Friday, October 20, 2006

Good morning all. I just wanted to say, I made the private journal as a "me" place. I just wanted a place where I could say alot more, and be at ease with it. I am still keeping my other journal, though, cause my outside family and friends out of Jland read what's going on with me in that journal. Besides if I deleted that one, I'd be hearing it from them, lol. I just wanted to have a private journal. Just a place where I could say alot more and not have to worry about anyone's feelings or hurting anyone. Everyone I have on my side bar and those of you who aren't on my side bar, email me with your link and I will add you to the private journal also. Those of you on my side bar now I will add today. Now if I can figure out this private journal thing and get all the settings done, I can send you all the link. AOL seems to be giving me a problem this morning, and I keep getting an error message, grrrrrrrrrr dang AOL. Ok, so don't worry, I'm not going totally private, I just want a private place for me, that's all. So, instead of you all having 1 journal of mine to comment in, now you got 2, heehee. OK, gonna go want to figure out what I'm doing with this settings thingy now. Talk with you soon.




  1. Ok sweetie, was just worried about you. Glad all is ok!:)

  2. Good for you on a 2nd journal and going private, once in awhile we all need that!!!! I'm honored I'm invited to it :)
    Much Love

  3. So you're gonna try 2, I hardly have time to pee much less keep up with 2 journals....lots o luck to ya!

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  5. Hi Cindy, I read your journal all the time could you add me to your private one also.



  6. Hi Cindy,  I read your journal all the time, but I don't comment. Could you put me on your private one.   Ginger

  7. Hey Cindy...don't forget to add me please :)
    My AIM mail doesn't always work too well so you can send me your link to my yahoo mail which is


  8. Make sure I'm there okay?? would hate to miss out..thanks...

  9. i need to go add your private one to my alerts now ;)
    do not let me forget k ?