Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Morning

  Good Morning!!! I am home alone and really enjoying the peace and quiet. Jim is at work, Rebecca is in school and I am sitting here at my computer with Walker, Texas Ranger on the television. I love this show. I think Chuck Norris is so darn good looking. I really love the above tag. A big thank you to Sugar for putting it in her journal to snag.

Well, tonight is back to school night at Rebecca's school. Jim and I are both going. It is from 5pm to 7pm. Jim said he never got a chance to be involved with our daughter Emma's schooling when she was younger, but he wants to be involved now with Rebecca's. Thursday Jim is leaving in the late morning to head to Salmon River, in New York for a 4 days fishing trip, so thursday morning he is going with me to take Rebecca to school. Rebecca will love that. She'll be telling everybody this is my daddy. Plus I want Jim to meet her teacher. She is such a nice lady. Yesterday I got to talk to the teacher afterschool. She said Rebecca is so well behaved and so willing to learn. She even helps the other kids who sit at her table, lol. The teacher said, she is quiet, doesn't yell out in class, or get out of her seat. She raises her hand when she has a question or needs to use the bathroom. The bathroom is in the class, so she doesn't have to walk out in the hall to find the bathroom. She said Rebecca cleans up after herself, says please, thank you, your welcome. That makes me happy that my child is so well behaved in school, but I'm still wondering if it is my child she is talking about, lol. But it is, she's the only Rebecca in the class. So Poppop Bill no reform school this year, lol. It's a joke we share about Marissa and Rebecca. Speaking of Marissa. She started school this morning. She is in the school that is far away. 1 1/2 miles to get there. Which totals a 6 mile drive everyday to get her to school, come home, go get her after school and come home. That is just too crazy. And they will not supply transportation either. It is up to Emma and Dan to get her there and pick her up. There's no free breakfast or free lunch at that school for the kindergarten kids. Rebecca gets breakfast every morning in class, and free lunch in the cafeteria every day. Yesterday she loved her meals. Sausage and egg and cheese on a english muffin, applesauce and orange juice. For lunch she had chicken tenders, french fries, corn, peaches and chocolate milk. I will have to get a menu from the school. Because somedays there will be something she won't eat and I can pack her lunch on that day in the pretty lunchbox Angie sent her. I heard the teacher say this morning they are having pancakes and orange slices and milk for breakfast.

Anyways, I had pics I took yesterday of the baby, and I can't find my camera. I think I left it in the van or over to Emma's. I hope I did.

Emma called. She said Marissa cried a little when she left to go into her class. I guess Marissa was nervous being it was her first day there. Marissa's school doesn't supply free breakfast or free lunch. Emma has to either pack her lunch or pay for it. That sucks.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I'm going to get a couple loads of clothes together and go over to Emma's and do some laundry. And visit with my lil man and my sweetpea (Adrianna). Alerts are still being wierd. I got 3 alerts since 4am this morning.

Take care, have a wonderful day.

Love you all.................................

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThank you Sugar for making me this lovely tag. I love it.



  1. YW for the tags!
    Bet it is peaceful at your house. :)
    Good Jim wants to be involved.
    Glad Becca is doing well in school! {{}}
    Happy to hear Marissa started school. Sad there's no free brkfast or lunch there! grrr
    Have fun at Emma's!

  2. I am happy to hear everything is going so good for rebecca at school.  How nice that she can have breakfast and lunch at school and that is is free.  Too bad that marissa couldn't attend rebecca's school.  Hope you find your camera.

  3. Wouldn'yt it be nice if your grandaughter could also go to Rebecca's school???
    love ya,

  4. Awwwwww Cindy, too bad Marissa could'nt go to school with Rebecca, Love and Hugs Lisa XO

  5. I think all school should offer free lunch.  If Nicci ate she is supposed to, it would cost me $5 a day.

  6. Wow that's great that she gets meals there! My son never did. Neither did I when I was in school. Kids learn better when they eat. A lot of kids don't eat breakfast, so I like that the school makes sure they do.
    I'm surprised that Marissa's school doesn't have a school bus somewhere. That's too bad. Well I hope Marissa had a good first day.
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  7. i hope that rissa had a great 1st day of school

  8. I didn't get the alert for this one either.  I'm so glad Marissa was finally able to get in school.  Sorry about the free lunch.  It sounded like she was really nervous about her first day.  I'm very proud of Rebecca for being such a good girl in school.  Thank you for your comment about our Katie's situation.  It means so much because I know you went through similar stuff.  I have to give her back tomorrow night.  My heart is so low.


  9. First off love your tags.. Sugar is a very sweet person.
    Of course Rebecca would be good in school everyone wants the teacher to love them. She can be bad at home. That's what my kids always did and I prefer it that way.
    I'm glad Marissa is in school now, but not happy about how long she has to travel to get there and I wanna know why is it up to the parents to get her there. What if they didn't have a car? What then? Over here, even if it's just one kid they still have to provide transportation, but then again we don't live in a huge town. Farthest school is like 10 minutes away.
    Wow I didn't know there were school who didn't participate in the free lunch program. My kids didn't always get it, but it was sure nice when they did qualify. I think all the kids should get the meals anyway just to make sure they eat. For some kids, those two meals are their only times to eat for the day.. very sad, but true for some.
    Hope Jim has a safe trip up and back and has some fun while he's there. Whatever will you do? Hehehehe.
    Hope Daniel and Adrianna (I feel funny saying that she's so new) are doing well.
    Take care, Chrissie

  10. I like to think that the way your kid behaves in school is a big reflection on how the parents are at home.  If the parents are good people the kids are well behaved in class.  My daughter also likes to help the kids who need it in her class.  She came home the other day and told me that one of her teachers said she had a good head on her shoulders, lol, she is 8, but she really does.  I love those tags, they are so cute!!

  11. You must be very proud of Rebecca for being so good and school and it is really nice that Jim can get involved in her schooling too now.  I feel for Marisa at her new school, its a shame she doesn't get the treats that Rebecca does and its a real pity that you couldn't get them into the same school.  It must be hard for Emma to get her there, you'd think they'd have some compassion in the circumstances and let the girls go to the same school.  Don't give up trying, I had to fight hard to get Rosie in the school she wanted to go to and I succeeded in the end.  Hugs, Terry x

  12. It's so good Rebecca is doing well in school.  It's a bummer that Marissa couldn't go to the same school.  Have a good day!

  13. i had to drive both my kids over 5 miles both ways for over 4 yrs now in high school...no transportation..so i know what a pain in the butt it is....i never got any sleep at all for yrs.
    Marissa should be fed..that is horrible that she is not. I hope you are enjoying your time alone!
    XO lj

  14. emma can fill out a form for free and reduced lunch and she should get it if they qualify. we have lots that do at my school. Its a federal program so emma should ask about it.


  15. enjoy your time alone. So happy the girls are in school. How exciting.

  16. I am glad that Rebecca is settling in so well.  That is awesome.  I hope Marissa will too soon.

    be well,

  17. im glad rebecca likes her new school and that really stinks about marissas i though all schools offered the meal program...it really helps when you need it.
    i hope marissa likes her new school eventually too
    hope you find the camera
    and jim has a nice fishing trip

  18. I'm glad to hear Rebecca is doing so well. That's wonderful.
    Does she have to be there early for Breakfast?
    Have a great day.

  19. Thats great that Rebecca is settling in nicely! :o) How good is that! :o)