Friday, November 16, 2007

turn up the volume

Click here: rattlesnake song


Please click on the above link and turn up your volume. Here's a foot tapping sing along. I loved this and tomorrow when Jim and Rebecca are awake I will turn up the speakers all the way and listen to it again. I loved it and I know you will too.


A great big thank you going out to my dear friend Mary from POGO for sending this to me.

Love to all.....................CINDY


  1. I couldn't get it to play : (

    Would you believe that way back up in the hills of KY where I grew up they still do that at SOME Pentecostal Holiness churches?  I never went to one, ON PURPOSE be we all knew which ones handled snakes and which ones didn't.

    That way I'd know which ones to AVOID.

    Hugs, Nelishia

    Hoping Mommom I is hanging in there.

  2. It wouldn't play for me either :-(
    Gaz x

  3. I have seen on tv those churches that handle snakes.  Interesting song, thanks for sharing

  4. I go on POGO too, great wind down tool for me.  Just hit a button over and over and over on the slot games, lol.  

  5. love ray stevens

  6. what a song Cindy didn't know churches had dealing with snakes. It got my feet tapping though thanks for sharing it Kathie.

  7. i know a coworker who grew up handling snakes in a church......that song was funny and i liked it.

  8. LOL!  Lord have mercy!  I would have been making tracks too!