Thursday, July 20, 2006


 Crying 1I'm feeling kind of sad today, with a little touch of depression I guess. Last night around 7:pm Dan called me to tell me he had taken my daughter Emma to the hospital, with severe abdominal pain. He said he did'nt know anything yet, about what was causing Emma so much pain, but he'd call again when he knew something. Almost 2 hours went by before He called again. During those 2 hours, I was a nervous wreck. All kinds of things were going through my mind, like she was having appendix problems, or liver or kidney failure, or maybe she was pregnant and having a miscarriage. Dan said the doctor had blood work done and examined Emma, and he was pulling towards it was her appendix. So they had taken her down to have a cat scan to find out for sure. Dan said he'll call me when he finds out for sure. So, more waiting and waiting and waiting. Finally at about 11:pm he called me. It was'nt her appendix, thank god. They found a very large kidney stone. The doctor gave her a prescription, and told her she will just have to let nature take it's course, and let the kidney stone pass. I've known people who have had them, and they were in so much pain. My poor Emma, I want to run to her and take her in my arms and make it go away, but I can't. I think she hates me. Dan sort of slipped and said he was'nt suppose to call me when he took Emma to the hospital, but he felt he had too. He said he was so scared it was something more serious. Once I even heard his voice break up like he was gonna cry. I know he loves her very much, I wish she felt the same about him. Dan is gonna call me today, probably during his lunch break. I'll find out then if she hates me. I think I'm gonna write her a long letter. I can read what I'm saying first, before putting my foot in my mouth, like I did when I left her that very mean message on her cellphone. i feel so bad for doing that. I love my daughter very much. I will let you know what comes of that. Gonna go now, time for chores, yuck.

GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. you feel bad right now but it will were angry and neededto can say you are sorry when you're ready......nancy

  2. Don't feel blue, dear. Know you have lots of friends who are with you right now...standing in prayer with you!!!!
    Yes, kidney stones are very painful. But hopefully he gave her some good pain meds & the med he gave to breakup the stone will do it's job & she can pass it!!! If not, she'll need them to scope them out (sugery) but it's not that bad, really. My DIL has had it done twice, & has had stones off & on all her life. She can't eat/drink dairy because of the formation of stones it can cause.
    Take care, cheer up...could be a LOT worse.
    Praise God!
    Hugs, Sugar

  3. I can't imagine going thru life thinking your daughter hates you!  My Nicci had kidney stones at age 10 and I've had them.  They are more painful then childbirth!  I'll keep your family in my prayers.

  4. Your poor daughter; I have never had a kidney stone, but I have heard they are very painful.....I can only hope the doctors gave her some pain pills to help.

    I hope you feel better soon and your blues fade away...........


  5. Praying for your daughter. And do write her that letter, hon. Letters open the door for us; making it possible to reconnect. I always used them with my children when there were walls between us. Hope your spirits lift soon.


  7. i think a letter is just the thing:) clear the air between you both, good luck your postcard is in the mail:)


  8. I'm so happy that Emma is doing ok. I know how hard it must be for you two not to be talking. So glad Dan called you. That was very sweet of him. I wish they could work things out. Good luck with the letter.

  9. I am sorry about your daughter, but a kidney stone is alot better than the appendix or something worse.  Hopefully, she passes it quickly and they gsve her something for pain.  

    I think a letter to your daughter is a great idea.  Gives you the opportunity to say whatever you need to say.  As long as there is love for eachother, you can work through whatever disagreements you have had.  

    Feel Better!


  10. I am sorry to hear that you have the blues. I think writing the letter to your daughter is a good idea and she will probably appreciate it. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Have a good evening. Hugs, Detje Bea

  11. Oh, i hope she is better and she isnt upset with you. Keep us up to date!

  12. Awww. (((CINDY))) Things will work out between you and Emma. I know it. She just has other things on her mind. I do not believe for one minute that she hates you. Hugs, Chrissie