Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Past 2 days

 The last 48 hours have been so tiring. I am exhausted, sore, every muscle and joint in my body hurts. Yes, I have over did it the past couple days. Yesterday I had to deal with Marissa and Rebecca trashing the house, getting into everything, they did clean it up some though. I had to make deviled eggs, steamed seasoned shrimp and a salad to go along with the steaks, hotdogs, baked beans, corn on cob, steamed clams that Jim and Joe cooked. We ate so much, then Joe made everyone a banana split for dessert. I shared mine with Daniel, that lil piggy ate most of it. Emma started feeling really horrible, so Dan took Emma and the kids home, so Emma could rest. Jim went to bed at 7pm last night, and Rebecca was in bed an hour later. I slept until 7am this morning and Rebecca woke up at 7:15. We got ready and took Jim to work, and then went to Emma's after we dropped him off. I knew Emma would need help today, cause she felt so horrible yesterday. I was right. She still felt crappy. I made myself a half pot of coffee, and fixed everyone pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Emma was able to eat 2 pancakes and 1 link of sausage. Then she laid down on the couch. The girls went outside to play and Daniel hung out with me in the kitchen while I did her dishes and cleaned the stove and counter. And I relaxed in between with my hot coffee. The girls played outside until lunch, then came in to eat. Lunch over and they were back outside until I left at 3pm. I was tired when I got home. I read a few journals, and woke up at 4:40pm sitting here at the computer, lol. I had to start our dinner. I made Jim and Joe each a huge stuffed pepper, salad, shrimp left over from yesterday. After dinner we had an icecream sundae. Joe went downstairs to his house to go to bed. He ate too much, lol. Rebecca begged to get ready for bed so she could go to sleep. And Jim just woke up on the couch in time to watch the news. I'm going to finish this entry and read a couple journals, then go to bed myself. I am staying home the next couple days to get my house cleaned up. It is a mess, especially the kitchen. I hope everyone's weekend and Labor Day holiday was a good one. Maybe I can sleep in a little later in the morning.

Love to all...................


  1. I hope you can sleep in tomorrow... get some rest.. the cleaning can wait :)

  2. Cindy...you need to try to rest a bit...
    love ya,

  3. You do too much! Make time for you.
    (mailed the 2 manila envelopes today, so watch for them this week)

  4. Sounds like a busy weekend. I hope Emma starts to feel better soon. Get some rest tomorrow!
    Love ya,
    Pam xoxox

  5. I'm glad you had a nice time with your family this holiday. Sorry to hear Emma's not feeling well. Baby time is soon. Can't wait. Get some rest tonight.
    God Bless,

  6. Awww.. hope you get some much needed rest Cindy. Sorry to hear that Emma is not feeling well, but it won't be long now. Been to tired to really write in the journal guess I need to do an entry sometime soon the weeks are flying by now.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  7. Take it easy girl ! I hope you get some rest soon.  
    Your dinners always sound so good!!

  8. All the food you made sounds delicious!

  9. Don't go made with the cleaning, you need to get some rest.


  10. I hope you feel better sis :) I hate when y our hurting. Why is Emma not feeling well, you have said that in your other entries, but I don't know if I missed why?????? I worry about her very much.
    Hugs and Love

  11. rest rest you have been busy. All that good food does sound yummy though.  I hope Emma is feeling a little better.

  12. Hi Cindy well I am amazed that you all eat so much food. You alway seem to be making so much food for everyone. Cindy you must rest a bit more sorry to hear that Emma is not to good, We will be glad when its all over for her now. wont be much longer. YOU TAKE CARE love reading your journal every day Kathie.

  13. i had no holiday...no food...nothing. SIGH.

    You way way overdid it...i pray for you that you are able to feel no pain and get some good rest soon. All that food sounds delicious.
    LOVE, lisa

  14. anymore sissy I HATE HOLIDAYS.....too much work and headache and there is never no mail pickup or delivery..i love my mail

  15. All that food sounds great, I wish I was there!
    Gaz :-)

  16. Boy....you were really busy! All of that food sounded good too! :o) I do hope that you will be able to get the rest that you need. Have a good day my friend! :o)

  17. Cindy, hope you got some rest, last night's CSI on Spike Loco Motives had a little girl in it who looked just like Rebecca !!!!!!!!!!! Postcards are coming, Love and Hugs Lisa XO

  18. cindy emma is so lucky to have you so close i wish i had the help when i was pregnant and out in cali alone
    hope you are rested and got the house clean...as im sure you did since im so behind, lol