Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Relaxing Day

 Today was a good day for me, finally. We had storms last night, so I shut down computer, watched a little television then went to bed. I slept nine hours straight, with no waking up. WOW!!!!!!!!! It has been years since I did anything like that. It felt great. I felt great. Nine hours, wow!!!

So, what did I do beings I woke up feeling so refreshed? Not much of anything. LOL. I made breakfast, sat at computer, made lunch, sat at computer, made dinner, sat at computer, got Rebecca into bed and all tucked in, put my Pj's on and I'm sitting at computer, lol. Dinner dishes? They can wait til tomorrow, lol.

Jim did his saturday daily chores. Took out the trash and went and did the laundry, lol. Washed, dryed and folded the clothes. He put his clothes away and I put Rebecca and my clothes away. Jim kept Rebecca busy all day with DVD's and games and wrestling and talks. They are both worn out and here's the proof, lol.

 Here's my baby girl sound asleep. She will not sleep with her feet covered. She takes after me, lol. She won't use her Princess blanket because it covers her feet, lol. So she uses her Duckie blanket. Don't kids look like little angels when their sleeping? I always loved watching her sleep, still do. And here's what her daddy is doing right now, lol.

 Yep, there's my hubby snoring away on the couch, lol. He didn't even wake up or flinch at all when the camera flashed. I guess Rebecca wore him out, lol. I bet he's still asleep on the couch when I go to bed, lol. I made him a very special dinner, all his favorites. Stuffed cornish game hen, baked yam and corn on cob. He ate every bit of it too.

Tomorrow Rebecca and I are going out for a little bit. I'm going to go to Walmart and to the Dollar Tree. Jim will be downstairs at Joes watching movies on Joe's new toy he just bought. Here is his 900.00 toy.

 42 inch screen LCD tv. It is nice. I want one. I'm writing Santa a letter. Yep Dear Santa Hubby, please get me one of these, lol. This will be good when Joes Mom comes to visit. She is blind in one eye from an accident in 1972 when she was hit by a drunk driver. She almost died, was in a coma for 14 weeks. She had major head trauma, broken arm, broken leg, punctured lung and 3 cracked ribs. She had 4 children and a husband to take care of, and this woman made it through. God Bless her. But with Joes new toy, lol, she'll be able to see the tv alot better and hear it too, cause it has surround sound.

I'm wondering if your all getting alerts? I've got a few today, maybe about 10. I usually get alot more then that. I was able to catch up on all my back alerts today finally. That was a big load off my mind. I didn't want anyone to think I had forgotten them.

Well, I guess that is about it for tonight. I hope everyone had a pleasant day today and an even better day tomorrow. I'm going to finish my cup of Herbal White Tea (caffeine and sugar free) then go to bed. Maybe I can get another good night's sleep.

Love to you all......................


  1. Cindy, glad you had a good day, That picture of Rebecca sleeping is cute, your dinner sounds delicious !!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

  2. HAHAHA..  I am the Opp. I GOT to be fully covered lol I get cold very fast

    and... How did she go blind in one eye? What caused that to happen?

    And maybe now that you slept 9 hours you feel a bit better

    LOL..... I didnt go to bed till 6:30 this morning and DID NOT wake up till 3:35 this afternoon... I am SOOOOOOOO out of wack right now lol

    Ps... I got an email alert telling me you updated your blog... I guess they are working on my end!


  3. i'm getting all of mine too jim and becca are so cute when they are asleep

  4. Hi !!!!!!!! Today was a good day for me too. I can't wait to go to the zoo tomorrow with my family. It was warm in Georgia today. Your family seems to be sleeping I hope they have a good day tomorrow. Your dinner sounded great. Seeing that television I have a question for you: what movies do you like to watch ?? Just wondering. You could be my santa and send me one of those t.v.'s I would definitely put it to good use.

    Bye Cindy !!!!!!!

  5. So glad to hear you had a long nights sleep. It ia amazing what a differnce it can make. The pictures are so sweet of daughter and father crashed after a day of fun. Hope you get another night of sleep tonight.

