Monday, July 3, 2006

What to do?

If you love something, set it free.
If it comes back,
It will always be yours.
If it doesn't come back,
it was never yours to begin with.

if it just sits in your living room,
messes up your stuff,
eats your food,
uses your telephone,
takes your money,
and doesn't appear to realize
that you had set it free.....
You either married it
or gave birth to it.
Someone sent the above saying to me. I thought it deserved to be passed along to you.
Well, I don't have much planned for today. Just a couple odd's and end's I want to do. It's just too hot to take a walk anywhere, plus weather man says to expect some more thunder storms today.
One project I have to do today, is disconnect the VCR and remove the cover. My child inserted a video and now it is stuck, grrrrrrrrrr. I tried getting it out but it's really stuck in there. I told her to find a DVD, to watch, but noooooooo she wanted a video. Well, hopefully I get it apart and put back together with no complications. It looks easy enough.
Rebecca and I walked to a yard sale this past saturday. I bought 2 very nice items. The first is a candy dish which is blown glass, made in France. I have never seen such a design in glass. It caught my eye right away and I purchased it for 2.50. The next thing was an old Doll. I paid 1.00 for the doll. I checked it over when I got home and a stamp on back of her neck said made in 1961. Wow, the year I was born! So that makes the doll 45 years old. She has blonde hair, and a white cotton and lace dress and little white shoes. She's so pretty. She sits here in my livingroom, where everyone can see her. I'm thinking I may buy a shelf and put her on the wall above my daughter Rebecca's bed. Then maybe drape some type of curtain around her with a tiny light above it, to show off the doll during the night. Might make a good night light also. Rebecca has to have a night light on.
She had some oriental things also, but they were too worn and tattered for me to pay the price she was asking. Like 25.00 for a painting of a Geisha girl, sorry too rich for my blood on that one. It was also scratched and torn in one corner. I'd of given her 5.00, but not 25.00, no way. Well, better luck next time, right?
Sirens, sirens and more sirens, that's all I've heard since I got up this morning. Boy this city is noisey today. But Philadelphia is known to be a noisey city. Last night Dan got pulled over coming back from store getting lil Daniel some milk. He said 5 cop cars pulled him over. Apparently they were looking for a man who had been seen driving the same vehicle as Dan (2005 Pontiac Vibe) who fled the seen of a shooting/killing. One of the cops was a friend of Dan's from AA and when he seen it was Dan he told the other cops wrong guy here. Dan was a nervous wreck. But he calmed down soon enough. Well, not much else to write about, so I will go now. have a great day everyone, stay cool. (((HUGS)))


  1. that is soooo funny!!!!!
    i'm passing it along to others.....thanks!!!!

  2. hope you get the tape out:( we had the same problem and the vcr would eat the tapes, once it started to this it did didn't quit we had tobuy a new one. have a good 4th


  3. Yeah, when they start to eat tapes, watch out.  We had one that ate several before we threw it out.  If 5 cops pulled me over, I would have had to changed my drawers when I got home.  I bet Dan was shook!  Thank Goodness it turned out positively!  Have a great 4th.

  4. So very funny!!

  5. i love this entry sissy

  6. I love the saying.  How scary for Dan!  I'd have had a heart attack!  Lucky you on the yard sale finds!  I love dolls.  I like your idea of using her for a night light.  If you do that you MUST post a picture, ok?
    Good luck on the VCR.  I hope you can fix it.

  7. I love the saying up above, lol cracked me up. My mom has a doll since she has had since childhood. She is just about 69. It's a wooden doll and it still is in good shape.

  8. Hahaha... love the saying in the beginning. It suits me to a tee.
    Take care, Chrissie

  9. Hi Cindy...
    I am new to your journal and just catching up on some of your are an interesting writer.
    I know it's almost a month now but my son once did that with his I unplugged it and the tape popper right out...hope you got yours working.

  10. ...I meant to say "popped" right out.  In fact it just happened to me recently and it's always worked for me...