Saturday, September 15, 2007

Past couple Days

I didn't realize I put so many pics above. There is 82 of them, lol. They are of Rebecca's past 6 years. She has grown so fast since she was born. And now in just 4 days she starts kindergarten. I feel so old, lol.

Well let's see. Thursday was a very busy day. Rebecca and I dropped Jim off to work and went to Burger King for Rebecca's birthday breakfast. They were out of ketchup. None at all in the store. Rebecca was so disappointed. I only ordered a sweet tea for myself. They gave me the wrong tea, it was horrible. I didn't even drink it.

We then went to Emma's. After the kids ate breakfast and were dressed we headed to Walmart. It was uniform shopping time for school. They had none for Rebecca. No shirts, no dresses, no skirts, no pants. Nothing. I did not know this at the time but Emma didn't have any money to buy Marissa her school things. She had 30.00 in the bank and Dan would need it for gas for the car to get back and forth to work. So, mommom to the rescue. I got her a dress, pr of pants, 2 shirts, socks, underwear and sneakers, bookbag and crayons, glue, pencils, pencilbox, folder. Next week when Dan gets paid, Marissa will get more uniforms. It made my granddaughter happy and her Mom too for me to get those things for her. The bookbag was a bargain. It was 24.99, but with 70% off. I paid less then 7.50 for it. Then it was off to the Rainbow Childrens store. I found uniforms for Rebecca. Got her 2 pair pants, skirt, dress, 3 white shirts. And at Walmart got her sneakers also. I could not find those MaryJane black dress shoes for either one of the girls. They had 1 pair size 12, but Rebecca is a 1 1/2 and Marissa is a 2 1/2. So a size 12 is a no go. Maybe I can find them on line. After that Rainbow store, we headed up the road to Kmart. But before Kmart across the street was McDonalds. 3 kids and a pregnant woman in van, I was outnumbered, lol. Into Mickey D's we went. 24.68 later their all fed and happy, lol. And yes I got my sweet tea in there, and oh it was so good. I am addicted now, lol. The 3 little ones had their chicken nugget happy meals with juice boxes of applejuice. And of course the toy in each happy meal.

We then headed to Kmart. I wanted to check their shoes and see if they had the MaryJanes, nope they didn't. No uniformsleft either. But in the baby department I spotted a huge sale rack. Couldn't resist, bought 2 outfits, 2 shirts and a pair of pants for a special little girl who just turned 2yrs old. Maybe her mommy will post the pics when she receives the package. I'm a sucker when it comes to little kids, and babies. Wait til my granddaughter is born, lol. By the way 2 more days, yippeeeeeeeeeee. Emma has to be at the hospital at 9:am monday morning. And I am going too. We got a babysitter, wooohoooooooo.

Ok, so after Kmart is was back to Emma's house, sorting through all the bags to get Marissa's things out and carried into the house, unloading the kids from the van. They wanted to play outside, so we locked the gate and all 3 kids played in the yard. I had to sit and rest. I was worn out. The saying, "Shop til you drop". well I shopped got to Emma's and dropped, lol. Emma put Marissa's things away, so they wouldn't get dirty. Daniel was a trip all day. He would not let mommy put him in or take him out of the carseat or shopping carts, or push him in the cart. I had to do it. He'd yell, No, Mommom get me, lol. Do you think he's a mommom's boy, lol?

So when I left Emma's I wasn't done shopping. I had to go to the grocery store also. Had to get dinner and a few other things. I bought a very small 4 serving Carvel icecream cake for dessert. I put 6 candles on it and Jim and I sang Happy Birthday to Rebecca. She was so happy. Her real party is next sunday. She's going around telling everyone she is having a healthy party. Her pinata will have baby carrots and celery in it, lol and her cake will have calcium. I have a strange child, lol. There will not be carrots and celery in the pinata, lol.

