Wednesday, October 11, 2006

One more Day???

Tomorrow is thursday, and I really do hope that unemployment check comes. I am out of everything, milk, egg's, dish soap, down to 1 roll of toilet paper left. Rebecca is yelling for cheese and cracker's and I have none to give her. God I hate being broke. I went into her piggy bank, got enough change for a quart of milk and a little pack of cookies for her. She seems to be happy with that. If the check comes tomorrow it will be for 424.00. Joe get's 300.00 of it. The balance goes for food to last the next 2 weeks until he get's 2 unemployment checks, then I will pay Joe the other 300.00, pay my phone bill, and do a little more grocery shopping. Any left and it get's put aside for emergency like milk, bread.

So this morning, I turn around and look at Rebecca, she has taken my dry erase marker from the kitchen (black) and colored in her nose and drew whiskers on her face. I asked her why did you draw on your face? She looks at me with her innocent little smile and says, cause I'm a kitty, meowwwwwwww, lol. I couldn't get mad, it was just too cute. Then I go into the bedroom. She has moved her toybox close to her bed and draped a blanket from the toybox to the bed making a clubhouse. Jim walks in and she yells, "Get out Daddy, no boys allowed, lol. He laughs and leaves the room, shaking his head. Man, she is good at getting him to listen, I can't even do that most times, lol. Well, I am so lazy today. It is almost 1:pm and I am still in my pajamma's. I just have no energy today. I've had 3 cups of coffee and still can't get motivated. But I do need to get showered and dressed and try to make an attempt to do some housework. So, I guess I will go now. Gonna rain later, good I like rain. Have a good day all.

PS, tonight I will post one of the leter's I wrote when murder took place. A story of what happened that awful day.



  1. Some days are low energy ones for me too.  I found this powdered drink mix at Kroger's and at WM called MORNING START.  I put the packets in water, and boom, I have a high energy Kool-Aide stuff. And it's faster than coffee.  Lots of flavors.  I hope and pray things ease up a bit for you all.  I know fully what it's like to be that financially tight and live that way for a long, long time.  Rebecca never has a dull moment does she? Lol

  2. I'm having a low energy day today, too!  I can't seem to get motiviated, and I just want to go back to bed.  Maybe I will.
    Murder?  What murder?  What did I miss?  I don't remember you talking about any such thing.  Of course I do suffer with a bit of CMS (Can't remember shit), so you may have, and I just don't remember.  Anyway, looking forward to the story.

    Hope the unemployment check comes soon!  Thank God, I don't have anyone but myself to feed, what with not having any money coming in at all!  Sucks!  But, I shall survive! :)


  3. I was taking the B-Complex, but all it did was turn my pee yellow.  I need some energy too.  They say exercise, yeah right!!  Can't wait to hear about the murder.  Love mysteries.....

  4. I know how it feels to have to break into the piggy bank for milk and bread! Hope you get your checks soon!


  5. You know, I have no energy today either, must be the weather. I pray that check comes. I know what that is like to have little to NO food.  I have learned to get real creative with not much, and most the time only I eat it. But I have learned that i can't be picky.  There were many times I was so glad my kids went to school, because they at least got fed. One time I had no lunch money and called the school, the let it go until I could pay them back.  It was hard to do, but it happens. I have scrounged change and checked pockets from old coats, you name it, I do it. <sigh> I pray all gets going in your direction Cindy, everyday ;)

  6. Hope that check comes tomorrow! I know what it is to be broke...I recall when my kids where small...we were so broke, we lived on box cheese & mac, ramen noodles, weimers, & bread. They remember it till this day, making a meal on a mayo sandwich was not uncommon. Sometimes a ketchup sand.
    I only get 700. a month now, that's not much when you have bills to pay, eat, etc.
    Hope thinks get better for you.
    Hugs, Sugar

  7. I'm in with lazy, no motivation bunch too. I'm sad and depressed. Can't seem to shake this funk. I will be praying for you all.
    God Bless,
    your friend, Liz in Va.

  8. Your little girl cracks me up!  She's so spunky!

  9. hope you have a great evening


  10. girl i know it's rough ...really i do but you'll get through with god's help.....muahhhhhi luv ya  nancy

  11. so sorry to hear things are rough. I am thinking i am going back to basics and going to find time to bake with Bisquick and freeze the dinners so we can save money this winter. Rebecca is a,lisa

  12. Prayers that the check comes in. I'm sorry that you all are going through rough times, I know how hard it is.

    Rebecca is too cute :)


  13. I hate when your out of milk or bread, especially with kids in the house. I m blessed and gratefull they have two grandmas close by who give us food on regular basis. mostly fruit, or milk. it totally helps out in the toughest times. I will pray that check comes in, so becca can have her chesse and crackers.
    Love ya Christine

  14. Hey Cindy,
    I'm catching up again. I have no clue why I get behind. (rolling my eyes) LOL. So sorry that darn check hasn't gotten there yet. I'm so blessed right now, I know I have my problems with Pookey, but if I say I have no money he does make arrangements to bring me some so we don't starve. Keep up your spirits things will get better I know it.
    Take care, Chrissie