Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Marissa's costume and more

Hello. I figured I'd better get an entry of some sorts posted. Above are pictures of my oldest granddaughter Marissa modeling her halloween costume for you all. She was a Unicorn. I think this costume is so cute on her. Marissa had a doctor's appointment yesterday. She is 4ft 1 inch. She has lost 13% more of her body fat, which is absolutely wonderful. The doctor told Emma to keep doing what she's doing to help Marissa lose the excess weight. Marissa got a chicken pox shot and a TB test. She got an eye exam, and the doctor wants her to go see an eye doctor. And her blood pressure was a little high, but I think it was because she knew she was getting shots and Marissa doesn't like needles. She also noticed the circles around her eyes and asked about her sleeping patterns. Marissa has never slept more then 6 hours. She gets up at night numerous times, this child could go to bed at midnight and be up before the roosters. So they want Emma to take her to a specialists and have an sleep apnea test done. The doctor gave Marissa a prescription for an allergy medicine to help her breathe at night, because Marissa sleeps with a fan like I do because she has problems breathing.

Tomorrow my granddaughter Adrianna has a doctor's appointment. I can't wait to find out how much weight she has gained. Her little legs are starting to fill out. She is such a piggy too. That girl loves to eat.

Tomorrow will be my first day as the teachers aide. She needs someone to help serve and clean up breakfast, collect Behavior folders and make sure it was initialed by a parent, check homework folders and make sure homework was completed. And put in homework sheets for that nights homework. Help in keeping the kids quiet and seated while the teacher is talking to them. Walk them down to lunchroom and get the situated with trays of lunch and seated. Then afterwards it is 15 minutes outside in the kindergarten play yard. Then back to the classroom and get them settled down and quiet. At 2pm I help get their snack ready and pour the juice for each child. While their having a snack I get out their behavior charts and mark either a 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the block for that day. I am excited that I will be spending the day in Rebecca's class. The teacher said she may need me friday also. I told her I'm available.

I have about 150 journal alerts to read. I will get to them, I promise. I will read a few tonight and tomorrow night, then get to the rest over the weekend. I went and picked up my free turkey from ShopRite where if you spend 300.00 within a month you get a free turkey up to 21 pounds, then it was to Acme where I got a free 10 pound ham. It saved me over 55.00. Both will be cooked for Thanksgiving. So far 18 of us will be here for dinner. I wonder how many pounds of potatoes I gotta peel for mashed potatoes? LOL Or how many pies I have to make? Next entry I make I will tell you what the full menu is for thanksgiving dinner.

Well, I guess that's about it. I am gonna go read a couple alerts then get ready and go to bed. Your all in my prayers tonight. Each and everyone of you.

Love to all....................CINDY


  1. take yoru time and be sure to let yourself rest up. love the pics I at one time wanted ot be a unicore as a child for a costume

  2. Cindy, Awwwwwww Marissa made an adorable unicorn !!!!!!! Good luck tommorow with your first day as a teacher's aide, hey can I come over for Thanksgiving too ? Hugs , Love You Lisa XO

  3. Hi cindy...Did the Dr tell your daughter that the most usual cause of the dark circles under the eyes for kids is allergies?


  4. Seems like you will be doing alot of work in the cassroom!
    That little Marissa was so cute in her outfit!
    God bless and take care,
    love ya,

  5. Adoable!

    be well,

  6. She looks so cute! I'm glad she's losing weight. That is hard when you are overweight as a child. I know...I was. I hope she continues to lose.
    You're gonna be busy with the classroom. I hope you have fun and it's not too tiring.
    I know you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I wish I could come and join all of you. It sounds like so much fun!
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  7. What a cute costume. That is great that she is losing some body fat congradulations to her and mommy for her help.
    I hope you have a wonderful day in Rebecca's class.

  8. Awww CUTE!!! What was it like for her to wear that costume?! Did she get a lot of candy? Why does she need to lose body fat?
    Win =.)

  9. Awww... that outfit is beautiful. I love the colors and that tail is awesome. Glad her doctor appointment came out good. Can't wait to hear how lil sister comes out. How exciting I always loved volunteering in class. WOW you got the biggest part of the meal for free. Glad they offered you something in exchange for spending the money there. The way my gang eats mashed potatoes it would be quiet a few. Gosh that time will be here soon.
    Take care, Chrissie

  10. awwwww sissy she's a real adorable lil gal

  11. Marissa is so cute in her outfit. I hope they get her sleep patterns sorted out. I don't sleep well either so I can relate with her not sleeping good. Hope you enjoy working as a teachers aid. Good for you getting a free turkey and ham both. Helen

  12. Goodness Cindy,  You are going to have a busy day at school...Hope all goes well ansd that Rebecca remembers that whilst you are in class you are the teachers help and not her "Mom" !!! that will be hard at times for you both I think. Marissa sure looks cute in her outfit. That was great getting your turkey and ham.  You sure will have a great time for your Thanksgiving. Hope the others remember to give you some help.  Sybil.  http;//

  13. The outfit looks fabulous what a bonny child she is.Sound great that you are helping teacher.I would love that job.You are going to be busy cooking for all them Cindy.I am sure it will come easy to you.I have had it all the same in past yrs.Have a good .Take Care God Bless Kath

  14. Oh Cindy, Marissa is doing so well and looks so cute in her costume.  I am pleased you have the job of teacher's aide, you'll really find it fun and at least you can keep an eye on the naughty kids and keep Rebecca safe.  Good news about the turkey, that was a good offer.  Hugs, Tells x

  15. What a cute costume. My kids hate needles too !! I hope they get her sleep pattern straightened out. Have a great time at school!

  16. I love the unicorn costume!  I have a fee turkey from Giant coming also, but since I'm not making Thanksgiving dinner, I throw it in the freezer for a special occasion.  Enjoy your day.

  17. Will you thank Marissa for modelling her costume ,she is delightful ,good luck too, as Teachers aid Jan xx

  18. Such a very cute costume.  Good luck on your first day as a teacher's aide.  Enjoy your Thursday. : )


  19. Marissa looks so cute in her Hallowe'en costume ~ isn't she doing well with her weight loss ~ Hope Adrianna's appointment goes well ~ Hope you enjoy you first day as Teachers Aide sounds like you are going to be kept busy with all the things you are going to have to do ~ Ally x

  20. how awesome you will have a real family Thanksgiving. I bet you had a good time being the teachers aide too....Marissa looks so cute in her you,lj

  21. 18?? where you going to put them all?? i would flip out having to cook for that many!!!
    have a good weekend

  22. 18 for dinner????? OMG that's one big Turkey!
    Gaz ;-)

  23. great photos. kids usually grow out of what I call that baby fat. that's great how well she is doing.  My granddaughters are oftten up several times. they;ve bot been sick for the past week and they have  been up and down up and down all night. Usually one of then ends up in bed with us. I hope that marissa is just having simple congestion with allergies or colds. Tis the season.
    Have fun volunteering at school. I'm sure you will have lots to keep your busy there!
    Have a good weeked, Cindy.
    Hugs, Barb\

  24. As you can see, Cindy.. I am way behind too!!  But, I'm playing catchup today!  Marissa looks adorable in her costume, and it's good that things are looking up with her health issues!  

    I hope you enjoyed your first day as a teacher's aide! :)  I'm sure I will hear more about it, as I read further up!