Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hello my friends

I finally got a chance to hopefully do an entry. Last night when we came home I was just exhausted. I sat here nodding off and had to go to bed. We had a great night. Rebecca had an awesome time out with her friends. Those lil girls are twins and are 7yrs old. They are the daughter's of Brian who works with Jim. Brian was Michael Meyers in the photo's. He was walking the neighborhood, hiding in the darkness and when groups of people came, he came out of the dark, people screamed and ran. I even saw a few men run away, lmao. The Boogie man on the porch was Brians BIL. I walked so much. I'm guessing a good mile and a half. I almost didn't make the last block back to Brians house. My hip was grinding and felt as though it was on fire. My legs were stinging and my feet were throbbing. I stopped for about 2 minutes and finally made it to Brians. Jim knew I was hurting. He opened the side van door so I could sit down. I was hurting so bad I could of cried. Jim knew I was hurting and needed to go home. So he said our goodbyes, gathered up Rebecca and got her seatbelted, then helped me get up into the passengers side seat. I would rather be in labor then feel that pain again that I was in last night. It took me 10 minutes to climb the 14 steps up to our apartment. I sat down when I got up here and 5 minutes later my child wanted to go to bed. Jeez, I'm in pain, can I sit for a few more minutes? NOPE, she wanted to go to bed. Off came her costume, she washed her face and hands, brushed her teeth and got into her bed. She was asleep instantly. My poor baby was exhausted. I got into my pajamas, down loaded the pics, started an entry and then the sandman hit me with a 50 pound bag of sand. Sleep, I needed sleep. I deleted the entry and off to bed I went. I didn't wake up til 5:30am. It took forever to get out of bed. I was so stiff and sore. It was time for a dose of pain medicine. I took 2 Percogesic's. Wow, in 20 minutes the pain was almost gone. They worked better and faster then my usual Tylenol Arthritis.

I took Jim to work, Rebecca to school. Read and commented in some journals. Then I cleaned the house. It really needed it badly. I still have things to do in the kitchen, but I'll get to that over the weekend. I made a nice dinner tonight. I cooked an oven stuffer chicken with homemade stuffing. Gravy and mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce. I am going to make a nice pot of chicken and dumplings with the remaining chicken, gravy and broth for tomorrow. I'll add some egg noodles to it, because Rebecca won't eat dumplings.

I went and did my grocery shopping today. Lifted a bag not knowing the bagger made it so heavy, my wrist must of gotten sprained or something, because I let out a scream and dropped the bag back into the cart. So, it's back to using the left hand again, grrrrrrr. I really need an ace bandage, so tomorrow I will go to walgreens and get one.

Jim went and did the laundry tonight after work. Joe went with him and helped, lol. I thought that was funny. But they left the folding for me to do, grrrrrrrrr, lol. Well, it is 11:46pm and 52 degree's outside. I wish I had a screened in porch, I would love to sit out in it right now. This is my kind of weather. It was 69 today and I had all my windows open. It was great. I heard there's a storm named NOLE coming to the east coast. I hope it pitters itself out, and doesn't cause any serious damage in it's path.

Rebecca had a visit to the dentists at school today. She got her teeth cleaned, flouride treatment and 3 teeth sealed that her other dentists had missed. Other then that he said she had great teeth. Whew I was happy about that too.

I didn't get any pics of my granddaughter Marissa in her costume. I will get some though. I guess that is about it for what I have been doing.

I do want to thank LisaJo and Lisa for the lovely sympathy cards I received in the mail. Thank you so much for thinking of me. And also I want to thank Amanda for the lovely halloween card I received in the mail. I keep all my cards I receive from all of you.

I love you all....................




  1. Glad Becca had such a good time last night, but hate to hear you were in so much pain. {{{{}}}}
    Take care of that wrist too!
    Have a blessed upcoming wkend, try & not do too need to recoop!

  2. those are so cuties there and looks like some great fun

  3. Poor you, I am sorry that you were so much pain. The children were so cute. I love chicken and dumplings, yummy. The babe sure is growing. Helen

  4. OH I hate to hear you were in pain like that and that you were suffering to that level at all.  I always look at every single one of your pics as I enjoy seeing your family so much it feels like I've had a visit when you post like that.  I need to get offline and off to bed.  It's late and I've had a very long day.

    Sending you lots of love from GA,

    P.S.  I'm so excited we have Katie now!

