Friday, October 13, 2006

It's freezing, brrrrrrrr


Yea, I know, it isn't halloween yet, but I feel like decorating, lol. Years ago I had a cat that looked just like the one above. His name was Midnight. And I found this graphic on the internet today and just had to grab it. I still haven't figured out what this picture has to do with western clip art, lol. Cause I was looking for western animated clip art and this pic was in it. But I'm glad it was. I love it.


Still no unemployment check. I hope it comes tomorrow. I got a letter from Social Security. I have an appointment Oct 23, at 9:am. They said to brink a bank statement or check book cause I want direct deposit. I sure do hope they approve it. It would make my life so much easier. All my life, I have always done for others. If they needed food, I bought them food, clothes, I got them clothes, bill money I was there with it, a ride, always. I even bought 600.00 worth of school clothes and supplies for my sister's 7 kids one year. Never asked for anything for myself. Just helping and seeing how happy they were was payment enough for me. Jim's gonna make 50.00 tomorrow putting in a back window for my nephew Eddie. He called and said Aunt Cindy I could just take it and get it done somewhere, but I figured you guys need the money, so would Uncle Jim want the job, hell yea he does. 50.00 would help alot in getting some food in this house. I have 5 pounds of flour and 3 cans of sliced beets in my cubboard. Freezer has 5 trays of icecubes and a half bag of frozen diced onions. So that 50.00 is more than needed.


Rebecca got her halloween package today from her Jland Godmother Angie. Let me tell you, this kid was in heaven. She loved her gifts. And she put the halloween shirt on and it fits great and looks awesome on her. I will put a pic of her wearing it in my journal tomorrow. She seen the mailman on the porch, swung open the door and asks, is that box for me, lol. Darn if it wasn't. I couldn't get it opened fast enough for her, lol. She was saying, hurry mommy hurry, I got to see my special treats. Then she looks at me and says, Mommy isn't my princess lady a nice lady for sending me this? She wants to send her princess lady a card, so Angie, you'll be getting one. My daughter Emma said she'll pick one up for me this weekend.


I am freezing tonight. I got out my flannel pajammas, and put them on, also have on my fleece robe Joe bought me a couple years ago for christmas, socks and my slippers. My hands are freezing and if I knew where my gloves were I'd put them on, lol. It's 64 inside my house. I'll be going to bed soon, crawling up in the covers up to my neck and letting the fan blow on my face. I use the fan, cause it not only helps me to breathe better, but the sound of the fan drowns out the sounds of people and traffic outside. It can get pretty noisey.


So, what are your plans for the weekend? Mine is the usual, clean, read journals, and I think I'm gonna try to work on my book that I've been writing. And maybe on the blanket I have been crocheting now for over 3 years or more. Wow, news man just said Buffalo, New York got 2 feet of snow. Wow, I am so not looking forward to winter. I hate winter, it's too cold. My body aches in the winter. I get the whole ritis family when it's cold, arthritis, bursitis, lol. Oh my, they just said an armed robber is in Philadelphia, shooting people if they don't give him any money when he asks for it. It makes you afraid to go out of your house anymore. Well, I guess I will go now. I have some journal alerts, I am going to read, and then go to bed. Take care all and have a safe, warm happy weekend.



  1. Evening. :)
    Wanted to drop in & wish you a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Sugar

  2. I just think that it's wonderful that your daughter has a Jland angel that makes sure her needs are met.  That is important.  Children are what matters.  50.00 isn't much, but it will buy the necessities.  Many is the time my kids and I lived on mac and cheese, hotdogs, or even cereal.  You do what you can!


  3. When I was in RN school I lived on $300/mo.  I don't know how I did it to this day!  Amazing! You do what you gotta do.

  4. WOW, that got their FAST!!!! I am so glad she liked it and I'm glad the shirt fit!!!!! It looked so SMALL!!!!!!!!!!!  Your right about what you said about giving, sometimes it's time to "get back" and I truly beleive that good people are rewarded, I really do. KARMA I call it.  I pray this money from SSI & Unemployment comes FASTER then it's going now. I know first hand that unemployment takes it's time :( They system (at least here) is not run quickly or smoothly, I hope yours up their is more efficient.
    Much Love

  5. Love the graphics :)
    I bet Rebecca looks really cute in her new shirt :)
    Continued prayers that your check gets there very soon. Hang in there, things will go your way. You just never know when it will happen but it will.

    Hugs and prayers,

  6. have a great weekend:)


  7. I know Rebecca is so happy...sounds like that package is wonderful....
    It's so cold here too...very cold still.  Thirties as a low, 60 as a high.  
    I pray that check comes in soon for you...and the appointment goes well.  I hope your weekend is a good one...stay warm!!!
    Hugs and much love,


  9. gosh i wish i had a friend who sent me things like that...OH WAIT A MINUTE!....I DOOOOOOOOO and her name is CINDY...I just love my new shirt you sent to me.
    I really hope that things are going well for you all....I will be going to visit my (brother) this coming weekend and i'll send you that special postcard that i promise you.hope it gets warm soon....i love you sissy nancy

  10. maybe i missed it but do you have heat in your home? You said you were freezing. It is cold in Ohio too....i hate the cold. Ang is an angel and i am so glad she loves Rebecca.
    HUGS, lisa

  11. have a great weekend...Best wishes and take care!


  12. Your firsts graphic reminds me of my cat Merlin.  I've been cold too, but I also noticed today I'm starting to get a sore throat. Have a good one.

  13. I had a black cat too, but her name was Baby. LOL..western art?  She was an orphan off the streets and chose us. She was the smartest cat you'd ever seen. Man, I'm sorry that check hasn't come in yet. Hope your stuff goes through. Why don't you get emergency food stamps? I would and I don't care what anybody thinks. Your child needs to eat and that's all I would worry about. I know you could get it, my best friend did in a crunch. She only got it for one month, but hey that's all they needed until the checks started coming in. Can't wait to see Rebecca's stuff how sweet. I can't wait for you to finish that book already I wanna read. Maybe one day you'll be a famous writer and I can say man I knew her back in the day when she started in J-Land...LOL.  I love to crochet in the winter gives you an excuse to have a blanket covering you.
    Take care, Chrissie

  14. My mom also had a black cat named Midnight, what a coincidence!!!  I hope you get some monitary relief soon!!