Monday, October 23, 2006

My Day So Far


First off I would like to give out a great big thank you to D of D's Designs for this lovely tag. I absolutely love the colors.

Today has been nice so far. I went to the soc sec office as scheduled. Walked in told the guy at the desk I had an appointment, typed in my last four digits of my social security number, and before I even sat in a chair next to my daughter's Emma and Rebecca, a lady called my name. Wow, was that quick or what? Asked me a few question's, gave her my doctor's names, signed about 10 paper's. She said I would know something in about 3 month's, because that's how long it usually takes. She did say, that hearing what I have been going through, and all the problem's I have physically with my health, there's a very good chance it will go through with no problem's. So we'll see what happens.


After we got back from the social security office, I made a pot of coffee and Emma stayed and visited with us for a while. It's been quite a while since it has been just me and my 2 girls together. It was nice having them both her and watching them talk and tell jokes, and give each other hugs. It really warmed my heart. I missed the years of watching them grow up together closer to age, because I had Emma in 1980 when I was 18 1/2 yrs old and in 2001 I had Rebecca when I was 40 years old. So, Emma was already married with her own child. She had my granddaughter Marissa 2 weeks and 6 days after I had Rebecca. It was nice being pregnant together, and sharing our swollen ankles, and weird cravings together. Of course Jim and Emma's husband Jeff (now her x husband) didn't have so much fun with 2 of us being pregnant, lol.


Rebecca is in taking a nap, so it is very quiet right now. I was able to watch Judging Amy and be able to hear it, lol. I have Law and Order on now. They are 2 of my favorite show's. My butt should be cleaning the kitchen, but I just can't get motivated to do it. I'd rather just go and take a nap. Hmmm, a nap? It does sound good, lol. I just may do that too. Jim called me about 11:30 this morning to see how my morning went so far. I let him know, it went ok, and all I can do is sit and wait now. He said he has a busy day today at work. Just in case his other job somehow finds this journal, I will post what has been up with Jim in my private journal. Well, that's about it so far today. Hope your all doing well and enjoying your day so far. Still considering that nap, lol.



  1. Hope you have a good nap.  I wish I could be taking one


  2. Hey Cindy,
    Great new's on the SS!!!
    Wish I didn't have an only child, son regrets...but too late for me.  I am 47.
    Just guess it wasn't meant to be.
    The kitchen will wait, take a nap.

  3. Big age difference between your girls and I can imagine how nice it was for you enjoying them together.

  4. Oh, that's great that you could have your girls together for the day.

    Hope you got that nap and that you're having a good day, I'm sorry for not reading/commenting earlier, it's been a hectic weekend for me, I'm trying to catch up now that I'm not so busy.


  5. Hope you SS goes through for you. That was nice having your two children together. Helen

  6. Good Luck on the SS.  It's about time something good goes your way.

  7. I think that would be cool to have a sister that much younger, or that much older, a real special bond :) I'm glad you three had some time together :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth 3 mths or LESS! And take that nap, you deserve one!

  8. Hope you have a nice week, good luck with SS. {{ }}

  9. You sound like my mom... my family is that way.. my sisters and brothers were 19, 18,17,16, and 15 when I was born. So I was spoiled rotten. I had three moms.. my mom and my two older sisters. The oldest was already married too when I was born. There were no grandchildren born yet. I became an aunt at the age of four. Glad everything went so well for you at the appointment and they didn't take forever. I'll be praying for good news to come in the mail. You deserve to get something without having a hassle over it. So happy you got girl time. I love having time with my girls. It makes me kinda feel guilty for my son because his dad is gone and he doesn't really have a male adult to hang with. I think that is why he is so attached to Kyan. He wants him to have an older guy he can count on. I love Judging Amy and used to watch it every morning, but Kyan is very active now so naps are few and far between. Ooppsss I better stop writing I promised no more books.
    Take care, Chrissie

  10. have a good week


  11. i'm a lottttttt like that in some ways

  12. That was nice Cindy having your two girls together ~ They seem to be close even though there is the age difference ~ hope everything goes through at the SS ~ and there are no problems ~ Hope you managed to get that Nap ~ Ally

  13. I am sure that you all had a wonderful time...  have a wonderful day.  MaryAlice

  14. How cool you both were pregnant together. When I had my son, my sister was pregnant at the same time, we delivered 6 weeks apart !

  15. I wonder if you took a nap? Wow how nice that you got in and out of social sec. office like that. Sounds like you had a good day with Emma. How nice.

  16. I'm glad you had a great time with your daughters :) Take care and have a blessed day.


  17. Now that sounded like a nice day. and no waiting at the soc sec. office??? that is a Miracle! I hope you took that nap. Thats sounds awsome being pregnant at the same time as your daughter. To have that understanding, cause men just seem confused, and left out at those times. That is so special.
    Love Christine

  18. wow that was a fast wait!!!
    hope you have a good day
    happy halloween!