    Take care,

  6. I used to always sleep with my feet out from under the covers, no matter the weather. But in recent yrs, they freeze in the winter, so I have them tucked in now...but summers I still have them stuck out. LOL So Rebecca & I have something in common. :)

  7. I'm kinda ify on the alerts thing. I usually have to just finally look around and see if anybody is doing anything. Heck, Jim looks like he has the right idea there. That's usually where I fall asleep anymore.. no reason to go to bed anymore as I have no one to sleep with. You sound like me do something, come back to the computer, do something else. That is too funny I was craving yams and corn on the cob today I must have been secretly thinking of you all. I really want beef vegetable soup need to get to the store tomorrow and get the stuff. It's cool here and that when I like to eat that kind of stuff. Rebecca looks exhausted. Kyan is laying here he fell sound asleep 2hrs ago and I don't wanna move him. The tv is nice. Joe's mom will love that. My dd1 was looking at tvs the other day she wants to buy one for her living room. I'd like to have an extra for my bedroom, but I'm not in hurry unless there's a good sale somewhere. I may just keep watching WM because they are getting rid of the tvs that don't have HDTV and I don't care one bit about that. Hope they lower the prices here soon. I keep looking. Well glad you got all that rest.
    Take care, Chrissie

  8. i want one of those tv's too.  maybe next year. gotta get my own place to live first!
    have an even better day tomorrow!

  9. That did sound like a relaxing day! I just love the way a sleeping kid looks... just like an angel. I don't think alerts are coming through. I have received less than a dozen when I shouold have gotten waaaaay more than that. I always miss people when its up to me to "check". I depend on the alerts. Wish AOL would be consistent!

    Sad to read about Joe's mom and her current condition, but I bet she sure will enjoy watching and hearing the larger screen with surround.

  10. Love the pictures!!!  I don't cover my feet either :)   Hate it,,, even in winter!   You had a good day I see ::giggle:: well deserved for sure!!  

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day, and glad you got some rest.  I fell asleep wayyyyyyyy early, and look at me now - wide awake, LOL!  

  12. I am glad you are finally getting some rest Cindy! You were worn out!
    love ya,
    ps...that's a nice tv! I have lamps just like his!

  13. I sure hope Santa hubby gets you that really cool gift!  Very nice!  I love watching the kids sleep... my hubby looks very similar to your hubby - sleeping on the couch!  LOL

    be well,

  14. I will write to Santa too for you ok? Love the two sleeping beauties!
    Gaz xx
    PS, I posted twice, this weekend, so if you didn't get em, just telling you ok?

  15. Rebecca and Hubby look very comfortable ~ they wore each other out !!!!  Glad you had a good nights sleep ~ that is a great tv will be good for Joe's Mum to watch hope Santa brings you one :o) Hope you are having a good weekend ~ Ally

  16. yes, i am getting my, Joe has a great new toy! We need a tv with a bigger screen because i am half blind and now half deaf. Sigh. I am SO glad you slept for 9 hrs! YOUR body needed it.Still go to the doc if you think you need to. I worry about you.
    I can tell all kinds of stories about how i would go wake Meg and Chad up from a deep sleep as infants because i had to know they were still breathing. Rick would just shake his head. Must be a mom thing.

  17. I think i'm getting alerts.  I'm glad you had a good day ! I love the sleeping pictures...  I should go around the house now and do the same thing, since i'm up first!!

  18. Glad that you are feeling better. Your pictures are cute. Helen

  19. Sounds like a relaxing day you had...for sure...loved seeing the sleepy heads...and love the new nice.  My alerts are coming through off and day hardly any....the next a lot.  Hope you  have a great Sunday...peaceful and relaxing...hugs and love,

  20. lilpriasebaybee1July 29, 2007 at 5:57 AM

    First timer here.. Liking what im reading lol must and will return again.

  21. Cute pics!! Glad you're feeling better! Love the TV! WOW what a nice toy!

  22. seraphoflove9001July 29, 2007 at 8:59 AM

    Cindy.....glad to hear that you woke up feeling better! :o) I'm backed up on my alerts....I have them from Friday! lol So...I have no idea if I got them all or not. :o) Hugs to you! :o)

  23. Hi Cindy so glad you managed to have a good nights slepp at last how did the visit to the doctor go? you were so poorly last week. You sound so much better to-day. Loved the pictures. Bye for now Kathie.

  24. so glad you got some much needed sleep
    i need a day like that computer and sleep
    love that new toy i need to write a santa letter too lol

  25. What a nice toy!  Cute pics!  I got 9 hrs. sleep 2 days ago and it felt so good!  I can't even remember the last time I slept that many hrs.  I'm lucky if I get 5 or 6!

  26. Lovely pictures Cindy, ahhh Rebecca looks plain worn out, so does her daddy.  Good job they have you to keep alert, eh!  Have a good weekend.  Hugs, Terry x