Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anniversary Dinner

  One year ago today Emma and Dan exchanged their vows and became husband and wife. It was a very happy day for me, the day they were married. I knew my daughter was making the right choice in chosing Dan to spend her life with. He is a good man. A hard worker, wonderful father, loving husband, caring, devoted to Emma and the kids. I could not ask for a better son in law. He makes my daughter happy. He works as many hours as he is allowed, and his hand is up first when the opportunity for over time is announced. He pays the bills, provides a home, clothes and food for his wife and family. And is always there willing to have family time with Emma and the kids. There was a brief time last year when I thought their relationship was over and it broke my heart. I prayed and I prayed things would change for them and they both would realize all the goodness and love they could share together if they worked things out between them. My prayers were answered on July 24, 2006. So today I wish two people whom I love very much, a very Happy Anniversary. Emma and Dan I love you both dearly and I wish you a long and happy life together.

So, yesterday I had them over for dinner. It was Jim and Rebecca and I, Joe, Dan's brother Bill, Dan and Emma, Marissa and Daniel, Dan's nephew Vince and his girlfriend Stephanie and their baby Vince Jr. I know your thinking, what did she cook, lol. Well, I can tell you I was a cooking fool, lol. I made 20 homemade 6inch stromboli's. Three different kinds. The first was an italian stromboli, full of pepperoni, genoa salami, imported ham, provolone and mozzerella cheese rolled up into pizza dough. The second was sweet italian sausage with peppers and onions, provolone and mozzerella cheese, rolled in pizza dough. The third was steak, peppers and onions, provolone and mozzerella cheese rolled in pizza dough. I also made a pot of the Soprano's tomato sauce for dipping the stromboli's in. There was a big salad and hotdogs for the kids. Everyone enjoyed their dinner and I gave Emma some to take home. I have 2 left which I saved for a very special friend. He is Poppop Bill. I think Emma and Dan will be seeing him this upcoming weekend, so I will give the stromboli's to them to take to him.

It was a nice evening. I enjoyed having everyone over and watching them eat and enjoying the food I prepared. Watching the kids run around playing and hearing them laugh. And holding that precious little baby Vince Jr, felt so good. I love babies, their smell, tiny hands and feet, watching them smile as they sleep in your arms. There's nothing better than that.

By the time everyone left it was 9:30pm. Rebecca was totally worn out and was practically begging to go to bed. She is usually in bed by 8pm. She quickly brushed her teeth, went potty, gave her daddy a hug and kiss goodnight and climbed into her bed, said a quick prayer to her dream catcher she keeps on her bed, and within minutes she was fast asleep. Jim was asleep by 10:15. I stayed up a little longer, chatted on im with my sis in law to be Nancy, readding a couple journals then off to bed I went. I was totally worn out. My body hurt so bad, especially my arms and lower back. All the dough preparations for the stromboli's caused that I suppose. Making them is long hard work, but so worth it, lol. I remember laying my head on the pillow and pulling the covers on me and that's it. Lights out!!! Usually I lay there a while waiting for the sandman but not last night. I fell right into the land of sleep as soon as I closed my eyes.

I awakened at 6am this morning. I got up out of bed and OUCH!!!!!!!!!! Man, did I have lower back and leg pains. It felt like a million and one knives being stuck into my legs and back. I slowly made it to the bathroom, splashed some cool water on face, used the potty, then made my way to the kitchen and put on the coffee. Poured myself a glass of diet pepsi, and walked, still slowly to the livingroom and put on channel 3 news. Had me a cup of coffee when it was done brewing, then fixed Jim's lunch for work today. I made him 2 chicken salad sandwiches, pickles and chips. He was happy.

Today, I have so much housework to do. This place is trashed. The kids did a good job of trashing the bedroom. Again they took out my clothes from my dresser cabinet and threw them on floor. They like to get in the cabinet and sit, grrrrrrrrrr. So, now my clothes are thrown around on floor and on top of my dresser and have to be folded and put away again. Toys need to be organized and put away. And dishes, my gosh I have alot of dishes to do, mostly big bowls and baking sheets. We ate off of paper plates, wooohooooo.

Well that's about it for now. I guess I'll go fix breakfast then get dressed and start my day. I hope everyone is well and has a great day today,

Love to all........................



  1. hold on while i wipe the drool off my chin! WOW.

    I want you to adopt me, PLEASE.

    Happy anniversary to your daughter and her hubby!

