Sunday, September 2, 2007

What A Day!!!!!!!!!

It's just about 10:30pm and these 2 girls are still awake. I have yelled, "Shut up and go to sleep at least a hundred times since 9:pm. And there's a car alarm that has been sounding for the last half hour outside, and if it don't stop soon I'm gonna pop the hood and start ripping out wires, lol. Today was a busy day. We took a trip to New Jersey to Columbus Market and bought 2 pounds fresh shrimp, 50 little kneck clams, half bushel jersey tomatoes, 12 ears white jersey corn, half bushel green peppers, 10 cucumbers, 3 lbs fresh strawberries, 2 lbs grapes, 5 pounds white onions, pound of fresh mushrooms. Stopped in jersey to get gas. Here in philly it is 2.79 to 2.88, in jersey we found a gas station selling it for 2.41 a gallon. So 25.00 in tank and it is almost full. We're good to go for about 7 to 10 days. It's 68 degree's outside and 80 in my apartment. I would be alot cooler if I didn't have to keep getting up and down to go yell at these girls. I have just told them this is the last sleepover til summer of next year. Marissa usually sleeps on the couch, but tonight she won't because Rebecca told her there's a mouse in the couch(There'sNot) and now Marissa is afraid. So their both in Rebecca's bed. You see, after we got back from the market and unloaded the van, I left and went to grocery store. Well, as I was waiting in line to check out, I hear, HI MOMMOM. I turn around and there's Emma and Marissa. First words out of Marissa's mouth when she hugged me was, Mommom can I have a sleep over at your house. My first instinct, say NO. But everyone in other lanes was watching saying awwwwww how cute, so I said yes. I am glueing my lips shut next time I go shopping, lol. So, Marissa left the store with me and came home with me. Emma brought her jammies, pillow and change of clothes for tomorrow over around 8:30 tonight. Before bed they had a wrestling match with daddy/poppop. It lasted over 30 minutes, so you'd think they'd be tired and asleep. As soon as I am done this entry I will be going to sleep myself. I am exhausted. Tomorrow I have to make deviled eggs and cupcakes for our BBQ. Emma, Dan and Daniel will be coming over. In the morning I am making pancakes and sausage for breakfast. I haven't had pancakes in a long time. My family likes them with a dash of cinnamon in the batter. I like it that way also, because I don't need any syrup, just butter on them. I didn't cook dinner tonight. I made ham and cheese sandwiches, and we had some sliced jersey tomatoes. Afterwards we all had some Butter Pecan icecream. Sugar free of course.

I love that pillow picture in the pics above. My brother sent it to me from california. Whenever these 2 drama queens try to make up a big story from a small one, I always tell them, "Save the drama for yer momma", lol. Wow, it's quiet. Maybe they fell asleep finally.

Well, I do believe Dan's brother Bill will be leaving their household real soon. All last week he laid around, acting like he was dieing, slept all day and night. Friday came, he's up showered, all dressed up and out the door. He hasn't been home yet. He'll come back late tomorrow night when Dan and Emma are sleeping, and sneek down to his room. We found out when he is babysitting, he puts Daniel on couch with him, tells the girls not to move for anything and he goes to sleep. That ain't happening no more. Those children need someone watching them that is awake and alert. Emma is so mad. She told Dan, I want your brother out of my house!! Dan does whatever she says too. He knows who where's the pants in that house, lmao. On Sept 10th Emma is having an amnio test. If it shows the baby's lungs are fully developed, she'll be having the baby on the 12th or 13th. She told them her daughter starts school on the 19th and she wants to be there to take her to her first day of kindergarten. Her actual due date isn't until Sept 29th.

Oh I almost forgot. While at the market today, they had live crabs, 12.00 a dozen for males and 15.00 a dozen for females. Rebecca see's there claws, and starts blurting out, wow those crabs are snappy today, get it, snappy and she'd bust out laughing. And all through the market she's telling everyone, You know crabs have claws that are snappy, you get it snappy and she'd laugh again. She must of told 15 mexican's who can't speak english that same thing and all they said was No hablo english, lol. Or they'd smile and say Si, Si, lol. I told Jim, Let's hurry up and get this child home. He agree'd. My child, the comedian. She told us on the way home, she needs to work on her comedy act, lol.

Well goodnight all. I am tired and my bed and airconditioned room is calling me. Have a great day tomorrow.

Love to all..........................................Cindy


  1. i hope you somehow get some peace and quiet.....those girls are wearing you OUT! You always get such good deals on food and i KNOW you are an awesome cook too.
    LOVE ya,lj

  2. ok I know where I am going for labor day eating! ryan too!

    now if We start walking no I might just make it! thumb rides and such.

    yummm some good eats! hope the gals settle down just remember school starts soon!

    love ya'


  3. Hi Cindy,
    Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Haven't been up to journaling. School started Monday,so lots to be done. Looks like quite a wrestling match going on there. Sounds like quite a shoppihg spree.
    Hope is all well with y'all.
    Have a good labor day.

  4. I'm comming to your house to eat!!! lol
    Awwwww....I know those girls wear you out but they are only little once and I am so happy that you let Marissa come to stay the night with Rebecca...they will remember those nights all their lives! Some of my best memories are the sleep overs complete with the giggles and talking all night in the same bed!!! lol
    love ya,

  5. I just don't see how you keep up to all you do!!! You are an amazing woman.
    Have a happy day tomorrow!

  6. what time is lunch? lol enjoy your monday


  7. Gosh Cindy  what a lot of shopping you managed to do. That will sure keep you all well fed for a while.  I had to laugh at your petrol/gas I also filled up with it yesterday and paid £30...around $60 !! our petrol/gas is almost £4 a gallon $2 !!
    It always seems to be going up and never seems to come down even when the price of oil comes down and the funny thing is that when the price of crude oil goes up the cost to us goes up almost at once it comes down and  IF they reduce the price it takes weeks ...Have a good week. These children look so gorgeous  Love  Sybil x

  8. shop 'til you drop at its finest.  Wow!!  You got some goodies there.  YUM!!!  Photo's had me laughing.. thanks for sharing

  9. Sounds like a good day shopping! I love going to the Farmer's Market downtown here, when we were in the states we had our own garden and my parents always has a garden...there's nothing like fresh cucumbers and tomatoes and my favorite okra!! Have a good day!

  10. Sounds like some fun shopping! I would have died laughing at Rebecca doing her "comedy" act!! OMG she's too funny!
    Enjoyed your pictures. Looks like Jim was losing that battle against the two girls LOL!

  11. I love the pictures....everyone looks so happy!!! Hugggs, Robin

  12. Loved seeing the pictures.

  13. Those were some good deals! It made me hungry to read it! :o) I hope you got some sleep. :o)

  14. Love the pillow! And good for Emma. I have a question, why is it MORE expensive for girl crabs then the boys?? And how do you tell them apart??  And what did you end up doing with the clams??? I love that kind of stuff. MMmmm Mmmmm

  15. how DO you tell boy crabs apart from girl crabs?

  16. Wow, sounds like a fab market, I want to know, how much a bushel is?
    Gaz :-)

  17. LOL... comedy. Come on Cindy admit it your life would be oh so boring without all the characters in your life. Sounds like some great shopping. Wow the baby will be here really soon.
    Take care, Chrissie

  18. Cindy, those girls are so cute !!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa XO