Friday, July 6, 2007

My Week

I can honestly say I am glad the week is over. I am worn out. So worn out I fell asleep today sitting on couch watching Judging Amy. I sat down at 1pm to watch it, remember looking at clock and it saying 1:10pm, next thing you know I wake up and it's 4:15pm. Nap didn't help much, cause I still feel worn out. But I wanted to get this entry made before I go to bed.

The past 3 days have left me drained. With cooking and cleaning for July 4th, then the next day taking Joes mother out shopping and to Emmas and then to the Red Robin diner for lunch, then home to clean and cook for dinner which Joe and his Mom joined us because it was leftovers from BBQ. And today Joes Mom felt like walking, so both of us with our canes and Rebecca we took a walk, 5 blocks up and 5 blocks back. Yes, I walked a total of 10 blocks and so did Joes Mom. 78 yrs old and this woman can go, lol. As for me, I was neer in my life so happy as to get home. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I was hurting. Both my legs and lower back feel like one giant muscle cramp and are throbbing, stiff, tight feeling. My bed will feel good tonight for sure.

Well, let me explain some of the pics above. The little girl in the redshirt is my great-niece Kaylei. She is my sister Lucys first born grandchild. Kaylei is the sweetest most lovable little girl. She's always smiling and laughing and giving me hugs. I love this little girl very much. She spent a couple nights at Emma's to play with Marissa and Rebecca. I walked in Emma's door yesterday, Kaylei heard my voice and came running right to me. She almost leaped in my arms and give me the biggest hug and said, "Hi, Aunt Cindy", then kissed me on the cheek. I gave her a big hug also and kiss on her cheek. She then looked at my cane I use to walk with and asked me if I was ok, with a sad little worried face. I had to explain to her aunt cindy was ok, I just needed a little support when I walk. She seemed to be fine with that answer.

See that beautiful little baby boy I am holding? That is my son in law Dan's brand new great-nephew. His name is Vincent Mazzoli Jr. His Mommy Stephanie came over my house last night so I could see the baby. He was in her arms crying, but as soon as I took over holding him he shut right up, lol. He kept looking up at me smiling and cooing. His Mommy said he cries when everybody holds him, and she was shocked he was so good for me. I fell in love with this baby boy. He is a real sweetheart. I didn't want to give him back, lol.

My own grandson spent the day with me yesterday. We went to the diner and he was so good. He ate all his lunch and some of mine too, lol. After dinner at home, he climbed up on couch with Joe's Mom and snuggled next to her and fell asleep. Mommom I said that makes her feel so good when a child is snuggling against her and goes to sleep.

Mommom I isn't a relative of mine. She is the Mom of our good friend Joe. We have known Joe for over 20 years now. My kids and grandkids call him Uncle Joe and call his Mom, Mommom I out of respect for their elder's. But let me tell you Joe and his Mom couldn't be loved anymore then we already love them. We consider them both family. They are wonderful people, and we are very proud to have them in our lives. My husband Jim and Joe are close friends. Some people think they are brother's. I think they think that because they both have bald heads, lol.

Well, let's see. What are my plans for the weekend? I don't have any, lol. I am going to stay home, relax and sit here at my computer. I am going to go down the street to Dunkin Donuts in the morning because I promised Rebecca donuts for breakfast and chocolate milk. They have awesome banana nut bran muffins. I'll get me one of them, yummy. Jim will get his usual choice, 1 jelly donut and one boston creme donut.

I think my daughter Emma and her family have plans on going to Cape May, New Jersey on sunday. Their going to go visit Poppop Bill. Again the lil ones call him Poppop Bill out of respect and because they think he is their poppop too, lol. He is a man who loves kids and kids love him. We're very glad to have him also as part of our lives and family. He reads my journal, so I know he's reading this, lol. This message is for him, "Hey crazy man, how ya doing?" Love ya Bill.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I think I covered everything for the last few days. I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Did Rebecca get a haircut?? She looks so cute!! And Marissa looks like she's slimming down a bit. She looks very pretty!  
    Sounds like you've been one busy lady! I hope you didn't overdue it today with all of that walking. Hope you have a good weekend!!
    Hugs and love to you,

  2. Beautiful pics!!! {{{}}}
    You need to try & get a little rest, I know you must be so tired after all you do.
    Hope you have a good wkend.

  3. There is nothing worse than dropping off watching a film on TV and waking up all that time later. That was MORE than a power nap my dear!!!! I always need something sweet like a custard tart and a cuppa when I wake up after doing that.
    Gaz ;-)

  4. Cindy, I love your pictures, I noticed you have'nt been by my journal in a while, Miss you !!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

  5. Love the pictures. Sounds like you have been really busy (as usual). I don't know how you keep up with that little bundle of energy that is Rebecca. That baby is so sweet. Our 5th granddaughter will be (induced) on July 17th...if she doesn't come sooner. We are excited and I need to get my butt busy on this afghan I'm making her. LOL take care and have a great weekend.

  6. enjoy your weekend:) relax and rest you sound so tired.


  7. seraphoflove9001July 7, 2007 at 2:44 AM need to get some rest!
    Hugs to you.

  8. the kids are so cute together !
    Get some rest this weekend!

  9. I'd be one huge cramp too after ten blocks, WTG!  I hope you get some rest and are feeling better soon.  Sounds like it was all fun with the kids, and loved the pictures.  

  10. You did so much in that  That walk was something...I can't do that!  My muscles would be cramping too!  Loved all the photos...the kids, you...and Joes Mom...look great.  The baby is adorable...many hugs and rest this weekend...enjoy!

  11. did i miss something....who cut Rebecca's hair? You know, we have never met and i can name all your immediate relatives first names off the top of my head without thinking...something isnt it when we care about people who we meet online. I hope you arent too cramped up. Love,lj

  12. It's so nice to see a picture of Joes mom since you blog about her often, I love all the pictures! What an adorable baby :) with a STRONG manly name :)
    Love ya

  13. I hope you can get a nice relaxing weekend in!


  14. Enjoy your weekend and relax!

  15. Loved the pictures thanks for sharing. That baby knows who to be nice to so you can get spoiled. It's like the kids say you have that grandma touch. I can put Kyan to sleep in five minutes.. it takes KT like two hours. So when she needs him to sleep fast she brings him over here. LOL.
    Take care, Chrissie

  16. I absolutely adored seeing those pictures and reading about friends who are family too.  I have been completely exhausted lately and I AM going to shoot you another letter.  I think you're due.  I even wake up sleepy though.  Ever been that tired?  Sorry for the delays but I hope you understand that I'm really going through a lot of unnecessary stuff here at home.  I loved that cross you sent.  It's so special to me.  Thank you my sweet friend.


  17. Hi Cindy.  You are blessed with lots of friends and family to love.  I loved looking at the pics.  love, Shelly

    P.S..I said love three times...see what kind of affect your journal has on me. : )

  18. as it ought to got the best family around sissy

  19. ally123130585918July 8, 2007 at 6:40 AM

    Cindy lovely pictures ~ I always love reading about your family you are all so happy ~ and arn't you the busy one ~ hope you are getting some relaxing time :o) ~ Ally x

  20. love the pictures
    hope you get caught up with your rest
    im so worn out still

  21. Loved your pics.  I went to red robin this weekend.  We don't have one near us, so whenever we are out of town and they have one we go.  I had eaten pizza at the hotel with the team.  I had a strawberry bannan daquiri there while hubby had a burger.  We are going out of town this weekend again so maybe there will be one where we go.