Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hello My Friends

I am feeling a little better, not much but a little. I have 4 days left of antibiotics to take. Hopefully by then I'll be 100%. Ok, so what is wrong? A severe infection in gums, ear and side of head into neck. Same side I had the cancer removed. It swelled so bad, I couldn't wear my glasses. The infection came from the 4 teeth yet to be pulled. Since I have no nerves there in my neck due to surgery, and can feel no pain on right side of face I did not know I had an infection until alot later. Since your brain is the hottest area of your body, due to heat rises, and an infection travels towards heat, well that's what happened. So, I have a 14 day supply of Zyvox 750mg, (I have generic brand) too long name to write lol. I take 1 twice a day. It is working. Swelling has gone down alot.

Since we no longer have dental insurance it is hard for me to get to the dentists again. I am researching different insurance companies to try to find an insurance we can afford. I could get insurance through husbands job, but if I do they'll take 160.00 a week out of his check just for the insurance, and we cannot afford to have that much taken. His last job only took 84.00 a week for insurance. And also, the insurance at Jims work, says they do not cover pre existing medical conditions. So, it wouldn't do me any good anyways. So, until I find better insurance that we can afford, I have to deal with what life hands me. The only pain I do feel is if I chew on the right side. So I avoid that area and chew on the left side where this is no teeth, lol. But everything I eat is cut small and is soft foods. Mainly I eat mashed potatoes, or pasta, or cold mellons such as cantalope or watermelon. And soup (creamed). Last night I made a big pot of Homemade Chicken and Dumplings (creamed) and I had no problem eatting it on left side. I also can eat Oatmeal or eggs with cheese. So, I'm not starving, so don't worry. Veggies are ok also, because after their cooked I can mash them. I'll be ok, don't worry.

The little boy Ayden is still not doing well. He has eatten a very small portion of 1 meal in the past week. The doctors are giving it another couple days, and if he doesn't eat, they'll be putting in a feeding tube. His fevers are anywhere from 101 to 104. His maternal grandmother has custody of him, because both his parents are drug addicts and are both in jail. He was at his paternal grandparents when he broke his arm in 2 places. This poor little guy has been through so much since birth. Please keep him in prayers. Also Linda Bradbury is having a test where they shock your heart. This is a dangerous test for her. Please keep her in prayer also.

I got yelled at by Nancy (my future sis in law). I told her about all the cleaning and scrubbing I did yesterday, and she yelled saying I do too much, even while I am not feeling well. But if I don't do it, it won't get done. Jim works all day, and I can't expect him to come home and clean too. I am taking it easy today. I will just make the beds, wipe down the bathroom and do the dishes. When I am done Rebecca and I are going to Tye Dye a couple shirts. That should be fun to do together, or will it, lol. I'll take before and after pictures, and show off our work or mess, lol.

I'm still in my pajamas, lol. I'll jump in shower real quick, get dressed and get started on the house work. Shouldn't take but about 30 minutes to get it all done.

Well, I finally got out all the invitations to the baby shower. I had 2 batches of them to mail. All total it cost me 100.00 just for invitations and the postage. Now all I need to worry about is seating and tables and decorations and food. Tomorrow I am going to The Party Store and getting decorations. It should be a nice shower, I hope. I want it to be nice, because it is Emmas last baby. She will be getting a tubal after the baby is delivered. I'm glad, she doesn't need anymore kids after this one.

Emma and Dan's 1 yr anniversary is coming up. I can't believe it's been a year already since they got married. I am so happy she has Dan in her life and married him. Her first husband was a real ass, and I hated him since the day she met him. But Dan, he is awesome. A hard worker, always willing to work over time at his job. He says Emma and the kids are the reason he gets up every morning for work, because he wants to make sure they have everything they need. I'll tell ya, he is a mother's dream of a son in law, and I'm really proud he is in our family. I'm having them over fordinner saturday. I am making Homemade Stromboli's. Dan didn't have any the last time I made them, so he'll be happy. I'll make about 9 of them this time, cause I know my son in law, he can eat. I am freezing one for them to take to Cape May. Their going to poppop Bill's for the weekend and I want to send one with them for him. I know he'll like that. I'll go shopping tomorrow for all the ingredients. And I want to bake them a cake. I have to go to Walmart also and get the 3 sizes in pans and cake separaters. It's gonna be a 3 tier wedding cake, beings the one I made when they got married was only a sheet cake. I spoil my family don't I? Yea, I do, but when I see how happy things I do for them makes them, then it is well worth the time and effort. And yes, there will be pictures, lol. I can't leave you guys out. I have my work cut out for me over the next few days, don't I?

Well, I'd better get this finished and posted so I can get busy. It's almost 2:pm. I hope all is well with you all. Take care and enjoy your day.

Love you all..................................


