Monday, October 9, 2006

A Jland Godmother

Thank you D for this lovely tag, which happens to be of my favorite bird. The cardinal is so bright and colorful to me.

A very wonderful surprise came delivered today by UPS. A huge box addressed to Rebecca. So, together we opened it, and let me tell you, this child let out a happy scream with eye's lighting up and all. The smile on her face was priceless. She has held onto this doll ever since it arrived this morning. It is the Baby Alive Doll. She drinks, eats and goes potty. Rebecca of course loves this, cause she has fed her baby doll numerous bottles and baby food already. Changed her diaper, and even sat her on the potty. We still have Rebecca's potty and the doll fit's perfectly on it. Here is a picture of her holding her special gift and giving her a kiss. She was rocking her and singing to her.

Isn't that cute? She moved a little bit and it wasn't a very good clear pic, but you can see her giving her new baby a kiss. I just think it's so special and kind and loving of Rebecca's special Godmother. Yes there is a Jland Godmother, and her name is Angie also known as CanyonSun. A truely wonderful lady who has made my daughter so very happy. So we have adopted Angie as Rebecca's Jland Godmother. Thank you Angie, you are truely a wonderful lady. So full of love and a big heart. Rebecca said she loves her godmother, she buys the bestest baby dolls. This little girl is non stop with her new babydoll. She absolutely loves it.


I showed Rebecca Angie's picture, and she said wow, she look's like Princess Rapunzel with long golden hair. Is that cute or what? So Angie, your also a princess now too. A remarkable lady, thank you for making Rebecca smile. When she is happy, I am happy. And I am very happy today, along with Rebecca.

Well, I did get a bit of some bad news today. Jim told me Joe has decided not to buy the new truck. He is union and sometimes is out of work. And he is afraid if he gets the new truck then is laid off, he will have a hard time making a new truck payment along with full coverage insurance, and all of his other bill's. So, now we are not buying his Blazer. So, we are still without a vehicle. We are just gonna wait until we get our tax return next year and use a part of it and buy a vehicle. It won't be a new one, but it'll get us to and from where we want to go. So, until then we will walk or get our daughter Emma's vehicle to use when we need to go grocery shopping or to the laundry mat.

I guess I will go now. I think I'm gonna go lay down for a bit. Been getting a few dizzy spells this morning, and don't know why. Menopause maybe??? A nap will do me some good. So, take care everyone and have a great day.



  1. that is so nice!
    take care

  2. Aww, that is so sweet of Angie! How blessed you two are to have her!

    That's too bad about the truck, and that you're feeling dizzy. I hope everything brightens up for you!

    Have a great day,


  3. That is so nice, although all nice things that people do for you can't make up for Jim's job, you are being blessed by god in different ways. I hope you feel better.  Rebecca looks so cute with that doll.

  4. How lovely, a special doll from a special J-Land Godmother. Some people are so kind. Your little girl is going to have years of fun with her.

  5. I am so happy you were able to share the name...she is special and so is Rebecca...hugs and love,

  6. Thank you :) Yet it is I that is honored and flattered! <and glad I don't have to flush the tube that makes it poop, lmao> I'm glad she is happy with it, she sure is a doll.  
    Sorry to hear about Jim, it just seems like when it comes down it pours on us :(.  Sometimes things would get so bad for us it was like a vicious cycle and I would say "What next?" and what next always happened. Finally I quit asking and it seemed to get a bit better.
    Are you sure your eating, or eating enough??? I also know that when your stressed your usually the last person you take care of, and you can't take care of anyone else if you can't take care of YOU. So maybe it is hormonal, but make sure your taking care of you ;)

  7. Absolutely wonderful!!  I remember having baby alive!  Oh what fun to be a little girl again.

  8. Very nice of Angie, & so blessed she is to be able to do that!
    The pic is adorable! Did the Santa things arrive yet, have they been hid away?
    Sorry about the truck, but they say things happen for a reason. So, let's hope for the best. Keeping you all in prayer.
    Hugs, Sugar


  10. Cindy,
    Jland people are the best. Yippee for her Godmother. I mean the picture is worth a million words to see how happy she is with her new gift. So nice of Angie to do that.
    Sorry to hear about the car. I'm without one too, but lucky enough to be able to borrow my son's to drive for right now. IDK what I'll do when he moves next year. I've walked before and guess I can do it again. Good thing for me there is a grocery store close.
    Hope things get better. Take care of yourself. That worries me that you feel bad and dizzy. Hope you're just tired prolly from doing all that damn worrying.
    Take care my friend, Chrissie

  11. I love the picture. Your daughter looks so happy holding the doll from the J-land godmother. J-land people are very generous. Sorry about the truck but I guess it makes sense. Have a good one.

  12. i love Angie so awesome for her to send the doll! Rebecca looks so happy!
    hugs, lisa

  13. very cool entry and i love the cardinal photo.....muahhhhhh love ya becca is soooooooooooooooo cute with her baby in her arms

  14. awww what a great present!

    I hope those dizzy spells go away, hugs and prayers.