Saturday, September 22, 2007

What a week and pics

I feel as though I have had the life just sucked right out of me. Can we say totally exhausted, like I ran a 100 mile marathon. My body hurts in places I didn't know existed. Even my hair on my head hurts, lol. Seriously it does. It has been a long energy draining week.

Emma is doing great. She is such a strong girl. She has her hands full with 3 kids now, but she is a terrific Mom and I have no doubts she can handle it. Having a c-section and a tubal, then coming home to find her son covered in spots and groin swollen and almost black, taking him to hospital, and school cannot find a close by opening for Marissa. They want to send her 1 1/2 miles to another school. I told them no fricken way, find some place closer. They haven't called back yet.

Rebecca looked much better tonight. The past few nights shes been waking me up 3 to 4 times a night crying. When she woke up at 4:30 this morning so sick, Jim was dressed and out the door to go get her medicine. After I gave her a dose back to bed she went and slept til 8am. I've been giving her alot of fluids and chicken noodle soup also. This kid is really enjoying school. Her first day when I came to pick her up, she asked how come she has to go, lol. She wanted to stay at school. Friday her teacher told me Rebecca is so very intelligent and so well behaved. I asked her if she was talking about the right kid, lol. She mentioned she was glad payday was coming, because the snack cabinet was bare. So friday I handed her 2 one pound boxes of animal crackers for the kids to have for snack. There is now a little spanish girl and a little chinese girl in Rebecca's class. They have become best buddies with Rebecca. They look so cute hanging out together. They sit together in class at the orange table.

I have to admit the lil ones in kindergarten are very protected by their teacher. Her eyes don't leave them. She won't let a child go home with no one unless they are on her pick up list. That child will stay with her until someone on the list comes to get the child, and she does check their ID too. So far things are going smoothly with Rebecca going to school. I still have my fears, but I think all Mom's have them when they send their child to school.

I got through quite a few journals today. If I haven't gotten to yours, don't worry I will. I've had alot going on the past week and it put me behind in everything. Hopefully tomorrow I will be all caught up. I haven't even turned on my im the past few nights. I'm too tired to talk, lol. To all those who im me, I apologize for not having it on. Well, my energy level is about zero right now, so I think it is time to call it a night. Take care everyone and have a great day tomorrow.

Love you all.....................CINDY


  1. get some rest my friend... you definitely need and deserve it.

  2. What a darling baby girl and that Rebecca is so photogenic.  She's going to grown up fast now that she's in school.  Take care of yourself as much as you can.  I'm proud of Emma but I'm also proud of you for hanging in there.  


  3. Awwwwww Rebecca is so darling and little Adrianna too, Awwwwww, hope Rebecca is feeling better, still praying for Daniel, get some rest my friend, Love Ya Lisa XO

  4. That baby is precious!!!
    And look at Becca, so cute. :)
    Glad things are going ok, you need to try & get some rest now. Your body can only take so much.

    LOVE YA,

  6. I love rebecca in her uniform, its so cute.  Adrianna is just beautiful as can be.

  7. Awww.. Rebecca looks so grown up in her uniform. Sorry she's sick. I hope she feels better soon.
    Glad her teacher is cautious with the kids because you never know. Over here a long time ago some parents were fighting, the school didn't know. I guess they were separated. The dad came and got the girl from school and his new girlfriend killed the little girl. I think that is when they finally started being really careful over here about who picks the kids up.
    Emma is feeling okay I hope. She had a lot of work done on that table. People always told me one baby is a breeze, two is okay because there are two sets of hands to care for them, but when you add a third it's a pure circus. LOL.
    Daniel is better I hope. Poor baby. I'm still thinking of him.
    I thought Marissa was already suppose to go to a school close by. The system over there sounds crazy.
    Last, but not least, is that precious angel baby. Her little legs look long. She's gonna be tall. I love her hair too. I was laughing she does look like she's telling you please stop already I'm trying to rest here.
    Jim looks like the ever proud poppop. He's a ladies man. Look at all the lovelies he has around him.
    Cindy I hope you get some rest tonight. You go more than any person I know.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie  

  8. The baby is so beautiful!! And Rebecca is just a dolly in her uniform. I am so glad she is enjoying school!! YAY!
    I thought Marissa was already enrolled? Did I miss something? Hope she gets into a school soon.
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  9. What a time I  have had getting in to answer this morning..never mind so glad that the news about wee Daniel is somwhat better. I woke three or four times during the night with him on my mind and so was asking God to look after you all again and again .... It was just great to be back in my own bed last night isn't it funny when nowhere is there a bed as good as ones own and the shower I have only resently go up and had my shower in it was BLISS  as I am an amputee showering anywhere else is always a problem as there is rarely a seat and one has to be found and it just ain the same as your own familiar place.  Will be of to church the local Methodist in a couple of hours will put Daniel on our prayer list. Love Sybil xxxx

  10. great to hear that rebecca has such a hands on teacher.  that is wonderful!ta

    now you get some rest!

  11. i like the pics....the baby is just darling....i am SO glad Rebecca likes the school.....and has made good friends, good for her!!!!

  12. Loved the photographs ~ Rebecca looks lovely in her school uniform ~ and  Adrianna is beautiful ~
    glad Rebecca is looked after so well at school ~
    Hope you can now get some much needed relaxation ~ Ally

  13. I am so glad Rebecca is loving school.
    That baby is adorable, man, I want to hold her.

  14. I hope that Daniel is doing much better, poor little chap. The new baby is such a sweetie, so beautiful!  Glad Rebecca likes her school and has already made friends.  Now you try and get some rest xxxx

  15. Boy you sure have had a week and so has Emma. Whew. Glad Rebecca is feeling a bit better. Poor lil' nose. And boy, Adrianna is a beauty, I just LOVE all that hair!!!!

  16. I loved all the pics...they look adorable.  You sound exhausted...time to take a Calgon Moment for you!!  So happy to read where teachers are protecting the kids, as they should.  The fear all mothers and grandmothers have are real...and instincts just kick in.  Totally normal.
    Hope you have a great week...but get some rest.
    Hugs and love,

  17. Dear Cindy, the pictures are lovely.  I can't believe how grown up Rebecca looks in her uniform, ahh.  The new baby is gorgeous, such a lovely head of hair too.  Take it easy, try to rest a bit.  Hugs, Tells x

  18. What great pics, I'm so glad Rebecca is enjoying school and meeting new friends.  Glad she's feeling a bit better - how is Daniel feeling this morning?  Love all the pics of Adrianna, she is so cute and I love all that dark hair she has..  Have a great week and hopefully a quieter one - Leene

  19. aaawwww, sooo adorable! :o) I hope rebecca feels better, and thats so cute that she wants to stay. :o) And I bet you are worn out....what a week this has been for you and Emma!

  20. I hope Rebecca feels better by Monday!

  21. I love he pics.  Glad Rebecca is feeling a lil better.  Hope you get some rest Cindy.

  22. You have had a heck of time the last two weeks... you need to just rest up!
    Loved the pics!!!

    be well,

  23. whewwww girl i'm tired just from reading ....GO REST UP TAKE A BREAK!!!!!

  24. loved all the pictures
    sweatpea is just gorgeous
    makes me want another...sigh one day not for a long time tho
    hope rebecca is better i just love her in the picture holding the baby
    and her uniform is too cute :)

  25. aww your granddaughter is so cute and the little one getting ready for school she is cute too i hope she is better..