Thursday, October 5, 2006

Maybe Just Maybe


I just want to thank you all for allowing me to vent my frustrations in my previous entry today. I just needed to let it out, ya know? It just bother's me so much, because I'm usually the one who fixes the problems in the family, and I don't know how to fix what is going on now. It sort of makes me feel like I am letting my family down. My daughter Rebecca for days now has seen all these toys advertised on television and keeps saying, Mommy, I want that!!! And it has been breaking my heart knowing I may not be able to get her those things. How do you tell your 5 year child, I'm sorry honey, but Santa isn't coming this year. Oh my God, I wanna cry right now. Jim got a letter today from unemployment. In it was enclosed a "PIN" number. Everyone keeps telling me that if you receive such a letter as that, you are getting the unemployment. So, we shall see if that is so. He has to call the toll free number, follow instructions, give SS# and PIN # on sunday. If it goes through, he should receive a check on thursday or friday. I pray it goes through. It would help so much.

On another note, I applied for SSI today. I've had cancer, I'm in remission, I can't breathe very well, I have loss of feeling and sensations in my body, I can't stand for long periods of time, etc, etc, etc. I have to get Jim to make a copy of my birth certificate. I am to mail that along with the names, addresses and phone numbers of all 9 of my doctor's to the social security office here in Philadelphia. Then wait to hear from them, which they say could be as long as 4 to 6 month's before I hear anything. If I am approved for SSI, I will be so happy. It would really help to get us out of debt. I could pay off all these doctor and hospital bill's from my surgeries and treatments. I also applied for the medicaid that I can get with it. People tell me it could take a year or more to be approved, and if I'm not I can get a lawyer who specializes in SS cases to help me get approved. I really hope it doesn't come down to that. For all of you who have been keeping me and my family in your prayer's, this is for you.


I do not know what I would do without all of you. It's so nice knowing I have so many friends who really care about me. I really love you all. Your my extended family, which is what I tell everyone when I speak of Jland.

My Rebecca is feeling much better. No more throwing up, but she still had diareha earlier tonight, but not as bad. She even ate some dinner, few tater tots, carrot and celery sticks. She didn't want any chicken tenders I made for her. And she ate a half slice of bread and butter. She kept it down, which I was very happy about. I don't like my baby being sick. Soon after dinner tonight, Jim started feeling sick. He was in and out of the bathroom a dozen times within 30 minutes. He went to bed at 8:pm right along with Rebecca. I hope their both 100% better tomorrow. Uncle Joe went and signed the loan papers to get his new truck. As soon as he get's it, his 1995 Chevy Blazer is our's. He said we can make payment's of 100.00 a month. Which is ok with me. At least I'll have a vehicle again. I really hate not having a car, it sucks. I have been driving for 30 years and it feels so strange not being able to get in my car and go when I want too. So, thank you Uncle Joe.

Well, guess that's about all there is to write about on my end. Please keep my family and I in your prayer's. Hopefully good news is just around the corner. I sure hope so!!! Have a great evening everyone.



  1. (((Cindy)))) it will get better...chin up! Barbara

  2. Good things are coming your way i just know it.!!!... and if you get anything extra or out of the that girl a toy!!!! Love Christine
    You are in my prayers

  3. My SS I got on my first try, took me 5 mos!!! But it took my dtr 2 yrs & many trys, finally she had to get a lawyer, but she got it! Most people tell me it takes them 2 or more trys & many have to get a lawyer. I was really lucky. Thank God!
    My dtr is HIV POS has Hepitis C, and is mentally retarded, & they wouldn't give it to her...she had to fight.
    You get Medicare (not medicaid) with SS....however you can also then apply for Medicaid too. That way Medicare pays 80% of hosp & Dr fees & Medicaid picks up the other 20%!!!!!
    Medicine is paid by Medicare with a small co/pay...I pay $1. or $2. per medicine!!!!! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope ya get on!
    Hugs, Sugar

  4. I'm having a hard fight for my SSI.  Just like SUGAR'S daughter did.  I hope you get yours on first try.  I know you are worried.  I can hear it still in your voice.  Hold on.  God will bless you and that baby will NOT do without anything.  You'll see.  Even though it's hard right now, it's going to be ok.  It will.  You have support here.