Yesterday. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. Did the kitchen, livingroom, bedroom. Rearranged furniture in bedroom, put clothes away. Then had to cook dinner. Macaroni and cheese and a salad. I did not feel like cooking any meat. They ate it and said nothing. They knew better, I was exhausted. Today my plans had to be changed. Jim got called into work this morning for 2 emergency glass jobs. So, I won't make it to the post office today. That will have to wait til tuesday. Monday I'll be at the hospital all day. I have to go back to the rainbow store and exchange the skirt I got for Rebecca. It is too tight. And I have grocery shopping to do. Then I will sit on my butt for the rest of the day. Tomorrow, I am doing nothing. It is my day off.

So there you have it. All I been up too. Oh yea, I did do something to my back. I cannot sit, stand or walk without it getting a ripping feeling. Guess maybe I pulled a muscle. I'm thinking I'll take 2 Tylenol Arthritis today. I think it happened when I picked up Rebecca's dresser and carried it across the room.

Anyways, hope you all have a nice weekend. It was raining here this morning, but it's clearing off. And it's so cool outside. I have all my windows open and the breeze coming in is wonderful.

Love you all..............................


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!! YOU were seriously BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE all the pictures and I'm glad you could help Emma out. Uniforms can be hard to find now, at least around here. Most of them put are put out in July/August here and now it's slim pickings :( Ughhhhh
    Hugs sis

  2. Wonderful pictures!  Glad you got things for Emma, that was so good of you.  Take care of your back and please do not overdo things.  Mike searched two hours on the web for those things, nothing.  But I know you are going to be busy with the baby coming so please do not worry.

  3. What great pictures! And what a little jewel you have there. Happy Birthday Rebecca and congrats on starting school little one...smiles...
    I am not good with the link thing but I too have a journal it is Therealworld by cnstarsbabee if you ever want to stop by. Hope that is enough information for you to find me...Also another congrats on the very soon arrival of your new grandbaby!!

  4. Just reading about all you did makes me tired......the pictures were wonderful...thanks for sharing them...

  5. You HAVE been busy!! Wow! I'm tired from reading it!! LOL!  Glad you were able to buy that stuff for Emma. I'm sure that she's relieved to have all of that done. I cracked up at the "healthy party" with carrots in the pinata. OMG that cracked me up!! Tell her she'll get more kids wanting to play the pinata if there's candy inside LOL!  She's just too funny!
    Love ya,
    Pam XOXOX

  6. Cindy, just reading that made me tired, get some rest hon !!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa XO , By the way I loved seeing Rebecca's pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You are the busiest woman I know! I get poope just reading some of your entries. After this one, I'm going to lay down for awhile. LOL
    I love ya girlfriend.

  8. sounds like you had a busy day.  do all the schools in your area require uniforms?  are rebecca and marissa going to the same school?


  9. i cannot think of who would have those mary jane shoes in their size... :(
    i always have trouble finding the type of shoe i am looking for in miss o's size as well
    and i will for sure be taking pictures :)  she will love what you picked out for her!!!
    im so happy you found a sitter for monday
    almost time!!!
    hope that your pulled muscle feels better.
    you PICKED up? the dresser??? owww
    take it easy
    have a good weekend
    love, emily

  10. wow sissy you been busy....slow down a lil

  11. Great Photos ! I get tired just reading all that running around you did !
    Hope you get some rest!

  12. Lovely pictures to see, thanks for sharing them Cindy.  She is such a happy child.  I do wish Rebecca a wonderful birthday.  I hope the party next Sunday goes well.  Hugs, Tells x

  13. i hope your back heals quick but you always are doing so much you may not give it a chance! You exhaust me with all you do....i think its great you got to go shopping and sorry that you didnt find all the things you needed. Frustrating!!! I LOVED the pics...Rebecca is such a pretty little girl.

  14. Back problems are horrible!  I certainly hope you get that under control, soon!  
    I can imagine how excited you are for Monday to get here!  You will have a brand, spankin' new grandbaby! :)  

    You think you feel old, Cindy?  I have a grandson that just started kindergarten! lol

    I really feel old!


  15. Rebecca is so cute!  You feel old?  My daughter is grown up!  LOL  Hope your back is feeling better.  I've gotta a bad back so I know your pain.  If it's still bothering you, buy those ThermaCare heat wraps.  They're wonderful.  They say they last 8 hrs. but they last 12-13.  Take care.

  16. You have been busy... and your little girl is getting to be a big girl!  Aww...

    be well,