Thursday, July 6, 2006

Stress, Stress Oh did I say Stress?

The past couple days has been so crazy. It seems like nothing could work or go the way I wanted it too. I have'nt heard from my daughter Emma since monday, it's been over 2 weeks since I've seen my grandchildren. Not seeing my grandchildren really breaks my heart. To me it seems like Emma is doing the same crap she did when she met that lowlife husband she finally divorced last year. Let me tell you, he was a total freak. Hair down to his butt, 300+ pounds, 6'2 and tattoos from his neck to his ankles, and I mean he was covered with him. Naked women, Nazi symbols, cuss words, a huge gunshot blast tattooed on his chest with the word Vengence on it. I refused to go to their wedding. I told Emma I was'nt gonna go and watch her make the biggest mistake of her life, and I was right. Six years  later she divorced him. Then she met up with one of his friends, a total loser also. He was a skinhead, his family is in the KKK in Maryland, Georgia and Alabama. I know him and 3 of his brothers, their drug dealers, thieves, have no respect for anyone or anything. Ok then Emma meets up with Dan. Jim and I really liked him. He took over the job of being a Daddy to Marissa. Her real father has'nt seen her since she was 5mos old. That idiot is now on SSI cause of all his suicide attempts. I wish he'd come see me, I'll show him how to do it right, lol. I guess you can tell I can't stand him. Ok, so things are going great with Emma and Dan, both of them working making good money, they have a child together, lil Daniel. Then things start changing, Emma starts taking depression medicine, drinking, knowing Dan is sober and clean for 4 years. Then a couple months ago, she starts making excuses to go out and run errands and taking forever, getting phone calls, keeping  secrets, so it was upsetting Dan, she was lieing to me. I ask her where she was and she'd say out. Then some guy calls my cellphone asking for Emma, hmmmmm and I let her use my cell too. Not anymore I don't!!!!!!!!  Then my nephew comes over the other day. Tells me Emma has been hanging around some low life  he use to be friends with. This  guy is a total loser, thief, druggie, drunk. Said Emma was out with him til 6:am. She was suppose to be at my niece's for a sleepover with Marissa, but only Marissa was there. I asked her about it, she denied it of course. This girl is 26yrs old with 2 kids, my god wake the hell up Emma and get with a program. It's so hard to sit back and do and say nothing. But I have to be careful of my health and try to avoid that thing called Stress. Yea, right, how? Ok, now lets move on to my 4yr old who thinks she has the last, first, and middle words in this house, lol. For the past couple of days this kid has literally gotten on my last nerve. She gets into everything, trashes the housem screams in my face, I spanked her yesterday and again today for doing the same thing. She starts yelling, I hate you, I'm gonna throw you out the window, so it's just me and daddy here. She sure loves her mommy huh? I know she was just mad cause I smacked her butt, but still those words hurt me, and I cried. My dear darling husband is like, she's just a little girl she does'nt know any better, no sympathy at all for me, grrrrrrrrrrrr, men. So, earlier today I thought I would be nice and take Rebecca for a walk. We stopped at the local deli and I was gonna get her a treat, well she started her screaming about what she wanted and did'nt want. She wanted peanut chews, well she can't have them cause of her fillings, 1500.00 in dental work will not be ruined cause she wants a dag on peanut chew. I got her pretzels and a cornchips, you know those little 25 cent bags. Guess what, she ate both bags when we got home. Tonight she starts jumping off furniture running around this time driving daddy crazy, well he yells and she makes one last jump  and what does she do, she twists her foot and it hurts. She can walk and all, no swelling no bruising, so I put an icepack on it for about 20 minutes and then wrapped it in a childs size ace bandage on it. She said it felt better. She was afraid it would come off when she went to bed, so I took one of her old socks, cut out the toe area and slipped it on over the ace bandage. That made her happy. I gave her a dose of childrens liquid tylenol and within 20 minutes she's trying to run around again. Ok I looked at clock, it said 8:30, jammies came out, teeth got brushed and into that spongebob toddler bed she went, out like a light in 2 minutes. Fifteen minutes later hubby went to bed, yippeeeeeeeee peace and quiet for me. Hubby works tomorrow then he's home for a week for vacation. He has never taken a vacation. Something always happened and we'd need the money so he'd work. I told him your 51 yrs old honey, it's time you took one. We're gonna go fishing, crabbing, swimming, picnic in park, go see Rebecca's great grandmother who will be 97 this year. And she still cleans and cooks, showers herself, does laundry. Works in her flower beds. I tell ya she amazes me. I hope I have that much energy in years to come, I'm less then half her age now and she has more energy than me. Also gonna go see my dearest cousin Carmen and her handsome son Christopher. I don't get to see them much, and I really love and miss them. Gonna try to get to go see my Sister Susie too. I'm gonna call her early next week and find out what day is best. Gonna give her a great big hug.  Well, I have so much more I want to write about, but I'll save it for tomorrow. Goodnight my friends!!!!!(((((Hugs))))


  1. omg gf well said

  2. Hope Rebecca's foot  feels better soon!  I'm so glad you are going to take the time to do some really FUN things and see your family.  That will do all of you good.
    You say you don't have the energy like that 97yr old.  I don't believe it.  You're running after Rebecca all day.  That takes energy. Might not feel like it....but it DOES!!  
    Sorry about Emma's mistakes.  It'd be different if she didn't have the kids.  Then, you could let her go and let her make her own mistakes.  But, there's the little ones now.  I agree with you....she needs to get with the program.  
    Enjoy your quiet time and have a good sleep tonight.

  3. yes stress can hurt you please be careful:) tell susie hi i tired to email her but it came back no longer member? have a good friday


  4. Sorry that your having such a problem with your daughter.  Goes to show that no matter how old they are, we will always worry.  Hope you have a good Friday.

  5. Ouchie...hopefully Rebecca's foot will be better soon.  Too bad that Emma has made some bad choices.  She's gotten into a lifestyle that she can't let go of.  How sad.  Ahhh vacation...I need one myself...sounds like you're gonna have a fun time with the family.  97, I hear great-great Granny was that way, lived to be 106!  Whew, can't imagine!

  6. I enjoyed reading your journal. I can identify with the stress of a grown child making bad choices. What makes it rough is when they don't seem to learn from them. I hope that one day you can experience peace through your oldest daughter's life and decisions. Take care.


  7. tysissy i needed somebody to tell me i did right(((((((((((((hugs)))))))))) i luv ya sissy....Nancy

  8. it sure sounds like you all  need a vacation. I hope you have a great one. As for Emma it's sad you haven't seen your grandchildren. I know that must be so painful. Emma needs to grow up and there is not much you can do about it. How sad. I hope she straightens up her life soon. Hugs to you.

  9. Awww sounds like you are just stressed out. You know when everything gets on your nerves. I hope you all get away and have a great time. That's just what the doctor ordered. Please have lots of fun.
    Take Care, Chrissie

  10. Hi Cindy,

    I just wanted to drop in and thank you for stopping by my journal and for your support with my weight loss.  I look forward to reading your journal and getting to know you...