Friday, November 23, 2007

What a day it was..........

I have tried 3 times already to post this entry, and all 3 times I either fell asleep or was interupted in some way. So, anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving day. I started cooking the night before, and started again 8am the following morning. I fixed, the turkey, stuffing, mashed taters and gravy, coleslaw, yams and apples baked in oven, cranberry sauce, pasta salad, baked ham, mini crescents. I was exhausted by the time it was all set out on the table. My back was killing me, my legs and right shoulder were throbbing so bad I had to take a couple Tylenol Arthrtis pills and sat down until everyone fixed their plates, and then I fixed my own plate. There was a total of 15 of us. Three of Dan's brother's didn't show up. I was so happy to see Katie and Kaylei join us for dinner. Kaylei is my niece and her mommy Katie is my nephew Eddie's ex-girlfriend, but in my heart Katie is also my niece. She is going to nursing school and I am so proud of her. She told me they are going to Paris in January with her parents for a week. That is so cool. Dan's nephew Vince and his girlfriend and their son had no plans for thanksgiving and were just gonna stay home. When Emma told me this I told her to call them and tell them to get their butts over here and join us. They came over and hugged me and said thank you and had a nice meal. Their son Lil Vince is 7 mos old and he is such a cutie. I picked him up and he wrapped his little arms around me and laid his head on my shoulder and said awwwwww giving me a hug. I love that lil boy. I fed him some mashed potato's and mashed yams with apples, he loved it. Vince Sr. played the guitar for us, and the girls all danced around the livingroom, Rebecca, Marissa and Kaylei, and Daniel joined in also, lol. They were so cute. Eveeryone had a great time and had a full stomach. My son in law Dan ate 3 plates of dinner and 2 pieces of pie. He says to me, Mom I can finally admit something. I asked him what was that? He says, That I am actually full, lol. This coming from a man who is always hungry, lol. So, my Thanksgiving was lovely. It made me happy to have everyone here, eatting food I made and loving it all. Hearing everyone talk and laugh, sing, and watching the little ones play, laugh dance, sing and having 2 babies here to hold. I felt so blessed and so very thankful that I was here to enjoy it all.

Before Grandmom Mazzoli left I fixed her up a big bag of food to take home for lunch and dinner today. Vince Sr asked for a few pieces of turkey and pasta salad for his lunch today for work, so I fixed him up some, and I also made my son in law his lunch for today. They were happy campers, lol. Tonight I am heating up leftover's for dinner.

Tomorrow my day is busy. I have to go to thrift store and get some clothes for my brother Paul. He was released from prison on wednesday and has no clothes at all, except for the ones on his back. So 20 bucks I can get him quite a few things. Then I have to take Rebecca to the hairdresser's and have her hair trimmed, then go grocery shopping. Busy, busy am I, lol.

Also Mommom I was released from the hospital the night before thanksgiving. Since they cannot do the stent because the cardiologists no, not at this time, he has more tests to run first, they allowed her to come home until Monday when she goes in for tests. She has lost so much weight. I hugged her and felt bones. She weighs 87 pounds, and she is 5'7. Joe went shopping today while Rebecca and I sat downstairs with mommom and bought her lots of good foods, fruits, veggies, and vitamin drinks. He fixed her lunch of grilled chicken, steamed veggies and brown rice, and a glass of green tea, that her doctor wants her to have. Tonight he's fixing his mom, broiled fish, whole grain pasta, steamed brocoli, cottage cheese with sliced peaches. He said he'll fatten her up, lol. He got her bananas, grapes, peaches, cantalope, oranges and mango's. Next week sometime she will find out when she is having the surgery to put the stent in.

I guess I had better go now. I have a trashed kitchen and bedroom I have to clean. I didn't do the dishes last night. I was just too tired and in too much pain. There isn't many dishes to do, because I was msart and used the fine china, yep paper plates work great when there's so many people here, lol. So, it's mainly just pots and pans and the bowls and platters that held the food.

