Sunday, November 25, 2007

Where's my Calgon?????????????????

Ahhhhhh, there it is. I really need it tonight. I have had a totally exhausting, frustrating ,noisey weekend. You'd think I would want to rest after the 2 days of cooking thanksgiving dinner, then cleaning up all the mess the following day. Did I rest? Nope not one bit. I am drained. I feel like I am winding down like some old clock that needs to be wound, but someone forgot to do it. So, let's see. Yesterday I take Rebecca to the hair salon to have her hair trimmed once more so I can then let it grow back long again. The child talked and talked and had everyone in the salon rolling with laughter. She even sang 3 songs to them. $15.00 later we leave the salon, and I go to my daughter Emma's to see if she wanted to go to the thrift store with me. Dan was at work, and so was his brother Bill, so Emma couldn't go. So, I take my granddaughter Marissa along with Rebecca and I. We go to the thrift store. Before entering the store I warn them. No running around, no touching anything. Stay by me at all times. Did they listen? HAHAHAHAHA, yea right. A few arm grabs and harsh threats, and 20.94 later I left the store with a jacket, 6 shirts, christmas table cover, and 6 nice big bath towels. Ok, now, walk out of store go to get in car, Marissa says, mommom can we eat lunch, we're hungry. Ok, can't have hungry kids, so walk across street and get Happy Meals at McDonalds along with a Fish sandwich and cup of coffee for me. Dang Happy Meals got Shrek toys in them. The Donkey ones. Put cards in slot, press tail and cards shoot out all over the table and floor. Rebecca slides under table to get cards, and yells, Mommy, there's a million pieces of gum under the table. Ut Oh, real quick, get out from under the table and DO NOT TOUCH THAT GUM!!!! Whew she listened. Hurried them out of there, but not before telling the manager about the gum. How gross, yuck. So we head to KMart. Again I warn the girls. Stay by me at all times. Do not leave my side. They listened, somewhat. I started shopping. Got my brother a pair of workboots, 2 pr's jeans, long underwear shirt, also got Jim 2 pr jeans. Hey 8 bucks a pair, I couldn't pass up that deal. Then I spotted women's flannel pajamas, 16.99. But it was buy one get one free. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, got myself 2 pr for only 16.99, woooohoooooooooo. My cousin gave me a pair a couple years ago for christmas and I loved them, also wore them out. So, 2 pair for the price of one worked for me. Ok, so I then decide to go look at the christmas display. I want a white artificial tree this year. They had a 4 1/2 ft white one, 69.99, no way. I'm not paying that much for it. I'll look elsewhere. So, Marissa and Rebecca are fasinated at the animated lawn ornaments that light up. There was an igloo, Winnie the Pooh, reindeer and Polar bears. After repeating myself at least 5 times saying, Ok girls I'm done, let's go, they finally follow me, but not before Marissa trips and knocks over at least 300 boxes of ornament hooks from a cardboard display. The 3 of us and a man pick all the boxes up and put them back on the display stand. By now my head is pounding, I am breaking out in a sweat and I just wanna leave. So we start walking towards front of store to register's so I can pay for my items and leave. As we're walking towards register's my wonderful perfect little angel......NOT, lol Daughter starts yelling very loudly. Quick, everybody get out of the store, there's a bear in here. There's a bear in the store, everybody get out now. People were saying a bear? Where? Rebecca says, It's in the christmas tree's, you gotta get out of the store now. I looked at people shaking my head and saying, I do not know these children. I am taking them back where I found them. Marissa says, Mommom, you do to know us, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I paid for my items as quick as I could and got out of that store. By the time I got them seated and belted, bags in van and sat down in driver's seat I did not know whether to scream, cry or laugh. I sat for a few minutes, then called Emma and told her to put a pot of coffee on. I got to her house and drank 3 cups. Did my frustration go away? Nope. Beings I am such a nice person I bring Marissa home with us for a sleepover. Why do I punish myself? Jim had the kitchen and livingroom cleaned spotless. I ordered pizza for dinner, so not to dirty the kitchen. I was just too tired to clean up if I cooked. No more then 10 minutes the livingroom was trashed. These girls got into the craft box of Rebecca's and cut a million tiny pieces of paper up and it was all over the floor, crayon's, markers, coloring books, everywhere. After pizza was eatten, their butt's cleaned the floor. I put them to bed at 9pm. Well finally around 11pm they fell asleep. 7am I wake up. There is the girls in the kitchen eatting applesauce and jello and milk. Yum great breakfast huh? Jimhad mopped the floor when me and the girls were out yesterday. Guess what? It had to be mopped again. There was jello all over the floor and applesauce all over the table. Noon came I was dressed, told Marissa to get her things and home I took her. I stayed at Emma's a bit and put Daniel down for a nap and he;d my granddaughter Adrianna for a while until she fell asleep in my arms and I laid her back down to nap. I had 2 cups of coffee and came home. Jim, Joe and Rebecca were outside raking and bagging up leaves. I came upstairs to my apartment, put a roast in the oven, and folded about a zillion loads of clean laundry and put it all away. I am so glad that job is done. Dinner was great. Roast beef, mashed taters, gravy and a big salad and baked bread. Rebecca got a bath and is in bed sleeping and Jim is over at a friend of his house with all the guys from work watching the game. Eagles vs Patriots. He said he'll be home at half time. Right now I am going to jump in the shower, put on my flannel PJ's then play some POGO for a while, before I go to bed. Back to school tomorrow, woooooohoooooooo.

