Thursday, October 19, 2006


Hello everyone. Sorry I didn't come back sooner. I had alot to do earlier tonight. Had to figure out what to fix for supper, cause that dam check didn't come today. It says it was being processed then it says it was processed. If it doesn't come by tomorrow or saturday we will have to call them, because it could of been given to someone else's address. I guess if that's the case they'd have to stop payment on it and issue another, hopefully. But I did manage to fix something acctually pretty good for dinner. Remember I said I had some corn in freezer, well I had flour, baking powder and a little milk left, so I made a pancake batter, added the corn (cooked)  and made some corn fritters, with syrup on them. Rebecca thought it was just yummy having pancakes for supper, lol. Jim ate 5 of them and they were pretty big too. He said hun, I don't know how you do it, but you always figure out something when there's nothing to fix. Years of practice when I was a kid, I guess. We were left alone alot with nothing, and I always found something. And if that check doesn't come tomorow it's ok. Jim informed me that his boss is gonna pay him for the 2 days this week tomorrow after work, so we will have money for food. He likes his new job. The people are friendly, helpful, and not at all ignorant. He also said his other job did him a favor by terminating him, cause he loves this new job. So, don't worry anymore, we will be ok.

While I was giving Rebecca a bath tonight, she was telling me some really cute jokes. I just have to share them with you.

What does a bee say to a flower?      Hello, honey.

What type of fruit does a ghost eat?   Boo berries.

Knock, knock, who's there? boo, boo who, awww it's ok, don't cry.

Now tell me that isn't cute coming from a 5yr old. Sometimes this kid is just too smart. Uncle Joe came up before she went to bed, and she curled up to him and said she loved him. Then she told him to go downstairs and take a shower cause he was stinky, lol. He had just gotten off from work, lol. He told me in the morning to take Rebecca downstairs and fix her some breakfast. I have a key and his alarm code, so I think I will do that. He has egg beaters and turkey bacon, she'll eat it. Joe tries to eat healthy also, due to his cholesterol and trigliserides. (I know I spelled that wrong) lol. What are trigliserides anyway?

Oh well, I'm going to go now. Thank you so much everyone for your help, your advice and your loving comments, prayers and thoughts. But I think we'll be ok now.




  1. yes I love the jokes from a 5 year old. I'm so happy Jim likes his job and his boss is going to pay  him for the 2 days. At least you can eat. Dinner sounded yummy. It's amazing what you can thing of when you need to. Hopefully you'll get the check tomorrow.

  2. Hello Cindy,
    First off wanna say bravo Rebecca cute jokes! Next, I'm so happy that Jim is liking his new job and I'm glad that his boss is understanding. You are so creative with your suppers. Sounded yummy. You're right you did learn alot being without as a kid.. my mom was the same way. They never had food there were 13 kids in her family. Meat was a luxury unless they killed something. That's so nice of Uncle Joe to tell you to fix Rebecca breakfast at his place. Lordy, I hope the check didn't go to the wrong place. I would scream. Sounds like you're back on the right track now my friend.
    Take care, Chrissie

  3. Triglycerides, are fatty acids in the blood.  It puts you at hight risk for heart attack or stroke...  They can cause fat embolism if there are too may, they clump together, then clog off a vein or artery...  Not a good thing...
    Kids are great aren't they...

  4. Just popping in Cindy...hope that check comes quick !

  5. Well I know your mailman better be bringing something today, at least I'm crossing all my toes and fingers for you.  
    You are AMAZING and so CREATIVE with food, I would have ate plain corn and that would have been it. I really admire you, your just amazing.
    Much Love

  6. I hope that check comes in very soon!
    Congrats on your vivi deserve it :)
    Rebecca is so cute :)

    Hugs and prayers,