Saturday, November 3, 2007

So Precious

    Good evening. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend thus far. My weekend today consisted of folding laundry, and making a big pot of homemade cream of chicken noodle soup and bisquits. Beings today was so windy and cold, I decided a nice hot pot of soup would warm the belly. And it did.

Tomorrow I will spend the day giving this apartment a good vacuuming and dusting. It really needs it. Jim's gonna put Rebecca's bike and her old carseat in the garage tomorow, so I can clean the downstairs hall. I want to get this apartment spic and span, because Thanksgiving dinner is being cooked and eatten here this year. I told Emma since I do most of the cooking anyways then have to drive it over to her house, it makes more sense to just cook and eat here. I will be making a traditional turkey dinner and also a ham dinner, and will be throwing in a couple italian sides, since Emma's husband and his brothers are italians.

Yesterday was a nice day. I was at Emma's during Adrianna's bath time. She looked so precious laying there in her little tub. And not once did she cry. She loves bath's. Afterwards she was all bundled up in her bath towel. She looked so adorable. Emma dressed her in one of the outfits I bought for her. And look at her hair, lol. She needed it brushed, don't you think? She had a nice warm bottle of Mommie's milk and I got to feed her the bottle. Emma wanted to get her laundry caught up, so I took care of the baby. She drank all her bottle, gave me a couple good burps and off to sleep she went.

I fixed a late breakfast for everyone on friday. I made sausage, egg and cheese bisquits and bacon, egg and cheese bisquits. They were delicious. Dan's job sent everyone home early, so by the time breakfast was finished he arrived home and was able to enjoy a breakfast. He ate 3 of them, lol.

My Rebecca wasn't feeling well tonight. She ran out of the livingroom and into the kitchen and threw up in trashcan. Sorry for saying it like that. Earlier she complained of a belly ache. She told me that yesterday in school 2 kids were sent home because they threw up. So I guess maybe a stomach virus is going around in her classroom. I put some warm pajamas on her, and covered her with 2 blankets and she fell right to sleep. Jim is asleep also. I won't be up too much longer. I have been up since 5am. I don't know why I can't sleep more then 4 to 5 hours. I have to put away the soup I made. There's enough left to have tomorrow with sandwiches for dinner. So that is my plan for dinner.

I guess that is all there is to write about. I'm gonna read some email and then get ready for bed. I hope your all enjoying your weekend.

Love to all..........................


  1. the poor lil angel...plz give her a big hug an kiss for me

  2. We've spent the day cleaning here and will do a huge Thanksgiving here too.  Katie had the same stomach virus and it only lasted 24 hours.  I so hope BECCA is better soon.  It's pitiful when they get sick like that.  And that baby is just too precious for words.  Wish I could see my little new one.  Living vicariously through your pictures.  

    When can I come over for breakfast? lol


  3. Cindy, loved Adrianna's new pictures, hope Rebecca feels better soon, Love You Lisa XO

  4. Adrianna looks sooooo cute and cuddly!! What a dolly! I hope Rebecca feels better soon! Give her a hug for me. ok?
    Have a good night.
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  5. AWWWW so cute! A real sweetie!
    Hope beca feels better soon. {{{{}}}}
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  6. Hi Cindy Ü,

    What adorable and beautiful pictures of Adrianna Ü. I loved her little hair doo lol. I am sorry to hear that Rebecca is sick! Bless her precious heart. I have heard of a superbug going around in schools~So I am praying for healing all over Rebecca's body and that what ever it was has left her by now.

    If you'll just give me directions to your house I'll come by for a visit and have some of that wonderful Home made soup. J/K but the soup sounds wonderful as does the biscuits yumm. Glad Dan was able to enjoy them as well Ü.

    You mentioned not being able to sleep well. Have you thought of taking like sominex or something like that so that you can rest deeper and longer. Don't want you wearing yourself out and becoming run down ok.

    Well have a wonderful Sunday Ü.


  7. at baby is adorable! SHe favors her grandma Cindy too!!!
    love ya,carlene

  8. The baby does look like she enjoys her bath.  Enjoy your Sunday and I hope Rebecca feels better.

  9. Hey th etrash can is better than the floor or furniture. . I hoep she is well soon. I love your fall graphic

  10. oh, i love your pics!  I could just reach in the computer and hold her!