  5. The pics are so cute! I love Rebecca's costume. I noticed you didn't post I'll be waiting to see one of her. What fun that the adults got into the spirit of Halloween, too! Jim looked good!!
    I'm so sorry you were hurting so badly afterward. I know how it is to be sore after a lot of activity you aren't used to. Just relax and let your body recuperate.
    Give our "scary" Rebecca a hug from me, ok?
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxoxox

  6. OMG LOVED THE PICS.. where's Marissa? Rebecca looks so cool. I love that hair. Cute face on the scary pic. Daniel is so handsome in his new outfit. Dontcha love how they know they're cute when they put the new clothes on. Just makes you wanna model. GEEZ pick that baby up already. I hate swings we never had one. I prefer slings and packs only because I think babies need to be held all the time. I'd love to have a screened in porch too. Our friend use to have a neat one. They would let their daughter have campouts on it and the kids loved it because they still felt like they were in the house. LOL. I was exhausted myself after all that trick or treating too.
    Take care, Chrissie

  7. OUCH!! I know the feeling at times over that pain from too much walking Gr.It sounds you could havea trapped nerve in your wrist.I am happy all had a great time it sounded hilarious at the guy jumping out screaming lol!!The pictures are so cute Kids bless um theres nothing nicer.ENJOY them while they are young.I hope you soon feel better and have a pain free Friday Prayers being said for you and yours.Thankyou for taking time to viist me and your past comments, they are so much appreciated,when folks are busy.Take Care God Bless Kath

  8. Goodness Cindy,  What an eventful Halloween you had.  I do hope the aches and pains dissapear soon.  But I bet it was worth it when you look back in years to come, and remember the fun you were able to give Rebecca.  Hope you get time just to sit and relax today.  Love for now  Sybil x

  9. Rebecca looked beautiful in her costume. Daniel is a very handsome young man, and gosh hasn't little Adrianna grown.
    Sorry to hear you were in pain though.
    Try to rest if you can.
    Prayers to you Cindy
    take care
    Love Carol xx

  10. Everyone had great costumes ! I hardley recognized scary Rebecca !!
    I hope your feeling better today. I love dumplings, so i'll eat whatever Rebecca doesnt ! LOL
    The baby is getting so big,  you havent shown her in  awhile.

  11. love the pics and thanks for sharing!
    have a great Friday

  12. great pics!
    have a good weekend..

  13. love the pictures. It sounded like a good night. I hope your feet are not in pain anymore.

  14. adorable pics! i loved seeing the new baby, Daniel and Rebecca. No pics of my pretty Cindy though?! I wanna see you TOO.
    I hate it that you were in such pain....i know you did it for the kids but you know you over did it. Be careful my friend.
    XO lj

    more snailmail was sent out a day or two ago for you. :)

  15. OHHHH I LOVE ALL THE PICTURES!  Man Rebecca you really scared me!!!!!  The baby looked like she was waving LOL  And that Handsome bat man.  You sound like you all had fun....sorry about you being in pain.  I have artritis too so I know EXACTLY how you feel!  At least with my new job I dont have to scan for 8 hours and come home with aching feet and elbows!  Have a super Friday!!!! xoxBarbara

  16. I love the baby as a little lady bug!  Adorable.  Rebecca was scary in a cute way.  I don't think Rebecca could ever be really scary, she's too cute.  Thanks for sharing the pics.

  17. I enjoyed all the photos...everyone was so cute in their little Halloween costumes....what fun they had.  Sounds like you are very busy lately...take care of your wrist...don't sprain it again, by over doing things...hugs and love,

  18. thanks for sharing the pictures! everyone was cute!  sounds like you been keeping busy!

    ~~Make it a Great day~~


  19. Cindy, I loved the pictures !!!!!!!!!! Hope you are feeling better by now, Love You Lisa XO

  20. Great pics Cindy...It sounds as if your life is very busy (if you had in leftovers of the chicken and dumplings..please send them to Illinois right! I will be putting you and your family on my prayer list, and remember: God didn't promise that the journey would be easy, but that the arrival would be worth it all!!

    John in Illinois

  21. Great pics....sorry about your hip pain..I've had it lots and it's horrible.  But TWO Percosets??? Yikes!  Maybe try one first next time.    Hope you're feeling better.

  22. What delightful children ,what fun to dress up ,great pictures Ihope you hip feels better today ,love Jan xx

  23. have a good weekend:)


  24. You sure had a busy time.  I really enjoyed looking at your family pictures.  I especially loved the little little ones!!  They are so adorable.  Hope you have a good weekend.  : )


  25. What beautiful children! Oh so huggable!! I bet they give good hugs, too! You are so blessed. Love the ladybug posing! Well, girl, it looks as if you have not allowed pain to get you down! You go girl!
    Win =.)

  26. Looks like all your babies (including the biggest manchild, lol) had a wonderful Boo Day!  I am sorry that you are in pain... I am sending you prayers!

    be well,

  27. Wonderful pictures looks like everyone had cool costums. Sorry to hear you were hurting so bad. Walking is hard on me too.
    Chicken and dumplings sound so good we haven't had that in a while. I'll have to make it soon.

  28. Great pics!  The kids lookd great.