Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Past Few Days

   Introducing the newest addition to my family. This beautiful baby girl is the daughter of my niece Donna who lives in Virginia. This is Skylar Avery Turner. She was born November 11th. Weighing in at 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long. Mother and daughter are doing fine. Donna says she is such a good baby. Donna and Danny congrats to you on bringing such a beautiful baby girl into this world. And Anthony, congrats on becoming a big brother. And to the grandma (my Sister Lucy) congrats grandma, how many grandkids now? Oh yea, 9 of them. Donna gave me permission to add her baby into my journal. Thank you Donna, love ya kiddo. Give Sky kisses for me.

I bought my tree today. A 6 1/2 foot artificial white tree. Only 19.99 at Family Dollar. Kmart wanted 69.99 for a 4ft white tree, rip-off. I got 200 white lights, and white light star, and red balls and purple balls. There Rebecca and I favorite colors, her's being red and mine being purple. And I am going to put silver bows I made about 12 years ago on it also. I wanted to put it up tonight, but Mr. Humbug was grouchy and said it isn't even December yet. He's always grouchy in december. I don't know why. I leave a dollar or two for him after christmas shopping, lol. Speaking of that, I haven't even started on that yet. Last minute shopping I guess this year. I won't be doing the christams dinner this year. My daughter is. Thanksgiving took alot out of me, not to mention the pain I was in. I made that entire meal myself and it was alot of work. Even cleaned the mess myself. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I fell down the steps again. This time only 8 steps and not the full 14. But this is the third time now and it caused so much pain in my right knee. It's not swollen or bruised, but it does hurt if I move it wrong, and it is making cracking noises when I bend it. I am keeping an eye on it, and if it does get worse I will go to the doctor's.

Monday I didn't have to help Rebecca's teacher. So I spent the day with Emma and Daniel and Adrianna. Dan came home early from work due to rain and wind, so Emma and Daniel and I went out and Dan watched Adrianna. We took Daniel to get his hair cut, then to lunch and while we were out Dan called my cell and said Hollywood Tan's called and Emma won their contest. She said I won what? Cause she never entered a contest. When she started going there she used my email address. Well earlier this month I got an email asking for her to enter to win a contest. So I entered her, and she won. It was a gift basket worth 204.00. She was so excited and happy. It reminded me of when she was little and would wake up easter morning to see a great big basket full of all kinds of goodies for her. I took a couple pics of her coming out the door with her basket and a couple at home of the things in it. Also took some of Daniel and his mommy at the pizza place. And of course a couple of Adrianna. And of course the first pic is a pic of my computer screen with Adrianna on it, lol. I just love that pic of her.

Jim has my web cam hooked up, but he can't figure out how to get the microphone to work. It gives no directions for it either. He'll get it working sooner or later, he always does.

The past couple days at school have been rough. Yhe kids are so noisey, a couple of them will wet themselves, there's 2 that are constantly hitting on other kids, 2 that  cry over stupid things, and 2 that are always falling out of their chairs. The only time they are quiet is movie time. Since I have no VCR now, I took in a bunch of Walt Disney movies. Today they watched Ice Age, and wow was it quiet in the classroom. While they watched the movie, the teacher and I got their homework assignments in their books, 100 book challenges done, and Behavior charts filled out. The teacher had to call the office 3 times today. The wall thermometer said it was 92 in the classroom and I believe it was too. Everyone was complaining they were hot. Finally after Rebecca's face got so red and she said she felt funny the teacher called again and said it was an emergency to turn off the heat, it was turned off. We gave Rebecca some cool paper towels to rub her face and neck with to cool her off. We opened a couple windows and after about 15 minutes it was 20 degree's cooler. What a relief!!!

Well, I guess that is about it for now. I have been getting to journals slowly. Manage to get to about 10 alerts a day. I am forever being interrupted and it's hard to read and comment when people are bothering you. Anyways, I will get to your journals. I hopeeveryone has a good evening and a better tomorrow.

Love to all.........................



  1. these pictures are soooooo cool

  2. I admire you for being able to work at Rebecca's school. Sorry to hear you fell again I do hope it is nothing serious with your knee.
    Great gift basket congrads to your daughter for winning it.
    Hope the rest of your week is good

  3. Cindy, love the pictures !!!!!!!!!! Skylar is beautiful !!!!!!!!!! Love You Lisa XO

  4. Skylar is beautiful Cindy,sorry you fell down the steps.Keep your eye out.Alsorts can follow nasty bumps.Brilliant Emma winning that fabulous big basket it's lovely.I hope you enjoy sitting back at Christmas and being waited on you desreve it.Sorry you didin't manage to get your tree up.No doubt it won't be long two more days to the first thats all.I never put anything up until after the first.Kids carn't always wait I know .Mine used to natter me to death to do it as soon the everythign was int he shops OCTOBER haaaaaaaaaa.Have a lovely Thursday anyways Take Care with your leg.God Bless Prayers being said it soon heals.Kath

  5. Awwww she is beauitful!
    Glad you got your tree, & ready for it to go up soon. :)
    Sorry to hear you fell, poor dear, hope you're not in too much pain. {{}} Go see Dr if not better in a couple days.
    Congrats to Emma on winning! WOO HOO!

