Tuesday, October 3, 2006


                                               My very dear friend Mary sent me an email this evening, asking for prayer's. I asked her if I could add her email to an entry in my journal and she said I could. Below is the email she sent me.

Hi E1.. Got some real bad new this evening from a special person on my buddy list.. She was already depressed from getting over her and her husbands best friend getting killed on her motor bike last year then her Mom dies and she just was trying to get over her second surgery this year, and e-mailed me in panic just saying Please Please pray 4 my baby. It is her daughters son and not sure of age but he fell and hit his head today and is paralyzed  and he is in  Critical condition.. I really think she will need all the prayers we can send and think it would help getting e-mails with prayers for her grandson.. I did this for my sisters G-daughter and all sent prayers and  pictures of teddy bears and all. I made a book for Savanna's  Mom and it helped her so much.. Some of you remember Savanna Smiles sight I had 4 her. It got so big I couldn't handle it but she has special things to help her get around and also talks some and can feed herself some. They did not give her a year to live and she is like 7 or 8 now.. (Not good with remembering ages).. Anyway we all know Prayers does wonders so if you would like to send prayers, I know it would help her get through this a little easier knowing how many cares about her grandchild. You can e-mail them to me and I will be sure to get them all to her as soon as I hear from her. Shes already piled with mail from being in hospital herself so  don't want to pile her up till I know she can read them...  We call her plum and his name is Drake... Thanks very much.. hugs from Mary

Mary asks for emails for the boy, full of teddy bears. Could you all please send him a get well wish with a teddy bear in the email, please? Send it to:

Hallmary3@aol.com     Thank you so much everyone. Mary is a very special lady and a friend of mine in POGO. Let's let the little boy know we care.

I also want to ask for your prayer's for my grand daughter Marissa. She has broken out tonight with the chicken pox and is so upset. My poor baby can't get comfy at all. Emma is using the calamine lotion, but it isn't working. She is so itchy. Please say a prayer for her also. Thank you everyone.



  1. prayers sent......Let us know how all is doing.

  2. you got it gf prayers all the way around for Mary and her family aswell as you and your loved ones.....love you sissy muahhhhhhhhh nancy

  3. Hi Cindy
    My adult Son had Chicken pox a few years ago.
    He was given a perscription drug that controls
    the itching.
    I don't remember the name but it worked
    really well.
    If your daughter calls the doctor perhaps he would
    call in a perscription.
    I will be Praying for your all your requests.

  4. yes tell her to call the doctor and he should give her the medicine to help releive the itching and lesson the chicken pox, my daughter had them and called the doc and he called in the meds and it did quicken the severity of the pox. i will look and see if i can find a teddy bear to send in an e-mail


  5. Prayers going up for Drake and for Your grandaughter Marissa.
    Wonder if Benedryl would help the itching. Maybe your daughter could ask her doctor about giving her some of those. I sent Mary an email with bears for Drake. Helen

  6. Prayers on the way to both of them - keep us updated.  Millie :-)

  7. My thought are with all of you at this moment in time, prayers will be said for them today
    god bless Lynne xx

  8. OHHHHHHHH NOOOOO CINDY :( YOu can count on me, you know that.  You want me to email her directly or to you? I'm confused.  Try that Avenno Oatmeal Bath Powder Packets, they work great, let her bath as much as she wants, it is VERY soothing.  Hang in there, I have all of this in my thoughts hun :)

  9. Prayers going up for both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{{{{{{}}}}}}
    May God Bless,

  10. My prayers are out there for both of them.

  11. When my son had chicken pox we put him in the bath with Aveeno oatmeal bath. That boy wouldn't get out of the tub because it did ease the itching!  Good luck to Marissa. I know it's miserable. Rebecca won't be far behind.
    Prayers up for both.

  12. Prayers for everyone!!


  13. Aveno is good or even add a small box of Baking Soda to the bath and let her soak.  Poor baby, I hated chicken pox.  Hugsnprayers for your friend too.

    LOVE YA,

  15. Ohh, prayers and bless to everyone.


  16. OMG!!  Lots of prayers needed here.  I will pray for the boy and I'll pray for Marissa.  Yikes!  The horrible chicken pox.  Would you believe i had them 3 times?  Yes I did.  The 3rd time it was my 20th bday!  Have a good night.

  17. Oh my, so many prayers going up right now...hugs and love,

  18. oh no, i remember the chicken pox!


  20. All my best wishes, thoughts and vibes going her way hun...hope all turns out well!

    Lv Stevie

  21. Cindy,

    I'm so sorry about your friend's grandson. How awful.

    Poor Marissa! Isn't it her birthday soon? Chicken pox, that is strange that anybody breaks out with this anymore because they make everyone take the shots now. Hope she gets some relief soon.

    I always got a hose, put oatmeal in it, tied up an end and then used that in the bath tub it makes a lot of milky stuff that sometimes eases the itching. Have you tried that or is she allergic to oatmeal?

    Take care, Chrissie