    I am lucky, I have never had to cook thanksgiving dinner.  I am the least skilled of the cooks of the family and everyone knows it!
    take care

  11. Aw the baby is SO precious. I've missed some of your entries. I didn't know her name. Sorry I don't get by as much as I used to. I have had all thoe dr appointments and lots of things to keep me busy. Can I come to your house for Thanksgiving? LOL I may have to my daughter out here to help me becuase I can't stand for the hours I used to. Hope Rebecca is feeling better. My 4 yr granddaughter  threw up twice before they went trick or treating so we thought oh no, she's going to have to miss it. But after that...she was fine! Ready to go. I think she might have been overexcited.
    Well, I hope that you don't spend the weekend working too hard!
    Hugs, Barb  

  12. I just want to hug that baby!  So adorable!  I am sooo sorry that Rebecca is sick.  Get well soon sweetie!  Sounds like you need some rest too Cindy!  Wow what time should I come over for Thanksgiving dinner?  I will bring some brownies!!!! xoxBarbara

  13. Awww.. poor Rebecca hope she gets better soon. The baby doll is just precious. Glad you shared some pictures of her. She's getting so big now.
    I was thinking about Thanksgiving myself today. I need to start buying stuff here and there. We order a country ham so I will need to do that soon.
    You're like me you never sleep. That's about all I sleep every night too.
    Don't forget set that clock back.
    Take care, Chrissie

  14. Poor Rebecca...but adorable baby!

    Hope she's better soon.


  15. AwwwwAddriana is beautiful.Don't kids just look so lovely after there baths.I love to see children all cosy and bathed and clean.Good luck with yoru cleaning Cin,PHEW it never ends does it? this cooking and cleaning up.It sounds you are going to be eating well and having a good time when it comes around.I hope Rebecca soon feels much better.These bugs and virus's are alway hanging around.I had to laugh at the 3 breakfasts eaten LOL!!Take Care Have  blessed Sunday God Bless Kath

  16. Adrianna. Is the most gorgeous wee girl isn't she. You are so lucky to have her and to be so close to her that you can hug and kiss her so much and give her all that love.  You sure had a busy day with all those breakfasts to make ! glad everyone enjoyed your efforts.  Yoi must find time to rest today as you will be particularily busy over thanksgiving...Have a good day  Love  SYbil xx

  17. (((Cindy))), you are so BLESSED!!! That little girl has no idea how much JOY she brings to others, but she will!

  18. I dont sleep much either, glad i'm not alone! We have a whole early morning club in j-land I think.
    That baby is adorable.I hope Rebecca is feeling better today.

  19. Oh Cindy, Adrianna is so gorgeous!  Sorry to hear that Rebecca has not been well, I suppose she will pick up lots more illnesses now she is mixing with other kids.  Have a restful weekend, try not to overdo things.  Hugs, Tells x

  20. I think the subject of this entry says it all . . . so very precious and adorable if I may add. Have a happy Sunday. : )


  21. I've had you in my thoughts and prayers.
    I hope Rebecca starts to feel better!
    Have a wonderful Sunday :)


  22. Sorry to hear Rebecca is ill and hope she is feeling better today!  Adorable photos of Adrianna!  Wish I could cook up a storm like you!  I never quite got cooking down to even an interest, LOL.  Have a beautiful and restful day Cindy!

  23. Hi Cindy... i am doing my Christmas card list today so could you send me your address..thanks hunny...

  24. Cindy Adrianna is beautiful ~ You must be so proud of her ~
    makes sense everyone coming to your house for Thanksgiving Dinner ~ as you cook it anyway ~ will save a lot of carrying dishes around to Emma's ~ Hope Rebecca is feeling a lot better today ~
    Hope you are having a good weekend ~ Ally x

  25. Cindy your dear little Granddaughter,is gorgeous... love the hair lol Jan xx

  26. Those phots are fantastic!!!
    Gaz xx

  27. Adrianna is so beautiful.

    Krissy :)

  28. Loved the pics of the baby, she is really growing.

  29. What a precious baby!!!!!!!!!  She seems to be so calm!

  30. the new baby sure is a cutie...i love how little babies smell. I hope Rebecca is feeling better.

  31. what a cutie!
    I hope Rebecca is feeling better.

  32. What a beautiful baby!!!  Congrats!

  33. The grandbaby is so cute.  I love the look in the 1st pic.  LOL  I can't sleep more then 4 or 5 hrs. either and I even take very strong medication to help me sleep.  I think I need a new bed cuz my back is always killing me in the mornings so I have no choice but to get up.