Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Prayers for Patty and more.....

A fellow JLander Patty (littlelady1699) needs our prayers. Patty was in an automobile accident. I asked if she needed prayers and she said yes. So please keep her in prayer or good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

I have been trying to get caught up on alerts, but with all the interruptions I'm not having much luck. I get 2 or 3 alerts read and commented on, something happens or someone needs something, I come back and got a dozen more alerts added, lol. Wow, you guys got busy lives to write about, lol. But I love it and I love reading about your days and lives. So, if I haven't gotten to you in the past day or two please know I will.

I had to go downstairs earlier for a couple hours. Joe had a bigger satelite dish installed and a new box for the new toy (TV) he bought. Wow, is that tv great. Now I really want one. It's like being in a movie theater, with a big clear picture and surround sound. I called his cell while he was at work and told him he has to share. If there's a movie on I want to see I'm coming downstairs to watch it and I'll bring the popcorn, lol. He said I can watch his tv anytime, and even during the day when he's at work. That was nice of him. But I still want my own, lol.

I am doing much better. My sleeping is doing very well lately. Except for the night before last when I was awakened at 4am by my ever so loving child, grrrrrrrrrrr. She said there was bad scarey pictures in her head and she couldn't sleep. So, we had to get up. And once I am awakened I cannot go back to sleep. But I did manage to get a nap at my daughter's house. I was holding my grandson and he fell asleep in my arms and so did his mommom. Last night Jim took over the computer. He had some music to make for his boss, so I sat and watched one of my favorite shows, "Big Love" which is on HBO, then I went to bed. Yep at 10pm I was asleep and didn't get up until 6am. I fixed the coffee, packed Jims lunch and sat down and watched the morning news. We're at 237 murders now in the city of Philadelphia so far this year. It's getting to where your afraid to even go out of your house anymore. Jim said he worries about Rebecca and I when he is at work or away. I told him when we're home I keep the door locked, and if we're in the van driving, I also keep the doors locked. And if we are not in the van the doors are kept locked so no one can hide in it. I have 3 windows in my livingroom that are over the porch roof. Someone can easily stand on the rail and climb up and come in those windows, so they are kept locked if I am not home or Jim is away. All the other windows they cannot get too, unless their spider man and can walk up 2 stories on side of house, lol.

Besides this journal there is 4 others. None are private, so if you'd like to take a peek feel free to do so. I have 2 recipes I am going to add to the OutOfMyKitchen journal. Since it is summer and there's lots of fresh grown veggies around and some of you are growing some of your own, I thought these recipes used with cucumbers would be fitting. They are Chilled Cucumber soup and Crab Salad with Cucumbers.
Well it is time for me to try and straighten this livingroom up some. I have only managed to make the beds so far today. Keep cool and drink lots of water.
Love to all,



  1. prayers being sent......  take care of you :)  

  2. Hope your having a great day!

  3. Sure will add Patty to my ever growing prayer list. Thanks for telling us.  I am so glad that you are managing to get a sleep last few nights...another answer to prayer.  I am sorry to read that you have to keep all your doors and windows closed etc.  Where I live in the Uk it is a small village and you know what...I don't even have to lock my doors when I go out...even went on holiday for a month and left doors unlocked !!!  mind you I always say I have nothing to steal if I am out the house and my wee dog is with me they can take the TV etc. they are all replacable. I even tell friends if the are ever around and I'm not just to come in and make themselvs a coffee !!!!    Much Love, Keep safe,  Sybil xxx

  4. Cindy, I will for sure say some prayers for Patty, glad you got a new TV, all the better picture for CSI watching, hehe, Hugs Lisa

  5. hey sis whats your zip code

  6. I'm glad you're sleeping good. That always makes a huge difference in how I feel. Sorry to hear of your friend. Hope she's ok.
    Scary about all of the crime. It's bad here, too. I don't know the exact number, but I know we keep our doors locked.
    Stay safe!
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  7. I am glad you are sleeping better now......... All those murders in once city? Bloody hell, I would keep my doors locked too!

  8. I like you are just catching up too,company called around all week/end so I will pray for Patty how sad.I hope she is soon well.I know the feeling you have with all those murders.Things get bad in England now.What a world it is getting.It does frighten people.I hope you get your TV some day LOL!! They are beauties arn't they.Have a lovely evening I hope.Stay safe.Take Care God Bless Kath
    astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

  9. I'm going to be turning off alerts tomorrow night before I go to bed, because there's no way I'll ever be able to catch up after being offline for at least a week. Glad you were able to get some sleep.

  10. Will say a prayer for Patty, if you'd included her link I'd have popped over.
    Glad you got some sleep.
    Always keep them dpprs locked!!!

  11. i pray Patty gets better quickly.
    WOW, lots of murders there.....it is good to be viligant about things such as safety. So glad you got some rest...i have been concerned about you!

  12. praying patty get well soon. glad you are sleeping:) have a good hump day


  13. Will definitely put Patty on my prayer list.  Hope she has a speedy recovery.  You might want to invest spot lights that come on when someone walks up to the house.  They're great!  I can't even keep up with one journal yet alone 5!  LOL

  14. Please continue to keep your doors locked! Glad you are sleeping better now!
    love ya,carlene

  15. Hang in there Cindy!  I hope you get a better night sleep tonight!

    be well,

  16. I  get woken up too by little ones...ugh. I also have trouble falling back to sleep.
    Have a great day!

  17. Patty is in my prayers. You really need some "me" time. I worry about you. And thank you for the links, I have them on my alerts. :o) And pleaase...keep those doors locked...too many nuts running loose! Many hugs to you my friend! :o)

  18. Keeping Patty in my prayers on the smoke! I live in upstate NY, no it's not as bad as the city but I'm still wary. When I'm home alone my door is always locked. So are my truck doors when I'm inside. It's a scary world we live in these days. I would rather err on the side of caution than not. (Hugs) Indigo

  19. hi sis i mailed you out a check, i left you a e-mail hope you find it

  20. I adore "Big Love"...I no longer can watch it due to moving to such a remote area they dont offer cable here and the hub is too cheap for a dish so I have to rely on the watching the 1st season on DVD and waiting for the next season to come out. Still no date on when that will be happening but I have it saved on Netflix..LOL! Hugggs, Robin

  21. I don't have HBO anymore or else I would be watching Big Love. Sorry to hear about Patty.. I use to visit her journal, but that's been awhile back.
    Honey you and me both I know exactly what you mean about the interruptions.. I have three kids over here saying mom can I use the computer and it turns into an all day deal with each of them. I finally just go take my shower and go lay down. This is why you get a comment from me two days later. Ky has been doing the same thing waking up in the night must be the age. Hope you get some rest. I don't even wanna think about how many people get hurt around here. I keep everything locked up tight.
    Take care, Chrissie

  22. My prayers to patty and I hope she is ok soon. It sounds good that you got some sleep the night. I'm always so far behind in my alerts. I can't keep up but I try. Hope you had a great day.

  23. i hope patty is ok!!!
    i know what you mean about trying to keep up with entries
    its hard!!!