Sunday, July 16, 2006

A little of this and a little of that........

 SweatyIf it gets any hotter, I'm moving into a walk in freezer. I've had both airconditioners running 24/7 for days. And today there's a power outtage due to some idiot hitting a pole down the road. For 2 hours we were without electric, and the temperature was arising in my place. Thank god it was back on after 2 hours, cause I thought we'd melt, lol.

 DeliveryWell, it's back to work tomorrow for the hubby. Some vacation he had. He said he's kind of looking forward to going back to work, cause he's been bored crazy just sitting around. Today he did take a long walk in this heat to go to the store. I feel so bad for him. He's 51yrs old, is on 3 different blood pressure medications and had to walk in this heat. I called Emma, but she said Dan was out and had the car, and she did'nt know where he was.

 VomitAnd those two, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i wanna strangle the both of them. It  seems their both seeing someone now. Emma found an empty condom wrapper in Dan's pants pocket. They have 2 kids to worry about first, the sex life can wait. One of these days Alice, one of these days, POW right to the moon, lol. Gotta love that Ralph Cramdon. Anyways those 2 are making me sick with their stupidity.  You don't wanna be together, then why stay together and make the household miserable. I don't even go over there, cause it's too miserable over there.

 Girl With GumI did get to spend some time with my grand daughter Marissa yesterday. Emma dropped her off so Rebecca and Marissa could play. We had a great time. The girls were so happy to see each other. We heard lots of giggles and laughing, and yes a little arguing, but hey they are 4yrs old. Marissa is gonna come over later next week and spend a couple days over. They call it their sleep over, lol. I swear those girls are so precious. Marissa wrapped her arms around my neck and said you know mommom I really love you. Well, the tears came rolling down of course, because she only says what she really means and I melted. I love that child so much, and my grandson too, who I have'nt seen in 3 weeks. I told Emma she better bring him over soon, before he forgets mommom.

 ClubI think hubby feels like this guy, which is why he's looking forward to going back to work. Rebecca has completely wore him out. She climbs all over him, gets up on his shoulders when he's sitting on couch and smacks him on the head saying giddy up daddy, lol. Hey he lets her do it, so it's his fault. She covers him up with her blankets on her bed, piles all her stuffed toys on him and says are you comfy daddy. She is a trip.

Well, so far I have mailed out 8 postcards. I received my first postcard on friday, that was exciting. Please everyone, pass the word around about the postcard adventure. I have 10 more postcards, anyone else want one? Drop me an email with address and I will send you mine back ASAP. Well, guess I'll go now. My fingers are hurting from all the typing, lol. Have a great evening, and great week everyone. (((((Hugs)))))))) to all.

 HelloBye Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. it was hot here too:) 102 degrees that is too hott Hope you have a great week


  2. I'm so happy you saw your granddaughter and hopefull your grandson soon. Emma and Dan, oh boy they don't have a clue what they are doing. I hope it all works out. No wonder why your hubby wants to go back to work, lol. Poor guy getting beaten up by little kids. Cute.  I hope they girls enjoy the sleepover.

  3. very goodsissy i love your writing and wish i had some of your flare wor ya girl muahhhhh.....nancy

  4. have a good week; so neat you have a grand-daughter and daughter about the same age so they can play together!

    try to stay cool if you can; this heat is all over the country, but I guess that's what happens with summer :)


  5. Wow even the grownups aren't being grown up LOL!!! Isn't it fun sometimes just to play!

  6. I'm with you as far as the heat goes!


  7. Hey Cindy,

    I feel like I've been gone forever. I guess we're lucky over here because today it is 78, but it has been hot.

    Sorry about the vacation, poor guy, I bet he's ready to go back to work.

    Sorry about Emma and Dan they would be better off apart. I'm so glad that you got to see your granddaughter. I wanted to cry when you said she really loved you. I can't wait til Kyan can tell me that. He can give me the hugs and kisses, but thats about it for now. Hope you get to see your grandson soon.

    Awww... Rebecca just loves her daddy. That's cute that she wants to make him all comfy.

    Guess what! I have your postcard wrote out and I'm gonna mail it this weekend so it will go out on Monday morning when the post office opens.

    I will say this though I was highly disappointed in the choices I can. I could have made better postcards myself and actually thought about doing it. I could have just pasted the picture on the front of a postcard.

    We have a castle (a real one) in Lexington, near Versailles, and it's huge. The day I went by it I didn't have the camera or I would have taken a picture. I have an old picture, but couldn't find it. I thought that would be a great postcard. I mean who else has a castle in their town?

    Anyway, I'm headed to Lexington later and I'm gonna look for some better cards.

    If I find a better one, I'm gonna get you one and send it even if it is an extra.

    Take Care, Chrissie