Saturday, September 15, 2007

I was alone

 I think it's fall. Is it? It sure feels like it. I am enjoying every minute of it too. Fall and Spring are my favorite season's of the year. Too warm for airconditioner's, not cold enough for heat. We awakened this morning to rain, dark sky's and alot of wind. But a few hours later the sky cleared and the sun was shining, and a nice breeze blowing outdoors and coming in the windows. It felt great. I enjoyed it.

Jim got home around 1:pm from work. So, I headed out to do some more shopping for school. First stop, Walmart. They had little girls T-shirts on sale, 3pk for 4.88. Sold out of Rebecca's size, grrrrrrrrr. They put more uniforms up, so I looked through them. Nothing in Rebecca's size again, darn it. But I did find a skirt and shirt in Marissa's size, so I got it for her. Now she has 3 set's until Emma can get out to get more, or give me the money and I will go get them. I did find Rebecca another white polo shirt though. Since the night's are cooler and all her warm pajamas are still packed away, I spotted pajamas on sale. 4.88 for tops and 4.88 for bottoms, they were mix and match pajamas. So I bought her a set. There halloween pajamas, but she loves them and wore them to bed tonight.

  Isn't she scarey, lol. Well, she thinks she is. I also bought her halloween costume. I won't tell you what it is yet. I will take a pic of her tomorrow and show you. Walmart also had 1 subject notebooks for 10 cents each. I got 10 of them, lol. $1.00 total for 10 notebooks, wow can't beat that. Found 2 outfits for my granddaughter to wear when she's born and home. 2 more days, yesssssssssssssssssss. I dropped off the things I bought Marissa and the baby to her today, and she was so tired, ankles swollen. Home alone with the 2 kids. Dan worked today and has to work tomorrow also. Then he will be off for 3 days.

I also went to the Rainbow store. I had to take back a skirt I bought Rebecca. It was too small. They were having a sale again on uniforms. Instead of 50% off they were now 70% off. So I got Rebecca a skirt, dress and white collar blouse for 14.79. I still have to get her a couple more pair of pants and maybe a couple jogging pants too, and a couple more white blouses and a sweater. I had no luck finding those MaryJane type shoes. But I found them on line at Buster Their leather and 29.99 pr. I will order them next week.

  This is what they look like. I love Buster Brown shoes. I use to buy Emma's shoes when she was little at a Buster Brown store in Pleasantville, New Jersey. There shoes were so cute.

Well, I did a little grocery shopping also today and came home and fixed dinner. I made fried porkchops, brocolli and spanish rice. Delicious!!!!! Joe asked what I was doing about dinner and I told him what I was cooking. He said mmmmm, so I invited him up for dinner with us. He ate dinner, said goodnight, and went back downstairs to his house. He said he was going to bed, because he's been putting in 16 to 18 hour days the past couple weeks at work and he is tired. Rebecca and her daddy were in bed by 8:30. I won't be up too much longer either. I am tired, the tylenol I took today is starting to wear off, and my bed is looking very comfy, lol. I have the fan in the bedroom window and it is nice and cool in there.

In a few minutes I will go get washed up and into my pajamas, maybe read a journal or two, then off to bed I go. Jim and Rebecca have asked for pancakes for sunday breakfast, so I better get some sleep. I been up since 6:am this morning.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, and getting some rest. I plan on getting some rest tomorrow, because the rest of the week is going to be crazy.

Love to you all.......................





  1. Those are cute shoes. Wow you got a deal on her outfit. That's wonderful. Hope you guys are having a great weekend.
    Take care, Chrissie

  2. awwwwww...I love those little shoes...I wish I still had a little girl to dress up! lol
    love ya,

  3. You sure do find some good deals on clothes! Man, I am not that lucky.
    I love those shoes. And her new jammies are cute! Hope you get some rest tonight.
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  4. Cindy, you got some good deals today, have a great Sunday, Hugs Lisa XO

  5. She looks so cute! LOL
    You find the best deals!

  6. I think she's absolutely adorable.  Here is another link for some other Mary Jane's that might be even less expensive.  You have found some great deals.

    Only hours away before you meet the new grandbaby.  I can feel your excitement in just reading your words.


  7. I didn't even know that Buster Brown still existed!  I remember my mom buying me shows from there when I was little!  Wow!  That is one OLD store! lol

    Rebecca looks cute in her new halloween PJ's!  :)


  8. Cindy Rebecca looks so SCARY in her new pyjamers :o) you have got some real bargains and I love those shoes ~ sounds like you have had a real busy time lately hope you get some much earned rest ~ Ally x

  9. I cant believe the new baby will be this week ! How exciting.
    Hope you enjoy your restful day today.

  10. wow--buster brown those bring back some great memories...hope you have a restful sunday!!!!

  11. Love the scary pose.  Great pyjamas and it sounds as if you are a good person to shop with, you always find bargains.

  12. Sounds like you had quite a day!  Love the pics, lil scarey critter! LOL  Cute!  Hope you got some good rest, this is the perfect weather for rest!

  13. Those are cute shoes! Not used to that kind of girly stuff around here :) 2 more days, WOW, how exciting!!!!! I wish I was there to give Emma a hand to with the kids.
    Hugs Sis

  14. She looks so the Halloween pj's...and also the Buster Brown shoes.  I am thinking of making pancakes too this morning...they sure do sound good...have a great week ahead...hugs and love,

  15. She is too cute! :o) I had problems finding uniforms for my daughter when she went to catholic school. I found 2 and had to wash them everyday. I love those shoes. :o) I hope you have a great day!

  16. She is so cute in those jammies.  Gosh, I haven't seen Buster Brown shoes in ages.  I've always loved them.  Have a good Sunday!

  17. those pjs are so adorable and great prices!!!
    i love the fall too my favorite season!
    great deals
    cannot wait for emma to have the baby!!!

  18. Awww... my Pumpkin has had those exact shoes!  Sounds like you had an awesome shopping day!  Almost baby time!  Yay!

    be well,


  20. i hated those mary jane shoes and the saddle shoes when i was a kid...Jessie put me in both. I know Rebecca will look cute though. I am making pork chops too..its cold here but only in the mornings.

  21. sounds like you had fun shopping you got some good bargains that's for sure. Love the pj's and she shoes.

  22. Fall is definitely here!  Sounds like you had a productive day... love the shoes!