Tuesday, July 18, 2006


True Friends

Hello, my Jland friends. Good morning to you all. I hope today is a great day for each and everyone of you. I just put another postcard in the mailbox. This one is going out to Deb in Colorado. That makes 9 now that I have sent out. I have 9 more postcards left, so if you'd like one drop me an email with yer addy and one will be sent asap. I'll reply back to you via email with my addy too. It's really nice to see so many of us are doing the postcard exchange. I actually look forward to the mailman coming, lol. Who cares about the bills, just give me my postcards Mr. Postman, lol.
Well, today I want to do something special for two wonderful people. They are my dearest and best friends. These friends I have known for many years and they are always there for me to talk too. The first is my friend Nancy. She has an journal here in Jland called http://journals.aol.com/bravesgirl1965/desires/   She is a sweet loving kind hearted lady who I am proud to call my friend. She and I can talk about anything and everything. We met on line at a game site called pogo. Back then it was called excite, it's changed names 3 times now.
Nancy lives in Virginia. She and I talk everyday via instant message, and in chatroom to game we are in at the time. We've know each other now for about 10 years. I send her pictures of my family and she sends me pictures of hers. She has two of the most beautiful nieces. Jessie and Maggie. They are just so precious. Nancy's mom is a great lady. I call her momma. She's funny, and from what Nancy tells me, she is a wonderful cook. According to Nancy, there's alot of drama in her home. But hey, if there was'nt life would be so boring, lol. I have a small pillow, with the words, "Save the drama for your Mama" written on it. I'm gonna send it to Nancy to give to her momma. I think she'd get a kick out of it. Nancy and I talk on the phone every so often, and I'm really looking forward to her coming to Philadelphia real soon, to be a part of my family. She and I have alot in common. It's like we're twins separated at birth. We like alot of the same things, think alike, sometimes while chatting we even write the same thing to one another, scarey huh? Two of me, yikes!!!!!!! No, just kidding, it's great having a friend such as her. I love ya girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next in line is my friend Carol. She does'nt have a journal here on line. Bad girl!!! I have know Carol since I was 6yrs old. We went through our entire childhood going to the same schools. We played at each other's houses, I loved going to her house, she had a pool, lol. Her parents were awesome, and treated me just like I was their daughter. Yep, I even had chores to do while staying there. Her parents are forever telling me how grateful they are that I stayed in a friendship with their daughter. The last time I seen Carol was 14yrs ago. She lives in Florida. She just divorced a lowlife money grabbing adulterous husband. The divorce settlement was to pay Carols Dad back the 30 grand he had gotten over the years of their mariage. Her Dad kept receipts, and paperwork, hahaha, and he thought he'd get out of paying.
Carol has made a new life for herself. She started a little bird farm, and sells fresh eggs. She works part time, because she is on SSI and can only make a certain amount in wages. But she's doing good for herself, and I'm proud of her for that. She calls me everyday almost, and we chat in game rooms or on instant messenger. She use to babysit my daughter Emma, when Emma was just a baby. I've known Carol for 39 years now. Long friendship huh?
So there goes it, my two best friends. Both special and hold a place in my heart.
them both.
Well, I guess I will go for now. Later today I'm gonna post a new recipe. Anyone like Mexican food?  SpanishThe recipe is for one of my very very very favorites! My hubby absolutely loves it. And guess what, there's really not that many calories in it either. Well, hey that works for me. And the recipe is..............Chicken Enchiladas!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm, yummy, lol.
Ok, I will go now, get my chores/housework done, and I'll return to post that recipe. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  and GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am so loving this postcard thing!   Isn't it amazing the people we meet here in Jland that are our "twins" ..I've found a couple too!  Take care! Sharon

  2. thanks for sharing about your friends; they sound both like very special woman. I can't wait to see the chicken enchilada recipe; I'm always looking for new things to cook for my family

    enjoy the day


  3. The post cards sounds like a really cool idea...
    Also, you have some wonderful friends in your life...have a wonderful Wednesday...hugs and love,

  4. You are so lucky to have such good friends.

  5. friends are wonderful. Your two best friends sound like great people.

  6. hey cindy....

    I have your post card, thank you. I will get a post card to you soon..I am doing VBS  this week and Iam TRYING to rest my knee up too. I say trying 'cause with the 9 month old I have it is hard, plus the other ones also. But I will get one to send you this weekend.

  7. girlfriend i love you lotttttts....nancy