Sunday, October 8, 2006

This picture so fits the day today. It is warm, sunny and just a slight wind blowing here in Philadelphia. Jim is watching Football right now, Bears and the Cubs are playing. Score is 0 to 27 with the Bears winning right now. At 4:15 it will be the Eagles against the Cowboys. Rebecca, Jim and Uncle Joe all have their Eagles Jersey's on. Joe has the chili cooking, and bought a cake of T.O's number 81 with the ghost buster's logo in red on it, lol. Guess that means they think Eagles are gonna kick some butt, lol. I have to admit they have been doing ok so far. Anyways, here is a pic of Rebecca all done up i her jersey, holding her little football. And yes, she is a girl, just acts like a boy at times when football is on.

Excuse that blurr in the bottom left corner, that is my finger, I think. I was using Jim's camera phone. It's so small you can't really hold it right. The next pic is of Rebecca laying in her bed. She said she was resting. I had just made her bed this morning, and right away she wants to get back into it, grrrrrrrrrr. See all the things she sleeps with? It's a wonder there is anyroom for her in the bed.

I think she lays in her bed just so she can suck her thumb, lol. Soon as she's in that bed whether it be nap time or night night time that thumb is in her mouth. If she disappears from my sight, where do I find her? Either in the bathroom or kitchen or in her bed laying down. Ok, enough of that, it is making me tired, lol.

I took Rebecca for a walk earlier. Trying to burn off some of her energy. We only walked 4 blocks today. My back and legs started to hurt. By the time we got home, I was out of breath, and had to sit on my stairs before I walked up them. I hate being this way. Can I be young again, lol. Yea right, I wish.  Ok well I guess I will go now. Gonna go figure out what I'm gonna make for supper. I have no idea yet. Only got 2 choices out there, so it can't be that hard. Have a nice day everyone.


  1. adorable!  i love the graphics also

  2. My oldest son Bradley sleeps with a ZOO of animals to, sometimes it was hard to find them. I think those are the nurturing kids! She has great hair ;)

  3. Loved the pictures  love how you do Rebecca'shair she is really so sweet ~ and good luck to your football team ~ Ally

  4. Such cute pics of Rebecca!  I love them!

  5. She looks adorable in her jersey with her little football. I think it's great when girls can act like boys and play their games. It teaches them so much and helps them learn to defend themselves. Enjoy your little princess as much as you can because they grow too fast.

    Hugs, Mandy ~

  6. very nice entrygirly ...muahhhh luv ya nancy