Sunday, September 30, 2007

It was ok

 Thank you Roxy for the above tag.

Well my night alone was ok. I got alot of cleaning done, got my bath, had my dinner and watched tv. What did I watch? Shrek, 101 Dalmations, The Mask. LOL, of all the channels and DVD's I own that is what I watched. And right now I am watching, Son of the Mask, lol. I went to bed at midnight and did not sleep well at all. I was up at 1:45am, 3:15am, 4:45am and finally at 6am I got up and stayed up. I put on the coffee, then got out my robe cause it was cold this morning. I am so tired from lack of sleep last night. Man it is rough being home alone, lol. I haven't had a night alone in so long, I guess I forgot what I could or was suppose to do. LOL

Jim will be home in a few hours thank goodness. I miss him being in our bed at night. Everytime I roll over and don't feel him near me I wake up. And to top it off I don't see Rebecca in her bed, and I just feel so alone. Weird huh? Rebecca never called me before she went to sleep last night. Emma said the girls made a bed on the livingroom floor laid down and was watching the same shows as I was. Emma told Rebecca she was going to put the load of clothes in the dryer and then call me so I could tell Rebecca good night. She came back to livingroom afterwards and both girls were sound asleep, lol. Emma said they played outside all day, had dinner and got a bath, and watched tv. I guess they were worn out, lol.

Well, I have 434 emails to go through. So I guess I'll sort through them. I hope you all have a nice sunday.

Love to all...............................


  1. woohoo!!!!! i was the exact same way when I stayed in my house on my first weekend here! I loved it, but I was also a bit lost.  it was like "Okay, what can I do NOW?"

    enjoy your morning! aren't the family movies still the best?  everytime I watch Shreck, I pick up on something else.


  2. I like family movies too.
    When you're used to having others around, it's hard to sleep. LOL
    Have a good day.

  3. Cindy, hope you have a good Sunday, Love Ya Lisa XO

  4. Oh wow, you have nearly as many e mails as I did! Well, at least you got to watch what TV you wanted huh?
    Gaz ;-)

  5. Sorry you didn't sleep well. Maybe tonight you'll sleep better with them all home.

  6. Wow!!! Thats a lot of emails! Whoa! :o) I'm so glad you had a night to yourself. :o) And isn't it weird when you want one so bad and then get one and then not know what to do! :o) That would happen to I do hope that you can get some sleep. :o) Many hugs to you my friend!

  7. You're emails for the day beat mine!  I don't envy you.  Enjoy your day.

  8. Tonights the night LOL!! Well I am hoping it is for you.Have a lovely Sunday or whats left of it .Take Care God Bless Kath

  9. That's about what I do too when I have a day or night all to myself...clean, relax, watch tv...loll  I really love to clean when I'm alone though, I get so much more done and I can listen to whatever music I want. : )  Hope you have a great week Cindy. Love, Shelly

  10. Hope you sleep better tonight with Jim and Rebecca home.

  11. I hope you're going to be sleeping better tonight

  12. You will sleep better once Jim comes home.  I think Rebecca did wear herself out.  So cute though.

  13. Rick has gotten very used to sleeping alone since i have been on nights for so long....but it is always nice to have a warm body in the bed.

  14. Holy cow how how in the world do you have 434 emails?
    lol is it all JOURNAL ALERTS or something lol?

    ~ Christopher~

  15. i have so many alerts too !!!
    too funny you watched those movies when rebecca wasnt even home
    sounds like she had a good time at least
    hopefully you can sneek a nap in somewhere