when he came upstairs. He said hi to Jim and Rebecca though. I had to go in the bathroom for a few minutes and I cried.  For the life of me I cannot figure out what I could of said or did wrong for him to be treating me this way. All I've ever done was help with his Mom, help cook and set up for parties for him, take his Mom out shopping and to a diner when he wasn't up to it. I don't know, this all has me really depressed. I cannot take the bullcrap anymore. August 1st we are moving. We're moving in with Emma and Dan until we find another place, or until we all buy our houses. We will be cramped for a while, but Emma and Dan have told me...anything they can do to help me they will do.

Last night I had the most crazy dream. I dreamed I was living in the early 1900's. I was wearing an olive green dress with a real pretty flowered hat to match. I was standing at the top of a staircase looking down at all my surroundings, then it dawned on me where I was. I was aboard the  TITANIC.

  Why on earth am I dreaming about being on the Titanic? I know I have always been curious about the ship and love learning all the history that evolves around it, but dreaming I was on the ship is another thing. But you know what? I enjoyed dreaming about it. It was like I was there, enjoying the sights, walking the decks, enjoying all the people dressed in such beautiful clothing. The weird thing was, no one saw me. It was like I was invisable. I could go anywhere on the ship and no one could see me. Deeper into my dream, it happens. The ship starts rocking. People who work on the R.M.S TITANIC start running around, giving orders. I hear someone tell another the ship is taking on water, alot of water, the unsinkable TITANIC is sinking.

I'm again standing at the top of that beautiful staircase. I am watching people running back and forth, most wearing white life jackets. And then it happens, the floor at the bottom of the staircase is becoming covered with water. The ship really was sinking. As the water was rising higher and higher, screams were becoming louder and louder. People yelling, HELP ME!!!!! At last the water had reached my feet. Cold icey water then sent chills up my spine. And that is when I finally realized something very important.

This girl needed to go potty, LOL. And off to the bathroom I went.....almost running, lol. Word of advice......never drink 24 ounces of fluids before bedtime, lol. Man did I have to go too. I'm glad I woke up, Jim wouldn't of liked the other outcome, lol.

So whats on my agenda? I'm taking a basket of laundry to Emma's and hanging out there for a while. The kids can go out in the pool, and I can play with Adrianna and chat with Emma and Dan. I always feel so welcomed and loved in their home. I think it's why I spend so much time over there.

So you all enjoy your sunday, and please if it's hot and humid and your out and about, please drink lots of water.

Love you all............ 




  2. HB to Jim! Hope he has a good day. :)
    Dreams are strange aren't they?
    May you have a lovelty Sunday visiting with Emma & family.

  3. I hope that Jim speaks with the idiot have a heart as big as the world and that man has no right to disrespect you. I hope you have a GOOD day today. LOVED hearing about your dream but had to giggle that you probably had it so you wouldnt pee the bed. I have had some doozy dreams lately too.
    i love you my friend.

  4. Just because Joe owns the apartment gives him absolutely NO RIGHT to disrespect you in your own home. Honestly Cindy if he ever does that again, you need to tell him to GET OUT. You pay him rent, he has no business up there unless he can be polite. He also had no business imo taking Jim on that fishing trip without talking to you first to make sure you didn't have something planned already.

    I wish Jim would stand up for you though. He's allowing this "man" to disrespect HIS wife which in turn is disrespecting him. He should be your protector and never allow another person (man or woman) to disrespect his wife. When you look at all you've done for him, it's just not ok.

    I hope you have a nice time at Emma and Dan's and I'm glad you're moving in with them until you guys can find your own place.

    God Bless

  5. Happy Birthday to JIM!!!!   I hope he has fun on the fishing trip!!  I don't know who Joe is, but I hope he's someone that you can just write off when you move... you don't need people who treat you like that.  I hope all goes well in the move.


  6. Happy Birthday to Jim,never knew he shared it with Nathan. Jim should have said something to Joe and not stand for his wife being treated like that.  As for your dreaming about the Titanic that is understandable.  You have so much stress in your life, your sub-conscious probably feels as if it is on a sinking ship, they say our fears usually manifest in dreams.  Hope the move goes well and do not forget to send me your new address.