I have over 100 alerts to get through, which I will start on tonight. Hope everyone is having an awesome day and keep warm, cause after that rain came through late yesterday afternoon the temps dropped from 74 down to 43, brrrrrrrr.

Love to all.........................CINDY


  1. Now that's what I call a THANKS GIVING!
    Gaz xxx

  2. Our temp was down to 16 when i woke this morn!!!!!! BRRR
    Pics are great!
    The food looks so yummy.
    My prayers for those needing them, a special prayer going up for Mommom. Poor dear, 87 lbs! Dear Lord, bless this lady & make Your will known. Do not let her suffer, heal her if it is in Your plan, do not take her before her time, do not let her feel needless pain.  Father, we ask You to send an angel to be with her & comfort her, to send wisdom to the Drs who will be working on her. And above all, Lord, we thank You for all you have given to her, & to us. Amen.

  3. Wow hetic day but gald it all went well, nice pictures, hopefully you feel better today.

    Take care



  4. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I can't beleive you made all of that! WOW! I love all the pics, everything looked so yummy!
    Hugs Sis

  5. you were busy.. food looked great!!  Glad your day was a good one...

  6. Oh Cindy, what a lovely day you had. What memories you have made for everyone.  It was only natural that you would be aching all over after all that work, but as you say seeing everyone happy, full, and enjoying themselves makes everything worthwhile.  Bless You     Love Sybil xx

  7. You do so great Cindy and are a credit to your family.You always remind me of things were when I lived back over home and I used to just do the same.Everyone was welcome.My father always brought us up to say this is an ever open door for anyone.Accept us for what we are not what we have.You did yourself proud with that spread and how kind you were to ask Vince and his girl and son to come around.The pictures are lovely.All the kids are priceless thanx for sharing your Thansgiving with us all.Take Care God Bless I am hungry now LOL!! Kath

  8. it all looked soooooo good.....I'm full just reading about it.....thanks for including pics

  9. it all looked soooooo good.....I'm full just reading about it.....thanks for including pics

  10. I am so glad you had a lovely day.  It is obvious from the food how hard you worked and no wonder you are tired.  Loved the pictures.

  11. You had a wonderful spread of food by the look of it Cindy.  You also have a beautiful family. No wonder you were so tired.
    Joe is a wonderful son to his Mom.
    God Bless you Cindy.

  12. Cindy, glad you had a good Thanksgiving, that food looked yummy !!!!!!!! Love You Lisa XO

  13. I am glad that all of you had a good Thanksgiving. Your food looked so good. Your pictures were great. Helen

  14. Hi Cindy, looks like Thankgiving was wonderful there. :) I loved all the pictures. Everyone looks so happy to be together. Just wonderful!

  15. I know how you felt, I am hurting today too from all the cooking and cleaning.
    Hope you feel better soon. The babies are adorable !

  16. Sounds like a wonderful holiday!!
    Love ya,

  17. Sounds like a wonderful day full of family and friends and fun. I am sorry that you were hurting so bad by the time it was done.  That was great that Vince sr and family were able to come share the fun and add to the fun at your place.
    I hope you get rested up and have a great week end.

  18. great pics...sounds like you had a special day with family!

  19. what a great day:)


  20. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

  21. So glad to hear everything went well. Everyone looks very happy. WOW I can't believe your brother is getting out. He's finally done. I know you are excited. Well he be getting married soon or waiting until the weather warms up.
    Take care, Chrissie

  22. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    God Bless

  23. I am on like 31 of 145

    sounds like you had a wonderful day! :)


  24. Happy belated thanksgiving!


  25. Glad you had a great holiday full of food and love!

    be well,

  26. THis sounds like such a happy day.  I was happy just reading about it.  Try to ask for help a little more because I hate to hear you're in such pain.  You do it like I do though, out of love and it gives you such a homey feeling to see everyone so stuffed and satisfied.  

    Love to you all,

  27. Sounds like you had a really nice Thanksgiving.  It is so nice that you had all those people over, I love big gatherings like that.  Your food looked delicious.