  5. Hi,

    I was thinking about a few things. I am on SSI. My aunt was a claims adjuster for Social Security in Tennessee for over 30 years.  My aunt told me to write a book about everything and anything that applied to my disability. I gave examples and pages of life history. I didn't just leave it up to my doctors. I did name everyone who had ever seen me though. I gave the claims adjuster my written book along with all their paperwork too. You can't in detail form, write your symptoms and examples on the form they have for this. My disability went into affect in 5 months from the time I turned in my (book) and forms. I got over 5,000 in back payment for a 1½ yr. Any info like how many times you have been in ER and hospital stays to all treatment. I am glad you applied at Medicaid. If they can help with food stamps or emergency assistance call them back. If you have a child under 5, they will give you emergency money. I don't know exactly what it is called. Please call the office and see what can be done. I am stating some ifno from Missouri. Maybe all wouldn't apply. Please look into it. I am worried about you and your sweet family. Please search out the churches for help with the holidays. If you need other help, just open the phone book and start calling them. I hope my ramblings has helped.
    Here in my town at local dept. stores they have these make a wish cards from children who want a Christmas present. Call your Family Services to find out when they can help buy gifts for your child's Christmas. I have also called churches our of the phone book and just was very honest. I asked if they could adopt my children for a few Christmas gifts. You know I got gifts and money and Christmas dinner. I know God will take care of your sweet family.

    In Christ,

  6. I think it was a good idea to apply for SSI. Hopefully you won't have too many problems getting it. Things are going to work out, and you won't have to worry about Santa visiting Rebecca. Try to stay positive. God always provides, one way or another. Love ya!

    Hugs, Mandy ~

  7. I think it was a good idea to apply for SSI. Hopefully you won't have too many problems getting it. Things are going to work out, and you won't have to worry about Santa visiting Rebecca. Try to stay positive. God always provides, one way or another. Love ya!

    Hugs, Mandy ~

  8. Good luck with all that. Glad you'll be getting a car soon too.
    Take care, Chrissie

  9. Your always in my thoughts, always :)

  10. We all need to vent sometimes, that is why we are all here for you. We collected unemployment last year around this time and that is what my hubby got. First the pin number and follow the instructions to a T and the check comes in. It is so much easier now then when I had to collect about 15 years ago. I sure hope your SSI and medicaid go through. I know it will help you guys alot. You and your family our in my prayers. I am glad to hear that Rebecca is feeling better. Hugs, Detje Bea

  11. In the situation you guys are in right now, you have every right to vent.  We're all here for you too!  Getting SSI in PA is hard.  So many people I know have tried to get it, and deserve it, but get turned down year after year.  Even though we have insurance, my son gets Medical Assistance also.  Since he has Chiari Malformation which is a brain disorder, he qualified.  It's been a blessing with his medical bills.  What our private insurance doesn't pay, medicaid pays.  Also, from the time we applied for him and it was approved I think was only a week.  Also, medicaid went back three months and paid those bills as well.  Don't forget to apply for blue chip for the little one if she doesn't already have it.  Have a good weekend and remember, I'm here for you!

  12. I pray that your husbands unimployment goes through and also your SSI. Glad your daughter is feeling better, hope your husband feels better soon. My daughter had that night before last and missed a day of work yesterday but is feeling better and back at work today. Helen

  13. OMG a 1995 Blazer is a nice vehicle!  Good for you!  I hope you guys get your situation straightened out soon.  As far as toys for girlfriend was having a hard time one year and she got free toys for Xmas for her daughter from a church somehow. Check around.  Check with Toys for Tots too!  There are ways.


  15. I am praying all works out for have been through so are in my prayers.  So happy to hear Rebecca feels have a great weekend...hugs and love,

  16. Many prayers and hugs headed your way that it will all work out!
    I'm glad your daughter is feeling better.


  17. good luck with your ssi and the unemployment!  rebecca will have a wonderful christmas even if it is not full of presents.