Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dinner for me?

I just wanted to make an entry now, because I am going to be busy later on. I have to clean the kitchen, cut up cantalope and put it in containers for snacks and breakfasts, get Rebecca into bed, straighten up livingroom then park my behind on the couch and watch CSI. I will be turning off my computer at 9pm and leaving it off for the night. Tonight I will watch tv, and crochet. Just gonna relax and enjoy some me time. Jim left this afternoon to head up to Salmon River for a 4 day fishing trip, so he can't disturb my night of tv, lol. Rebecca goes to bed at 8pm, so I will have total quiet.

So, tonight I decided to do something special for Rebecca and I for dinner. I let her make the dinner, but I baked it. She's too young to use the oven. She took the roll of bisquits, flattened each one, topped it with sauce and cheese and meat and I baked them. She loved them. And so did I. We also had fresh veggies with them. We sat at the couch with our trays set up in front of us and watched tv. A Field of Dreams was our choice of movie.

Yesterday my lil man Daniel spent the day with me. I took him to Burger King for lunch. He had a chicken nugget happy meal with apple juice. He drank up his juice and conned me out of my iced tea. The lil stinker, lol. The Target Rash he had all over him is completely gone and so is the swelling. He looks so much better.

Well it is now 6:30 and I am going to go clean up the kitchen. I wanna be all done and set up for my me time and the tv. Mrs. Grissom (Lisa) I have 2 hours and 20 minutes left before it is on, wooohooooooooo. Have a great evening everyone.

Love you all.................CINDY


  1. Yummy... I thought they were english muffin pizza's!  What a great idea to use biscuits.

    be well,

  2. Cindy, Awwwwww I loved the pictures, So glad Daniel is feeling better,  mmmmmm Rebecca made pizza muffins, I love those, enjoy CSI and Sara had better live , Damn it !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You Lisa XO

  3. Wow!!! Rebecca is a great little chef !!!
    love ya,
    glad you are finally getting some rest!

  4. Dinner looks yummy!  My fave!  Glad Daniel is feeling so much better.

  5. Isn't it fun to cook with the little ones! It look's as though Rebecca has got her pizza making down. Great picture's. I also will be glued to the t.v. starting at 8 p.m.

    Have a great night ralaxing with a night of uninterupted T.V.

    God Bless.

  6. I cooked with Katie tonight.  We baked chicken and put some rice and seasonings along with it in the casserole dish and she LOVED it.  Told her Pappaw that she made his dinner tonight.  She's now watching Pinnochio on a video sitting in her pink round Barbie princess chair.  


  7. have a good evening:) dinner looked great


  8. Hope Jim has a safe and fun trip. Rebecca is a great lil cook. I would have loved that. I'll have to remember that when Kyan gets big enough. He can cook me dinner then. ;-) YES tonite I think everyone is gonna forget the computer. I'm watching tv all night. Haven't seen my son in months and he came over TODAY. I don't want visitors it's Thursday. LOL. I didn't tell him that, but I wanted to.  I wish I had something to crochet no projects started so poo and today it poured down rain and it's cold now. I should have brought all my quilt squares home and worked on them. I have a tub of them I started. Daniel looks wonderful and I'm so happy they figured out what was wrong and helped him. Poor baby. You know Kyan will not drink soda pop or tea.. he only wants juice or gatorade. So I never have to worry about my drinks. Have a great quiet night to yourself.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  9. GO FOR IT GAL!!!!!  Tv that sounds good....I might join you there ..but my behind will be parked on the bed!  I had Chili and homemade sweet tea for din din. ENJOY your ME time!


  10. oh man those look good :) I need some! we had chinese buffet for dinner :) I didnt cook :)


  11. I just got home from work..and I am starving..tell Rebecca that her dinner is making me even more

  12. Good Morning Cindy,   do hope  that you had a real good evening and enjoyed your relaxing time.  Rebecca sure did well in the kitchen didn't she. She is growing up so much.  Glad that Daniel is now on the mend. It is amazing how wee ones recover so fast leaving us all just gasping !!  LOve sybil x

  13. She's gonna take after her mama in the kitchen ! Those sure look good
    Enjoy your quiet time, I'm glad little man is better, that was scary.

  14. Daniel looks GREAT -- I'm so glad to hear his rash cleared up. That was a strange one, and the timing couldn't have been worse for his poor parents!!!

    What a great dinner idea. Rebecca looks like she had lots of fun making AND eating it.

    Enjoy your "alone" time this weekend!!
    :) Carol

  15. Loved the pictures ~ Rebecca looks like she was having a great time cooking dinner ~ glad Daniel is better ~ Hope you had a good evening ~ Ally x

  16. I used to LOVE cooking with my son when he was small. That's a great recipe for a kid to do! They looked good too!
    Glad Daniel is better and I hope you had a great night.

  17. Rebecca's dinner looks yummy!  I so loved CSI last night!

  18. its a really cool thing that you cook WITH your mom never did that grandma did and i can still remember those times 35 yrs later. You are teaching her alot by taking the time.
    XO lj

  19. I am so happpy Daniel is doing better! That is great!
    I am assuming that meat was already cooked when you placed it ontop of the biscuit right?? Was it plain? Or seasoned?? Sounds good, my boys would probably like that alot.
    P.S. STILL at the library. Ughhhhhhhhh
    Love ya sis

  20. LOL have a great day today I sure enjoyed the picks of  that cute lil boy! Hes a cutie!!!

  21. have a great day sis ...i'll miss you tonight

  22. ps: those pizzas look delicious

  23. rebecca is such a good little cook! looks delicious
    so glad daniel is all better!
    hope you enjoyed your night of quiet!

  24. Rebecca did an awsome job on dinner! You are lucky to have your own chef :)
    Daniel is such a doll, I am so glad that he is feeling better.