Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rebecca Stole the Show

 Singer 2The Concert for Kids!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday Dan and Emma took Marissa & Rebecca to a concert for the kids. They had a really awesome time. Especially my 4yr old daughter Rebecca. This child is not afraid of no one and not one bit shy. She got out of her seat, walked up the steps to the stage, which was made to look like a giant flower, went right up to the singer who was playing a guitar and told him he has'nt played her favorite song yet, lol. He then asks her, what is your favorite song? She tells him twinkle twinkle little star. He says well I don't know if I know that song, she says I do, my daddy and I play guitar and harmonica everynight and sing. LOL, this man hands Rebecca his guitar pick, holds his guitar for her and says, ok Rebecca you play the song and we'll sing. Well, my child started strumming on that guitar, singing her little heart out, like she belonged up on stage. She is just too much. The man thanks Rebecca, thinking she will go back to her seat, well not my child, she tells them she has another favorite song. He asks and what is that one, she says Jingle Bells. Again she strums the guitar and sings the song along with the man. After the show was finally over, the man said through the microphone, thank you Rebecca for a wonderful time, and everyone clapped for her. And guess what? Emma forgot her camera, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. That would of been a great kodak moment. Rebecca is all into music, but thank goodness it's kids songs. her favorite singer is Laurie Berkner. She loves 2 of her songs the most, I'm Gonna Catch You, and We Are The Dinosaurs. Think maybe I got a musician on my hands, huh? Or a singer, maybe both!!! 


  1. What a shame Emma forgot her camera ~ that would really had been a wonderful Kodak moment ~ I do think you have a lot of talent in Rebecca and you must be so proud of her ~ Ally

  2. yup i would've loooooooved to had seen that one.....nancy

  3. that is way to cute. Rebecca sounds like a doll and so not shy. LOL.

  4. I bet that was soo cute!! Good for her :)