  6. Congrats on the new grand niece!  She is adorable!  Sounds like you have been busy!

    be well,

  7. To say the baby is adorable is an understatement! The only problem with looking at pictures like this is that you ache to hold the baby, and can't. LOL
    I love the name they chose for her too. What a beautiful name to grow into.
    So sorry you fell. Hope you do keep tabs on that knew. RE- Christmas tree. You're ahead of me. We usually have ours up by the end of Nov, ready to enjoy on
    Dec. 1st, but are behind schedule. Oh well...we will get to it.
    Happy Holidays, and love too,

  8. I hope you knee will be well soon. That new baby is so cute with that head of black hair. Congrats to all of them. That was nice that Emma won that baket of goodies. Glad that you found your white tree. Your picturs were good. Helen

  9. 92??????????????? HOLY COW! I'm surprised kids weren't throwing up. That is outrageous.  I have started my xmas shopping. I wish I enjoyed it this year but so far I really don't. I have picked up a couple small things for Rebecca, I'm getting a box together for you and her ;) <my girls>  Tell Jim to pipe it!!! Our tree is up!
    Hugs and Love sis

  10. P.S. Awesome pics! That Daniel is soooooooooooooooooo cute ;)

  11. What a lovley Great niece you have. she is gorgeous.  Please do take care Cindy, I fear that you are trying to do to much.  With Christmas coming the childern are sure to get even more unruly as the days go by. Poor Teacher who has to put up with them 5 days in the week !!  Love  Sybil xx

  12. Adorable baby !!!!
    I'm seeing less pictures of Rebecca with all these new babies being born !!! LOL
    I cant believe the heat situation, horrible. Poor Rebecca wasnt feeling good with the temp. being that high.

  13. Hi Cindy the baby is so beautiful with all that dark hair. gongratulations to mum and dad. Great pictures of Daniel having his hair cut, he looked so proud and looked as if he enjoyed it very much. Its lovely Emma had a surprise win, so glad for her I hope she will share it with you and I am looking forward to seeing pictures of that Christmas tree, haven't got mine up yet either must do it at the weekend. love Kathie.

  14. Thanks for sharing your pictures.  Have a good Thursday.

  15. i hate it that you had no help with at least the clean up of Thanksgiving dinner...someone should have offered to help. I hate it too that you fell. Glad you wont have to cook on Christmas. I cant wait to see the Christmas tree up and decorated. Wow, that was HOT in Rebecca's room.
    Love you and thank you for your caring about Buddy.
    XO lj

  16. Sorry to hear you are in pain again. Lovd the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.


  17. Sorry to hear you fell. Hope your knee heals soon.
    That is one tall tree. I bet it will look beautiful.  Talking of beautiful, Skylar is a beauty, and Adrianna is growing so fast.  Loved the photos.  And how lovely for Emma to win a prize.  It certainly was a beautiful basket.
    Take care Cindy

  18. Gongratulations to mum and dad. Loved the pics of Daniel having his hair cut he looked really cute ~ and the one of Skylar (such a beautiful name) How lovely Emma won a prize ~ you have your tree up nice and early ~ we have brought ours down from the attic so won't be too long before it is decorated ~ Ally x

  19. Congrats to the new mom and dad! I really like that name Skylar. I've never heard it before.
    Loved your pics! Daniel looks like such a handsome young man with his new haircut! And Emma looks very pretty, too! Tell her I said congrats on winning the nice gift basket. It sure looked like it was full of goodies that she'll enjoy! Perfect thing for a new mom, huh? Goodies to pamper herself with.

    I'm sorry to hear you fell down the stairs, Cindy. It concerns me because you said it's not the first time. You can really get hurt BAD falling like that. I don't want your next time to be a broken hip and surgery. Are you not hanging onto the railing? Are you carrying too many packages? Are you wearing the proper shoes? Are you trying to go too fast??
    You've got to figure out what it is that you need to change to make sure that you don't fall again. Really think about it, and make adjustments so that you don't fall anymore. Please do this, Cindy. It's important. I worry about you.

    Can't wait to see your tree when it's up and decorated!!
    Love ya girlfriend! A LOT!
    Pam xoxox

  20. Congratulations to your Neice on the Birth of Skylar, you all must be thrilled.
    At least you can put your feet for Christmas it sounds as thought you need the rest. The last thing you needed was a fall down the stairs hopefully that will mend without having to visit the doctor.

    have a good week


  21. your tree sounds lovely!  
    I haven't started shopping either.  but oh well.
    take care

  22. Great pictures....Love the haircut..It's nice to see someone win something once in a while.....
    Have a great week-end...

  23. Awwwwwwwwwww...the baby is so cute!!! Poor little Rebecca got toooo hot in there...They need to fix their heating system.
    love ya,

  24. I am worried about your falling and about your knee.  Please get it checked out before it gets any worse.  I'm glad you aren't doing CHristmas too.  That's way too much.  These are the cutest babies!

    Kisses to all the children and big hugs to you,


  25. Congratulations on the new little sweet she is...I love her name.
    That sure was a great buy at the dollar store on the tree.  Your a great shopper.  I loved all the photos...all so cute...
    So sorry it has taken me so long to come by and visit...things have been very hectic matters galore...hoping for a calm weekend...hugs and love,

  26. awwww ...she is sooooo darling!!!!!   thank you cindy for the Christmas card!!!! it is perfect!


  27. $69.99 for a 4ft tree???? OMG. That equals £35.00 in English money!
    Gaz xx