Thursday, October 12, 2006



Thank you everyone for all your loving and caring comments on my last entry. They all made me feel so much better. I cried for a while about those ugly things said about me, but then I got mad. How dare he say something like that about me. He is not family, not even my friend, he's a friend of Joe and Jims. Well, now only Joes, because Jim said he isn't associating with Brad no longer. That sucker still has my electric sander too, grrrrrrrrrrr. And it isn't Jim's sander, it is mine. I bought it when I was going to flea markets years ago, buying old wooden furniture and refinishing it and selling it. I made pretty good money doing that years ago. I think I'd like to get back into that someday, when I have my own home and a garrage to work out of.  Anyways, That creep is not allowed in my apartment ever again. And if he wants my apartment, well he can have it when I move, which will hopefully be in February or March.

It was an little argument that made my husband blurt out what was said about me. I was nagging him about calling Brad and seeing if he had any work for him, cause he needed to get out of the house. That's when he blurted out what was said and why he hasn't called Brad. He said defending my honor was more important to him at the time when those awful things were said. Jim has been home now, since he lost his job and see's all I do during the day. I even washed a few things today by hand and hung them up here in the apartment to dry, so I would have something to wear tomorrow. I cleaned my kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, vacuumed down the steps and the hall by the front door. And put away all those beautiful gifts Rebecca got in the mail for christmas in the closet. Tonight Joe pop's up on im and says, Hi sweety, you got laundry to do, I know you do so come downstairs tomorrow and use the washer and dryer, I'll leave the alarm off for you and when your done, turn the alarm back on for me. COOL. Wish he would of said that last night, so I didn't have to wash out clothes today. Pam, you made a comment about the living arrangement here, I guess I never wrote how it was, so here goes. Joe owns a 2 story home. But when he bought it, the upstairs was already turned into a 1 bedroom apartment. So, instead of opening it up and having use of his whole house, he just uses the downstairs. His basement is divided in half. The front half is 3 rooms, bedroom, laundryroom and full bathroom. We rent the upstairs from him. Our rent payment also includes, heat, hotwater,electric and satelite tv. It's a cute apartment, very cozy, but it is getting to me now. Rebecca is now 5yrs old and needs her own room, and I want a place where I can use my washer and dryer again. And hang up my linens in the summer to dry outside. I miss that.

Anyways, I am ok now. Even thought of a way I can get even with Mr. Brad. His girlfriend Kathy keeps asking if she can have Rebecca for a weekend, to give me a break, and so she can have a kid running around in her house. She wants a baby, but Brad says no. Hmmmm, heehee maybe I should let her keep Rebecca for a weekend. Give Brad a rude awakening. he can't say no, cause it's Kathy's house, not his, it's in her name. And the good part is, she is just as hyper as Rebecca is, lmao. Two of them running around making noise, I am so loving this idea. Well, I will go now. Read my alerts I have gotten today, and maybe start typing that story I promised you. Take care all.




  1. Glad you're feeling better, that jerk had NO right to say those things about you. You're a wonderful person, a loving mother and wife, and a caring friend, no matter what.

    Have a good night,


  2. you go girl .....don't let them hurt you.....muahhhhhhh love ya sissy .....nancy

  3. Glad you're feeling better!!

  4. glad you are feeling better:) have a good friday:)


  5. So glad that you feel better, and aren't going to let what he said keep you down!  Consider the source, Cindy, and move on!  That's what you've done!

    You're a tough cookie, who has beat Cancers butt.. this guy has nothing on you! :)


  6. Love the idea of sending Rebecca to stay but couldnt you instist that she takes a couple of friends just to keep her company and maybe make twice as much noise just to annoy Brad even more LOL
    glad that you are feeling alot better
    take care Lynne xx

  7. So glad you are feeling better...and I am with Jackie...look at the source...and just move are one strong lady!!!!
    Hugs and love,

  8. A weekend off sounds nice for you ;) <smile> I'm glad your doing better. I knew there was a good reason Jim told you, and I don't blame him a bit. Husband & Wife shouldn't have to hide things like that even when it hurts, he was defending you. And loves you :)

  9. I'm glad your feeling better about things.  Have a good weekend.

  10. LOL you have a evil streak in you. I love it.
    Take care, Chrissie

  11. That is a good idea, let Rebecca go over and give Brad a few kicks in the shins.  He deserves it!