Friday, July 14, 2006

Goodbye Toyota

 Antique 1 The tow truck arrived at 6:15pm today. Our little Toyota was pulled up on the bed of the truck, and in a few seconds disappeared down the road. My 4yr old daughter sadly watched at the window as the truck disappeared taking her daddy's car, and turned to him and said, "I'm gonna miss our car daddy". Poor little thing had such a sad face, I had tears just looking at her. We were given a receipt where we can claim a $500.00 deduction on our income taxes. So, I guess that is ok.

 Money Tree I need to plant me a money tree. Anybody know where I can find the seeds? LOL Jim bought me 5 powerball tickets  for tomorrow night. If I win I'll throw a big party for everyone here in JLand. So wish me luck. Come on powerball momma needs a new truck!

 Truck Yea right, some rich person who does'nt need the money and lives in another state I have never been too, will win it. I can only dream........

 Wizard Maybe I can kick that voodoo doll's butt with a little magic from this little guy. Hmmm think it'll work? LOL I wish!!!!!!!!!

 Pen 2 Wrote out another postcard tonight. Tomorrow it will be mailed. That will be my 6th one so far, wooohooo. I really enjoy it. If you want me to send you one, just send me an email and I will exchange addresses with you. Who knows maybe we'll find out our next door neighbor is from JLand.

 Shhh Just put Rebecca to bed for the night. Jim also went to bed. Now I can enjoy some quiet time, yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Gonna get me a cup of coffee and do some journal reading.

 Coffee 2 Black, no sugar please. I love my coffee.

I have a vampire movie on right now, on TNT. I love those type of movies. The more scarey, the better I like them.Vampire

I guess I rambled on long enough. Gonna go get my coffee, slip on my cotton nightgown, and plant my rear end back in this uncomfortable computer chair. Chair No this is'nt my chair, but I sure wish it was, lol. So long my friends, until we meet again in someone's journal. ((((((((HUGS)))))))))



  1. Hi there, wanted to stop by & wish you a graeat weekend!!!

  2. when you find that money tree seed store, let me know- I need a tree too, loloo

  3. hey cool ..I just got home and turned on TNT myself!!!!!
    but I think I hav eseen this one


  4. My mom had the seeds until I washed them down the drain in

  5. Cindy I love how you find comedy in stressful times. Don't you love those smiley central pics to cute. Good luck on that powerball I'm ready to party! I'm not close maybe you can fly me in for the party ;-). If I knew where your voodoo doll was I'd kick it's butt for you. Hope you have a great weekend.
    Take care, Chrissie

  6. I think my husband was watching the same vampire movie you were watching on TNT. Looked gory to me, LOL. Hoping you win the Powerball; hey, someone has to win it; it might as well be you :)


  7. That was a good movie on TNT. I enjoy horror movies. Of course the more gory they the more I like them.

  8. i hope you can find a good used car or truck:) have a good weekend


  9. Awww, its always sad seeing your vehicle pulled away by a tow-truck.  I have never actually seen any of my vehicles drive away.  I ran all of my cars into the ground and they had to be flatbedded out, lol.  

    I like scarey movies too, but I cant watch them before bed or alone at night.  I am very easily spooked, lol.  I have a netflix movie, The Hills Have Eyes, sitting here for over a week now, cause I am scared to watch it.  My husband keeps asking, tonight and I told him we can watch it Sunday afternoon, this way I can watch other stuff afterwards and have time to forget about it, before going to bed.

    Good Luck winning the Powerball!  If you win, I will be your best friend, lol.

    Have a good day!

  10. ally123130585918July 15, 2006 at 7:46 AM

    Hope you can soon replace your Toyota ~ I felt really sad reading of it being towed away ~ Ally

  11. I'm sure it was sad for your daughter to see the car go.  Have a good weekend.

  12. Hope the car can be replaced soon...sounds like you have been busy...and an evening with black coffee and that comfy computer chair was probably a good thing...hope your weekend goes well...hugs and love,

  13. Hope you get another car real soon so Rebecca will be happy.
    Love your little graphics!  Too cute!

  14. so sorry to see the car go, it's so sad. If you find that money tree let me know. LOL. I hope you win the lotto.
    Enjoy your quiet time.

  15. veryvery veryVERY true and i love it.....nancy