  2. Happy Anniversary to them! He does sound wonderful! I left a comment in the last entry to Rebecca then my pc just BLINKED OFF. <not good> I said to tell her , I LOVED HER MAJIC TRICK!!! She is such a doll.
    I want to come eat at your house so bad
    Love you tons

  3. happy anniversary to you happy anniversary to you HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DAN/ EMMA......HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU.....and many many more
    sissy make sure that they see this...oh and if you are on tonight get intouch because i need to ask you a question about the stromboli's

  4. Happy Anniversary to Emma & Dan! May God bless them with many yrs of love.

  5. WOW one year already!!! Happy Anniversary Emma and Dan and many many more to come.
    Seems like I was just reading about the wedding in your journal. I can't believe I've been reading for over a year seems like yesterday. Time does fly by doesn't it.
    The party sounds wonderful.. you forgot to say anything about the cake. How did that come out or were you able to make it? Figures I'd ask about the dessert LOL.
    Take care, Chrissie

  6. Wow you didi do well sounds like you all have a fun time.The baby is beautiful pricleless I love babaies too.I could eat them when I see one LOL!! "Happy Anniversary" to Dan and Emma i am so happy it worked ou tfor them.Your food sounded deliciuos.Thats the price we have to pay when we try to entertain like when we were much younger I am afraid.OUCH and lots of them.Every picture is realy lovely thankyou for sharing and I hope you soon feel better,and poppop Bill enjoys his meaal you send Mmmmmm.Take Care God Blesss KATH
    astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

  7. seraphoflove9001July 24, 2007 at 7:50 AM

    Happy Anniversary to them!!! :o) How wonderful! :o) You made me hungry! lol Those stromboli's sound so good too. :o) I hope that you are able to rest a bit today so you can feel better. Hugs to you Cindy! :o)

  8. sounds like a great time how nice of you to have everyone over for their anniversary dinner
    those strombolis sound so good but i was dissapointed we didnt have pictures of them, LOL
    The pictures of the kids are so cute though
    hope you dont have too much to clean...i know i have tons over here and i may be popping 2 tylenol arthritis to finish it :(

  9. ladymagnolia1963July 24, 2007 at 8:21 AM

    Hi Cindy Ü

    This is my first time visiting your journal & I'm glad I did. You sound like a wonderful lady. Your letter to Emma and Dan was so beautiful and from the heart. I wish them many, many yrs of love and happiness.

    The wonderful dinner you prepared for everyone sounded delicious! I have not heard of stromboli's before? I will have too look that up, they sound wonderful! I hope your feeling less achy and that your able too slow down a bit today.

    I will come again and visit your wonderful journal.


  10. Those Strombolis sound so yummy!! If you ever come to visit me, you have to make them, ok?
    Sounds like a fun day and evening to me. I bet your house was rockin!! Did you take pictures? I'm glad you guys had so much fun. Happy Anniversary to Emma and Dan!!
    Take it easy today so you'll feel better.
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  11. I just saw the pictures...sorry. LOL! Gotta wake up here!!

  12. Happy aniversary to them, what a wonderful family gathering.  The strombolis sounds great I don't know what they are, have never heard of them before, will have to look up some cookery books to find out.  Glad you had a wonderful day. Its such hard work but haveing all the family together is worth all the effort.  You deserve a good rest now.  Take care Kathie.

  13. I must congratulate you on making such a stupendous meal.  Your family is lucky to have such a cook in their midst.  My companion Pierre used to make elaborate dishes which would take him all day, filling pasta with cheeses, etc, but your efforts outdid his.  It is no wonder you had a little pain from all the hours of preparation!  Gerry  http://journals.aol.com/gehi6/daughters-of-the-shadow-men/  

  14. Happy belated Anniversay to your daughter and her husband, I can feel your love for them both through your words.  The meal you made sounds wonderful and I could tell by reading that it took alot of work.  I hope you were able to rest after your afternoon/day of chores.  Leene

  15. Happy Anniversary late to Emma and Dan:)


  16. I remember when they wed!  Happy Anniversary to the both of them.

  17. Awww... sounds like it was a wonderful celebration!!!!  Kudos to them... Marriage is something you work at like everything else... it ain't easy... but it is worth it!

    be well,

  18. What a wonderful anniversary ! I wish I could taste some of your cooking , it sounds great. Take it easy today !

  19. Happy Anniversary to them! Im a bit late looking at your journal - sorry! Hope your back is ok! Laine x

  20. Happy Belated Anniversary to the kids!  I'm late reading journals (what's new?) so, I'm always a day late and a dollar short! :/  But, it comes from the heart!

    Stromboli's?  Never had them, but they sure do sound good!  Yummo!


  21. Its lovely that Emma has found a good, kind husband.  Your little party for them sounded like a lot of hard work but I know you really love doing it.  Baby Vince is lovely.  Hugs, Terry x

  22. A very Happy Anniversary to both of them....what a lovely family...have a great weekend...hugs and love,

  23. Cindy, Happy Anniversary to them both !!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

  24. I don't know what a strobollie is, but it's sure made me hungry...... Sounds amazing!
    Gaz x