Thursday, October 19, 2006

Where's that darn mailman?


It is going on 3:pm and no mailman yet. I swear they come whenever they feel like it just to make me mad. And for the past few month's we have had at least 15 different mailmen.

Well, I did something that will do some good this morning. Today was pick up day for the needy, for clothes, shoes, linens, curtains, so I went through things that no longer fit Rebecca anymore, placed them in a bag and set them on porch with the tag they left on my door. I watched as the truck pulled over and came up on the porch and got the bag I left. So, somewhere in this city a little girl or girls will be able to wear some nice things. It gave me a real good feeling to do that.

I had my grandson Daniel for a few hours yesterday. It was so nice having him here. Most of the time here he was in my arms, and I didn't mind it at all. I got lots of hugs and kisses and smiles. He ate all his lunch for me, which was great. Emma sent over one of those entree's in a container of veggie beef stew. He fussed some, but eventually gave up and let me feed it to him and he finished it all. He was a little cranky, because the day before he had gotten 3 shots. He pointed to the bandaids on his leg saying this mommom this. He wouldn't let his mommy remove the bandaids, but he let his mommom do it for him.

Well, amazingly Rebecca is being good today. She did make a confetti mess of torn up paper, but she cleaned it up. Then this morning she wanted to get dressed so she went to her dresser and pulled the drawer and started screaming. I thought my god she fell and got hurt. I run into bedroom and there she is holding the drawer, she pulled it out too far and it was falling, with her trying to hold onto it. She was hystericaly screaming and crying, saying I'm sorry mommy, I broke it. I quick grabbed it put it back in and told her see it's all fixed, but she still needed mommy to hug her and tell her it was ok she didn't break anything.

Well, I'm going to go for now. I will be back later. Have a great day all.



  1. I know the mail here runs anywhere from 11:am-4:pm. Now that's a little too much lee way I think!
    Hugs, Sugar

  2. Your Rebecca is going through such a funny stage right now.  I wonder what she thinks on any given day.  She's having mood swings and is temporamental and still manages to be a sweetheart.  I love my grandkids very much too.  There's nothing they can't charm out of me.

  3. My mail is here by 12 everyday usually, it's it's 5 min late I'm like a 100 year old lady griping. All for a stack of bills! I hope he brings that check, and I hope he's strong. And if he's late today, I hope he is your mailman tomorrow <wicked smile>
    Congats on the Vivi Nonimation...I knew you would make it!!!! If not people are reading the wrong journals ;)

  4. ((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))YOu are a good Mom/Grandma,My mail gets here the latest 12.I dont want to see any only a nice evening.

  5. Cindy, aren't grandchildren awesome, I love being Bamaw...  MaryAlice

  6. No matter how big girls get they still need a hug from their mums, and why can grandmas do things that mum cant?, to my grandson I known as (now dont laugh) Nanna pig pig, all because I collect pig ornaments
    take care Lynne xx

  7. Hey Cindy,
    Sorry the mailman hasn't come yet. So glad you were able to give to others. Aren't grandsons wonderful? I absolutely love mine. Glad Rebecca was okay. Thanks for visiting my journal and saying such nice things as usual.
    Take care, Chrissie

  8. that was great donating rebeccas hings.  i try to do that often with my families stuff also.  hope the mailman came

  9. a commendable thiung you did....some lucky little girl is gonna be beautifully dressed

  10. I need to do that too, i have so much clothes!!

  11. I hope you got your mail. Aww it's so cute how close you and Daniel are. That waws so nice to donate those things. I try to do it once in a while too. Have a great day.

  12. i need to go through my closet and donate a lot.  i have so many things that someone else would like that i no longer use.  i just had this problem that i put my memories into my belongings a lot of the time and i have an attachment to things so i have boxes full of things and packed closets. ah. well you get it.
    just tell me to get a bag and give it away already k?
    hope you have a good night
    sorry i'm behind