Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rebecca's Artwork

Good Morning!!!! Well, yesterday was a nice day. I sat and watched my child create what she called her masserpiece, lol. Yes, I know it is spelled wrong, but when your missing your front teeth like she is, that's how it comes out sounding, lol. She had a great time doing it her way. One bottle at a time wasn't fast enough she said, so since she has 2 hands, she used 2 bottles at a time, lol. I wasn't allowed to help she said, I had to just watch her, lol. She is such a mess at this. Let me just say I had to mop the floor again, wipe off the window, bleach my table top, and wash my childs arms and legs down with bleach water. Because this dye would not come off with just soap and water. And guess what? We're gonna do this again today, lol. Daddy gave her a white T-shirt of his so she can make him a tye dye shirt.

Well, today they say to expect some really nasty storms, so I decided to put off my shopping until tomorrow morning. I'll be cutting myself short with time, but I'll go shopping right after I drop Jim off at work at 8am. Then come home and get things put away and started. I'm going to make 3 types of stromboli's. Italian, steak and peppers and onions, and sausage and peppers. And I have to make the cake. Emma and Dan don't know I am making them a nice cake. It's a surprise. It'll be from scratch using the cake flour. I'm thinking marble cake and a butter cream iciing.

Shhhhhhhhhh, Poppop Bill. I know your reading this, lol. Don't let Emma and Dan know about the cake and I'll send some with them for you along with a stromboli, lol.

Today I have plans on organizing the bedroom. It is a disaster!!!!!!! How can 1 child make such a huge mess? Oh wait. I forgot it's my child, Hurricane Rebecca, lol. I just remembered I have to call the Board of Education today also and see when I can go get her registered for school in September. Yippeeeeeee, she goes to school this year. I can't wait. Is it September yet? LOL. No really, I think going to school is going to be good for her. She'll have kids her own age to talk too, instead of being home 24/7 with just Mom. I also need to find out if uniforms are to be worn or just regular clothes. Mostly all the schools here in Philadelphia are wearing uniforms now, even the public schools.

I guess I had better go and get breakfast made, then get my work done. I have a very special entry to make later today since I'll be busy tomorrow. Our very own Angie, CanyonSun04 and founder of The Giving Tree is celebrating her 34th birthday tomorrow.

Take care all and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all...........................


  1. Tie-Dying shirts is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the pics! I need to clean and organize Erics room. It's no wonder he don't like his room much, boxes everywhere in his small room. he needs a toy box.
    Love ya

  2. AWWWW those pics are adorable!

  3. love the pictures of rebecca making her "masserpiece"
    so cute
    hope the storms arent to bad there
    we had them yesterday

  4. Rebecca looks like she is having a blast!!!

  5. ally123130585918July 19, 2007 at 7:33 AM

    Cindy lovely picture of Rebecca she looks like she is having a ball ~ look forward to seeing her masterpiece when she has finished :o) ~hope those storms arn't too bad ~ Ally x

  6. Awwwwww cute pictures of Rebecca, hope you feel better soon, your dinner sounds delicious, Hugs Lisa

  7. Cindy, hope you can see that CSI at 9:00 p.m. on CBS tonight too, Hugs Lisa

  8. yup sis CSI is sposed to be good tonight......i wish i were there to help ya out some

  9. Now that looks like fun! Can't wait to see the finished product! Hope each day brings you closer to feeling more like yourself! Your dinner sounds Yummy! Hope you enjoy your day!

  10. She looks like she's having so much fun!! I've never done tie dye before. That one shirt looks really cool! it the 70's again?? LOL!
    The cake you are making sounds wonderful! And so do the Stromboli's. I hope you get all of your work done that you want to.
    Love ya,

  11. Haaaaaa Rebecca looks as though she had a blast and blasted it all over too by the sounds of the cleaning you had to do.Haa.Still thats what kids are for to make us laugh and to enjoy themselves and she sure did that.I hope you have a lovely Thursday and I hope you get all the news about the school uniform sorted etc.What did I hear you say again.The same as I used to ROLL on September LOL!! Thanx forsharing the pics.Take Care Gos Bless Kath

  12. I bet Rebecca had a great time with her "artwork"  Have a good Thursday and I think you made the right decision to not go to the store today.

  13. I remember doing these with my kids. I would love for Kyan do this sometime, but we'd have to plan that one outside. He's very messy.
    Rebecca looks like she had a great time. Looks like a fun day at your house. I use to read a journal, but lost the link I believe it was from Barbara ?maybe that listed a whole bunch of fun activities you could do with your kids for little money. Wish I could remember darn it. If I remember I will let you know.
    Loved the pictures to cute.
    Take care, Chrissie

  14. those shirts look so pretty and messy.  

  15. Wow the T shirts look good Cindy, I love em.
    Gaz :-)

  16. lol I have a hurricane becky too and she is 16. Love the masterpiece of work. It's so funny how kids can make such a mess with everything. lol

  17. love the artwork.....i know all about trying to clean the house.... as soon as you get one thing done, another room needs it!

  18. What cool shirts !! I want one!
    Wow, kindergarten !  How exciting.  Cant wait to hear about that.

  19. seraphoflove9001July 19, 2007 at 9:39 PM

    aaawww...I loved the pictures of Rebecca! :o) Too cute! :o) I love to tie dye! Yes...the mess is hard to clean up, but it's fun! :o)

  20. Oh Rebecca looked like she really had fun doing the tshirts.  You will miss her when she goes to school.  In the UK they start school properly at 5 years old.  Hugs, Terry x

  21. I love tye dye shirts & Rebecca looked like she had fun making them.

  22. Oh my, tye dye shirts. what works of art. Tell her she did a great job. Sorry you had such a time cleaning it up. All the food you're going to make sounds SO good. I haven't had stromboli in forever. I may have to make one.
    take care. Barb