Before I go I'd like to ask a favor of you all. Could you please send up some prayers for Krissy's husband John, for Pam, and her son, and for Pam's friend Joey. Thank you.

Love to all..............Cindy


  1. Passing you my box of Calgon.  Those girls are a mess! A bear in the Chrismas tree!  I'm jealous of your pajama's. jk.  No I can't find anything big enough at this point in my life.  I love a two fer.  I'll look at our K Mart and see if they have any there.  The last time I took Katie for a Happy Meal, she got THE BEE.  It's a wind up buzzing toy.  She turns it the wrong way and it does nothing but frustrate her.
    Thanks for the warning about that donkey from SHREK.  


    whew you need that calgon...

  3. i didn't get this alert:) hope you have a good week


  4. Whew what a day! Made my head spin just reading about it.
    I hope you have a great week.

  5. Yes I did get the alert but didn't have time to come by yet.  Hope you are feeling better. Love ya, Shelly

  6. Sorry things are hectic for you... hang in there.

    be well,

  7. My Heavens Cindy  what a day you had of it. I don't know sometimes how Mum's manage with their children when shopping !!  I am sure I would have a nervous breakdown before I was half way through !!!  I had to laugh about the bear !! what a lass she is.   Hope today at school is a bit calmer  much Love  Sybil xx

  8. Whew, girl ! that was some time you had there. I need to rest after reading that!
    Your Rebecca cracks me up all the time, never fails.
    PS - I never got this alert, but I got the one after this.

  9. Oh my goodness Cindy, what a day you had!!!.  What little monkeys they are.  I only have to take one child shopping and that's enough for me.
    I don't know where you get your energy from, but I wish you would share it round. :)
    Take care Cindy

  10. That Rebeccai s a pistol huh? LOL
    i love your calgon graphic may i pinch it??...LOL
    have a good day today

  11. Cindy you take my breath away, I really don't kow how you do it all the time. I have my grandaughter only once a week on Thursday and I am totally out of it by the time she goes home.  Please tke care of yourself Kathie.

  12. Cindy I didn't get an alert for this one ~ don't seem to be getting very many at all so am trolling through my side bar ~ you have been busy ~ "as usual" ~ Rebecca sounds like she had a fun time at the salon ~ hope you got a rest after your shopping trip :o) Ally x

  13. Wow you're busy!! It makes me lose my breath just picturing it all. BTW..why did Rebecca think there was a bear in the store? What did she see that made her think that? LOL!
    Thanks for the prayer request...I appreciate it a LOT!
    Love you girlfriend!
    Pam xoxoxox

  14. exhausted me just reading about what those two got into! I remember days like that!

  15. Girl that little bottle of Calgon isn't gonna do the trick, you need like a 5 Gallon vat of it after the blog! Holy Cow!
    I almost bought those EXACT PJ's, but I didn't <sigh> should have though darn it all.
    Hugs Sis

  16. You sure did need Calgon take me away. Oh going shopping with little ones can be fun. Not. LOL. I hope you are able to rest up a bit and have some quiet time.

  17. I have never had a child or grandchild or little relative yell there is a bear in the store.  That is a new one on me.  You really had a kid adventure I would say, but you still got a lot done! Yes, kids can turn a place upside down so fast.  Now that I am 76 my place stays the same and its strange after so many years of upside down with kids.  Gerry