  7. Happy Birthday to Jim. :) I am sorry he will be gone fishing, but maybe y'all can do something together in a day or so, just the two of you. You need to speak up to Joe and ask him what his problem is. There is no reason for anyone to be so rude all the time. If something needs resolving that is bugging him with you, I say lets get it resolved and move on. I hope you have a nice Sunday Cindy. Hugs, Kelly

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY....i love the dream're right though you should never drink 24 oz of anything right before for JOSEPH sissy you need to really lay it all out for his hiney...tell him what you think how it's affectin g you and then if he still acts that way kick him in his ASCOTS

  9. Happy Birthday to Jim, Joe has no right to treat you so badly, There is snail - mail on the way to you, Love You Lisa XO

  10. omg no wonder why you had such a strange dream all that water. Happy Birthday to Jim, I hope he has a good time. Sorry about Joe he has no reason to treat you that way. Moving will be good.

  11. I think you woke up at just the right time! LOL!
    Sorry Joe is so rude to you. You don't deserve that and Jim needs to talk to him.
    Hope you have fun today at Emma's.
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  12. Happy Birthday to Jim!!!  Hope he has a wonderful day.
    Strange dream for you...hmmm, I think you woke up in the nick of time...
    Sorry Joe was so rude...that should be adressed...can't stand rudeness of anykind...many hugs and love,

  13. Happy Birthday to Jim. There is no excuse for Joe's rudeness. I am glad you feel welcome and can enjoy yourself with Emma and Dan. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    It is suppose to be 102 to 104 depending on who you listen to. I am enjoying time with the grandkids and the air conditioner.

  14. What the heck is up with Joe?  You have never been anything but nice to that man AND his mother and he has absolutely no right to treat you the way he does.  AND....Jim shouldn't allow it.  You are HIS wife...he should be looking out for YOU.  

    And Joe had some nerve making plans for Jim's birthday and not checking with you....

    And Jim should have told him so.  

    Don't let these people walk all over you Cindy!  You are too good a person to be treated like crap.

    Just my opinion.....


  15. Hi Cindy, Please say Happy Birthday to Jim from me.  I hope he has had a good day fishing and that he has brought enough fish home for the freezer !
    It is so sad that Joe is still in that peculuar mood.  Has Jim noticed anything ...or is he like most men..unless it is happening.. to them the don't notice.  It can't be making for good relationships.  I hope that you have ALL thought well about moving in together..It sounds that it would be a nice idea but not much space and quite a few to share it sounds as if there could be trouble...I know that things have not been all that great lately but hang on in there love you will get somwhere better soon.  How is the job situations at the moment for Jim ? that can't be helping either...  LOve you always  Sybil xxx

  16. Happy 53rd Birthday to Jim!  I wish him many more.


    I wish I was around for you to talk to.  I care.  Thank God for Emma and Dan.  It will be good for Jim to get away from Joe for awhile.  I truly think he's a bad influence on your husband.  I am sorry you're so depressed.  I can understand it.  It makes me so mad that you're treated this way.  

    Love you,


  18. Hope you enjoyed your time over at Emma's!!!!  That really stinks that Joe is treating you so poorly.  What is up with that man?    You are too nice to be treated by him like that.  Well anyways hope your weekend was good.

  19. If you really stop and think about what your dream was about, I bet it will reveal alot of what you are feeling right now.  You've been under a lot of a stress lately, and then with Joe ignoring you, that may be why you felt like "no one could see you" when you were walking about on the ship.  Perhaps you dreamed of being ain a  time long ago, because in your heart you are longing for things to be the way they "used to be" before all the stress and misfortune starting happening in your life. Just a thought.

    I do hope and pray that life gets better for you, Cindy.  God knows you have had your share of misfortune this past year!

    Hugs and love

  20. Your dream may be related to your, stress, and BLADDER PRESSURE!!!!  Gotta be careful!  I hate to get up in the middle of the night to pee!

    How very rude of Joe.


  21. I am thinkin the dream and Joe's attitude are connected a bit.  I'm sorry he is being so rude..  why not just talk about things.. ???  Grrrr  I know you've tried.
    Hope you're feeling better now

  22. Hi Cindy,
    I don't comment often, but I read all your journal posts.  You sound like such a sweet and caring lady.  You remind me so very much of my dear sister.  She passed away in 2002, at the early age of 49.  She was such a sweet and dear sister.  I miss her so much.  I'm sorry you are depressed, but please know I'm thinking of you, and keeping you in my prayers.
    Pat from Virginia

  23. I have been away, and I am so very sorry that this Joe has been treating you so badly and disrespectfully!  AND, shame on Jim for allowing him to be rude to you -

    a - in front of him and

    b- in your own home!!!  Just awful!  I am sending you prayers and hugs Cindy.  I hope that your move goes smoothly and I know it will be great for you with Dan and Emma.

    be well,

  24. I love the Titanic too! in fact thats what I nicknamed my car....cause its big, gray and heavy nothing can harm that thing..and since I don't think I will be finding a Iceburg around these parts I think I am safe.