Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Paul and Nancy


Today I want to write something a little different. It is about 2 people whom I love and care about very much. Those people are my youngest brother Paul, and my very dear friend Nancy. The two of them are truely awesome people, and have so much love to give. First I will tell you about Nancy. She is like a twin to me. We share the same likes and dislikes. She loves family, friends, music, Jland, Pogo, and children as I do. She and I met on line about 10 years in a gameroom in pogo called the saloon. We became great friends. We share pictures with each other, talk on the phone, write, email, chat on im and in a game room. She is the most sweetest, kind, loving person you would ever want to meet. I am very blessed to have her as my friend, my sissy as we call each other. Nancy has a journal here in Jland also. Stop by and visit her journal (desires) on my side bar. She talks about her family and of course my little brother, lol.

As for my brother Paul, as some of you know he is incarcerated in the virginia prison system. He is married (hate his wife, grrrrr) to a woman who is 15 years older than he is. She is a loser let me tell you. She never showed him any love, respect, or kindness. She was always grouchy, ignorant, would drink and argue with him. One night she threw his dinner on his lap right after she took it out of the oven. Hot cheeries jubilee was the dessert and Paul said it was painful. Paul came home one night after work and found his wife gone. It literally destroyed  him. He came to my house a few times and would cry. His heart was broken. On the day of their wedding anniversary when she had left, Paul was at home making a wonderful dinner of EggPlant Parm and Spaghetti, hoping she would walk in the door and come back into his life. He never got to share that dinner with her. She never came back. My niece and her boyfriend showed up instead. They got to drinking, and drinking, Paul feeling so depressed trying to drown out the sadness in his life with alcohol. Soon they had run out of their alcohol, and having no money between 3 of them and wanting more to drink, they came up with the idea of stealing. The three of them were arrested for attempted armed robbery. Being the man my brother is, he took the blame for almost all of it, and including telling the police his niece had no part in it, she was asleep in the truck and knew nothing of what they were doing. He couldn't let her ruin her life by having such a charge on her record. He loved his niece and wanted her to be able to live her life freely. Paul was given 6 years in prison. My heart dropped into my stomach when I heard the judge say guilty and 6 years. The boyfriend of my niece got 3 years for driving the truck. Paul has told me numerous times, he is an idiot and so stupid for doing what he did. And he is so sorry for all the heartache he has caused me. He knows I worry about him constantly. I have a very close bond with him. When our mother died, he was just a baby and I raised him. he called me Mommy til he was 7 years old. He knows I worry, and am upset for what he did 5 years ago. Last year Paul decided he was gonna forget about the wife who broke his heart and move on. he will be divorcing her as soon as he gets out of prison and moving on with his life. he asked me if I knew anyone who would be willing to write him, be a penpal to him. That he wanted to write to someone and tell them things he cannot tell me or didn't feel comfortable telling me. I asked my dear friend Nancy if she would be up to being a penpal to my brother, and she agree'd to write to him. They write on a daily basis, exchanged pictures, tell each other their inner most feelings, and they fell in love. I am so happy that 2 people I love so dearly found love with each other. I feel in my heart I did the right thing asking Nancy to write to someone she didn't even know. She is so happy and so in love, and my brother feels the same way. I know when Paul is released in November of 2007 he will do everything in his power to make a life for him and Nancy. They are both so very special and I want only the best for them. And I can't wait to have Nancy living close by me, where I can see her all the time, go shopping, have a BBQ, have them over for dinner, and teach my new sister in law to be how to cook, lol. My brother loves to eat, so she'll have her hands full keeping him fed. Paul has told me when he is released he will work on his list of things to do. Job, divorce, a place to live so he can bring his Nancy to her new home with him. And he would like to be a Dad someday if they are blessed. he is so good with kids and really wants to have one or two of his own. I told him and Nancy both, they can borrow Rebecca on weekends, lol. Everytime I get a letter from Paul he always says give the baby a hug and kiss for me. Wait until he see's how big she has gotten when he gets out. But anyways, I just wanted to let you know of 2 very special people in my life, that I love dearly. And whenevr you have the time, go to my sidebar and click on Nancy's journal, desires, and read about her life, leave a comment if you'd like or just say hi. She is a wonderful person, lady.

I will go now. Gonna fix Rebecca something to eat, then tackle my closet, maybe. Depends on how I feel. Woke up with horrible bone pain today. Could be a sign winter is coming, grrrrrrrrrrr. Or maybe old age, lol. I say that because the other day I found a grey hair in my hair, and believe me I was not liking it one bit. Happy Halloween everyone, enjoy your day.



  1. Oh...and I thought you might be talking about me!  : (
    Boo hoooooooooooooooooo...


  2. They sound like very special people. I am sorry for what happened to your brother, that goes to show what drink will do to a person. I hope he can get his life back together.  I am a member of Pogo as well, have been since 2002 but I play under another name.  I am on there most days or evenings.
    Happy Halloween


  3. This is wonderful to read, they both sound wonderful and you can tell how much love you have for them :)

  4. What an awesome love story.  You have a great story telling ability!  I love to read your entrys.  Have a super day and hug and kiss the baby for me too!!! xox Barbara

  5. Hi Cindy,
    This is a sweet story.  Sounds like they were meant to be.
    I know how you feel about the closet...if you get started and finish, could you come over and do mine??
    Don't worry about the grey...get some Clairol and Wash AWAY!

  6. That is so nice that your brother and your friend found love.  Everyone needs that, and deserves 2nd chances.  I hope things work out for them.  I will go over and visit Nancy's journal when I leave here.

    You have only found ONE gray hair in your head??  Oh my!  I was practically snow white by the time I was 40!  I color my hair now.. and will until the day I die!   No gray here!  No way! lol


  7. What happened to your brother was sad, sorry he had to make such a bad choice. We all make them. But tough that he had to spend so much time away paying for it. That is a hard lesson. That is a real nice story, im glad your brother has found someone he can love and that she will love him back the way he deserves. Everyone deserves another chance to do right. it sounds like he has that. I wish him luck and love in Novemeber. Im sure you both cant wait!
    Any pics of brother??? or nancy??
    Love ya Christine

  8. cant he get a divorce while in prison?

  9. he should look into getting a divorse now then that is behind him


  10. This is quite a story.  Maybe this time your brother will have a lucky break and will have all the ingredients to make a good life for himself and Nancy.  I hope so.  I must go visit Nancy as this story has intigued me.  Gerry

  11. They are lucky to have found each other.
    SO....did I read right? ONE grey hair??  I don't have any grey...and it costs me lots of $$ to be able to say that!! LOL

  12. What a story , I'm glad your brother found someone to love like that. It will be a great reunion when he does get out.

  13. Prayers for your brother, what a story! Sometimes we have to go through difficult and what seems impossible things in our life to find true happiness. I wish the best for your brother and Nancy.


  14. I'm so happy that the two people you love so much have found happiness. I think that's great. One more year and he can get out.

  15. I'm glad they met each other and are happy together. No one is perfect.. we all make mistakes sometimes, but that isn't always the whole picture of who we are. You know what I mean. I think they will be just fine and I can't wait for Nancy to able to live by you too. Nothing like having your best friend be your SIL. My oldest sis was best friends with her SILs way before she dated or married her husband, then when they divorced she stopped talking to her ex and kept in touch with the SILs. They still go to Vegas together every year.
    Take care, Chrissie

  16. ((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))That is a wonderful story,I am glad your brother met someone that you knew would be good for Him.He sounds like a good man.Have a nice week.