  1. didn't mean to yell but you need to take care of yourself sissy so you can be around to be mommom to your grandkids and mommy to becca and so forth & so on....prayers are still going up for aiden....i'll get my church to pray for him too what is his lastname again?
                     you take it easy sis i love you.....nancy

  2. I'm very worried about you. What happens once your off the antibiotics? You have to get your teeth fixed or it will come back, right??? Nothing to mess around with. I know your looking for dental plans and such, so please find something okay?? You need to get this FIXED!
    She will have a wonderful shower :)
    Love ya
    P.S. I mailed your b-day package, well, okay, there is 1 gift in it with teas and Rebecca's nightlight. LMAO

  3. Boy you are going to be busy.I am so shappy you have a wonderful SIL it must make you so much happier.I understand .Sorry you have had all the problems with your face and teeth.It's a nightmare that insurance thing in USA isn't it? Why carn't we just have our health problems solved for free.If hubby's work so hard all ther  lives and wives I do not see why people should have to suffer because insurance isn't got.Hope you manage all you have to do.Prayers will be said for you all.Yes you do spoil them and why not.I have spoiled mine too LOL.Take Care God Bless KATH

  4. Hello Cindy,
    I had to have alot of dental work done just recently with no insurance and my dentist was willing to work with me (it actually cost less than if I would of carried insurance). Call around and see if any of the Dentists near you will work with you, because this is not something to mess with! Hope you find some comfort soon! My thoughts and prayers will continue to go up for Ayden! Take care of you! Hope you have a good day!

  5. My my... for a woman that hasn't been feeling well you certainly do a lot! I feel great and there is NOWAY I'd be that busy in such a short period of time, unless company is coming. hehe JK. Please take care of yourself.


  6. hi cindy i hope you are feeling better and the meds help you
    good luck finding insurance
    i dont have denal or even health, lol i really need to do something about that
    the shower will hopefully have a nice turnout
    you do so much for you family i bet they will love that cake
    cannot wait to see pictures

  7. Is there maybe a dentist or dental surgeon who would take a small deposit and let you pay on time?  You really shouldn't let those teeth in your mouth.  Of course, I know, that you know that.  I'm glad your getting better!  Hope you had fun tye dying those shirts.

  8. Hope you feel better soon, hoping the meds work & take care of problem.
    Once upon a time Dentists, Drs, Lawyers, etc would welcome new clients & work with you...letting you pay out the bill, & even offer special deals to low income. But those days are long gone. Very few still offer that, even then it's usually only for their long time patients.
    Saying a prayer that all works out, you're such a sweet lady.
    Love ya bunches, girlfriend.

  9. Oh Cindy so sorry to hear about your teeth.  I hope you can get them sorted out soon.  It sounds like you should be resting a bit more but I know you have got so much going on.  Hugs, Terry x

  10. Look into a dental school near you they may work with you and it's well simply good practice for their students if you're not uncomfortable with that. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. I sure am hoping you feel better soon, thank God the anti biotics are working. Good healing vibes, coming your way.
    Gaz xxxxx

  12. I am so sorry to hear about your dental problems.  My sister is in a similar situation.  She lives in constant pain and needs dental work done, but can't afford it.  It saddens me.  I can't wait to see the pictures.  I admire you so much for how involved you are with your daughter.  You guys are always up to something together, and it brings back those precious memories of when my daughters were younger.  I so enjoy them!  They made life so fun for us.

  13. i KNOW somewhere in your city is a free clinic or sliding scale for dental work...we have it in my need to look it up and hunt till you find it and go and get those teeth pulled. It is a fact that abcessed or infected teeth can lead to heart problems,death and all kinds of bad things..believe me-i have  been there!
    You are a great mom....and you have so much love and compassion to give.

  14. You are such a good mama. Please don't over work yourself.
    love ya,

  15. I am SO sorry you are having such a rough time lately!  I agree with Lisa Jo...please look into some sort of clinic or something because infected teeth can lead to other serious health issues and you don't need any more troubles!!!

    I am sure Emma's shower is going to be wonderful.  You are such a wonderful mom and you may be lucky to have that son-in-law, but he's lucky to have such a wonderful, caring mother-in-law!

    ((hugs)) and feel better soon!

  16. I'm glad you're getting better but you really need to address the cause before another infection sets in. Lisa is right, it can injure your heart, and kill you.
    You are sure gonna be busy the next few days. I hope you feel up to tackling all of your plans. Take lots of pictures!!!
    Love ya,

  17. so happy to finally here from you and that you are feeling a little better. I was getting worried. Wow a year already that they were married. I remember the weddding day. Happy it's going so good and Dan sounds like a wonderful guy. I don't blame Nancy for yelling at you. Stop doing so much and get better. Hugs to you.

  18. seraphoflove9001July 19, 2007 at 4:13 AM

    Oh Cindy! The pain you must be in! I'm so sorry. Please try and find someone. This isn't good. I'll pray that you can find someone and get them pulled.  And boy you are such a great mom! :o) I don't call it spoiling...I call it loving! :o)

  19. I hope you are feeling better...

  20. I sure hope you feel better. And I agree with Nancy, don't overdo things !

  21. i hope you are better soon

    i will pray for ayden i cant imagine how his family must feel.

    congrars to emma and dan!!!! 1yr thats great

  22. I'm so happy you're back Cindy. Glad to hear that you're getting better. That had to have been miserable anything dental is.
    Sorry to hear about Ayden (that's a pretty name) hope he gets well soon. He does sound like he's had a hard life. I know a few of those babies myself. Sad isn't it.
    Wow the party is moving on. How exciting. Good luck with all the decoration shopping.
    When you say you're gonna make a cake you mean a cake, cake. How awesome you are to have as a wife, mother and grandmother. I love it because you don't expect anything you give with the love in your heart. That's a what true mom does.
    So glad I met you here in Jland and who knows maybe one day in person.
    I would love to travel that way someday.. my states map is pretty bare over there.
    Take care, Chrissie

  23. Cindy, so sorry to hear about your infection.
    Hope you stay well, until you can find a solution.
    The party sounds like it will be great, I remember
    all the yummy food you have at your parties. Yum