Sunday, July 8, 2007

Madador in Virginia

So, I'm talking with my sister Lucy this morning and she's telling me about the grass needing to be taken care of and this BULL her boyfriends boss gave them. Her boyfriend had the bright idea of putting his goats in the yard to eat the grass and the bull too. First he ties the littlest of the goats to a fence and lets the others in yard. Then he opens gate (like an idiot) and lets bull out. That's when the fun begins........not. This bull sees the little goat and starts heading towards it. My sister sees this and runs for the goat, grabs it up. The bull comes running towards her, she drops the goat and starts running for her boyfriend to help. He is running into house yelling get behind the bush. A Bush????????? This bull could charge right through this bush, but he didn't. Instead he runs around the bush and my sister Lucy starts running. She and the bull are running circles around this bush, lmao. I know it's scarey but it's also so damned funny. At this time her daughter Sharon pulls up with baby Jackie. Lucy is yelling as loud as she could to stay in car, the bull is out, and still running around the bush with bull chasing her. Her boyfriend finally comes back out of the house waving a red shirt in air trying to get the bull's attention, it works bull sees it and goes towards him, where by the grace of god he somehow got bull back into the fenced area and closed gate. Lucy could finally stop running around this bush and catch her breath, because by now she was hyperventilating. This short little old mexican boyfriend Jose' says, Oh you afraid of dis liddle bull? You should see bulls in Texas, they mucho grande. Lucy punched him, lol. The little goat is ok. Jose is fine, he can still go to work in morning, lmao. This bull they have has 9 inch horns, I'd run too!!!!!!!!!!! Lucy said she never knew a bull could run so fast, or that she could either, lol. I wonder if Jose' yelled Ole' when bull ran towards him while he was waving this red shirt, lol. I am sitting here cracking up writing this, cause I can picture him doing something as stupid as this. Thank god Lucy can run, lol, and thank god Sharon didn't come in back yard carrying baby with that bull lose. I think he should use lawn mower, it's safer, lol.

Joes Mom has decided to stay another week. She lives with her daughter, son in law and 2 grandson's. Their lives are so busy, she is home alone most of the time with no one to talk too or cook for. So Joe asked her if she'd like to stay another week and she said yes. I'm glad, I enjoy her company. Jim and I and Rebecca went to Columbus Market today. We took Joe and his Mom with us. We walked around indoors for a bit, then ventured out to the produce and seafood stands. Jim got 50 little neck clams to bring home and steam. I got a whole bunch of stuff from produce stands. Watermelon, cantalopes, lemons, apples, plums, cherries, raspberry's, jersey tomatoes, brocolli, asparagus, romaine lettuce, cucumbers. It was so hot. My van's air conditioning doesn't work, so by the time I got home I had to change my clothes, I was soaked with sweat. Took an ice cold shower too. I gave Emma half of what I got except for melon's, no one at her house eats them.

I didn't have to cook dinner tonight, wooooooohooooo. I did make a big salad for dinner. Joe cooked shrimp, crabcakes and steaks. It was delicious. And no cooking means no mess for me to clean up, lol. Emma sat down with us and had some salad and shrimp, before she left to go home.

Well, I guess that is about it for tonight. I have been up since 4:30 this morning and I am tired, so I will be heading to bed shortly. I hope you all had a great weekend and an even better week ahead.

Before I go I want to mention 2 people here in Jland that need prayer. LisaJo has a big decision to make about her very sick doggie Maddie. Please keep her and her and Maddie in your prayers. And also our Missie's brother is in a coma with pnuemonia and isn't doing very well. Please keep her brother and Missie in your prayers also.

Love to you all.........................


  1. Keeping everyone in J-land in my prayers. Omg that story is so funny, I would have been so scared and yep If I survived the running of the bull I would then laugh about it. I'm happy that Jose's mom decided to stay another week.

  2. Loved the entry. :)
    Got them in my prayers. {{ }}

  3. Cindy, Missie and Lisa Jo are in my thoughts, hope you have a good upcoming week, Love and Hugs Lisa

  4. OLE!!  I have been chased by more than 1 bull, but usually there are a few guys on horses herding a herd of a cattle from one pasture to another. LOL I ran  up on the porch of the farm house once and the bull started to follow me and my Dad is yelling at me to start yelling and screaming at him till he could get between me & the bull. I wasn't much help herding cattle. LOL Sounds like you had  a very nice dinner. I guess I'll have a bowl of popcorn. LOL  Take care  & have a good week.

  5. lol ole indeed

  6. i am in tears laughing at your sister and her bf and that bull. HILARIOUS!   You are a funny story teller. i love you for thinking of me. God help me with losing Maddie. Why does it have to hurt so much? She is the sweetest thing on earth and then i have to deal with my 45 yr old BABY of a husband. Sheesh.
    I want to get in the car and drive to your make the best food.
    love you

  7. Being a girl who grew up on a farm, who always had cattle and of course a bull (got to have babies, so you can grow them up and butcher one and then sell the cows) she probably could have gotten behind the bull and yelled a few times and got him back into the fence. He probably would have never hurt the goat anyways! Bulls are quite curious things at times! Some can obviously be mean, but just ime it's normally the stinking heffers that are meaner than the bulls!

    Dinner sounds great. I can't wait until I can have shell fish again. I love shrimp. Definintely one of the few downfalls of being pregnant (no shell fish). But it's all worth it!

    Have a great Monday!!

  8. LOL Ohmygosh that was such a hoot!  Its too bad it was not videotaped but you described it so well that I didn't need one.  Your poor sis!  Poor Jose!  LOL  

    Glad you got to enjoy the goodness of summer foods with family!  Hope you have a cool day!  Its gonna be a hot one today!

  9. That's some Bull story !!! LOL. Wow. A video would have been great to see on Americas funniest videos !!
    Your dinner sounds yum-o! And no clean up !
    Stay cool
    PS Maddie is in my prayers.

  10. I am cracking up over the bull, that is hilarious :)

  11. seraphoflove9001July 9, 2007 at 5:12 AM

    Thats funny Cindy.

  12. I know that's not a funny story, but heck it is only because nobody got hurt. I'm with you use the lawnmower.
    I'm glad mommom I gets to stay awhile longer.. she'll love the company. Anyways what would you and Rebecca do all day without someone else to talk to.
    Joe had all my favs going on for dinner.. shrimp, crabcakes, steaks. Sounds like you guys had a great time.
    Yes, I hope everyone keeps LisaJo and Missie in their prayers. I feel so for them both. I've been through both lost my favorite pet that I had to put to sleep and I lost my sister last year. Very difficult times for both families.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  13. Ha ha, had me crackin up! Ole, your bad, but I definately laughed
    out loud! Shoot, I'd stick around for some steak and shrimp before
    I headed home too! Have a good one.

  14. The bull story is too funny!!! It made me smile.


  15. Goats???  Bulls?????  This story is CRAZY and it had me cracking up!!!!

    So glad Joe's mom is staying.  You must be having a great time with her!


  16. I love your tag..wish I had one of them..They look just like my little chihuahuas!
    I laughed myself silly thinking about that bull chasing everybody! :-))
    Hope you have a good day CIndy...stay cool!
    love ya,

  17. A bull?  Does his boss not like him?  Oh, the bulls arent giants here in texas.

  18. If that bull has 9 inch horns, imagine.............. oh, maybe not then!
    Gaz ;-)

  19. Well...that was certainly grabbing the bull by the horns, eh?? lol


  20. grabbing the BULL BY THE HORNS?....jose's lucky the danged bull didn't grab HIM BY THE ASS!....muahhhhh love you hugs