Sunday, September 9, 2007

Today ((Sunday))

 Today was the Philadelphia Eagles first game of the season. They Lost. I knew they would, they were playing against the Packers. I have to admit the Eagles played a good game, but were beat in the 2 minute warning. Oh well, maybe next game will be better.

Well, there's a couple of cake monsters in my kitchen. I had to take away the trays of cupcakes. The short one (Rebecca) ate a cupcake and the tall one (Jim) ate 3 of them. He swears he didn't, but the wrappers laying next to him and the iciing on his face told another story, lol. Those darn cake monsters, grrrrrrrr.

I have dinner in the oven, and it's making me hungry. I am fixing a roast, gravy, corn on cob, sliced cucumber's. No starch's like pasta or potatoes. They ate enough starch munching on my cakes, lol. There's still about another hour before dinner is ready. I put the roast in late, because I was making those cakes.

Tomorrow my daughter Emma is having her amnio test. She has been informed that if this test causes the slightest distress of any kind to the baby's heart beat or movements, she will immediately be admitted and a c-section given tomorrow instead of tuesday. My nerves have been on edge ever since friday. I am figgiting sitting down, I can't keep busy enough to keep my mind and body calm. I AM A NERVOUS WRECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. Tomorrow morning I have to drop Jim off at work and go straight to Emma's. She and Dan will then leave and go to Albert Einstein hospital for the amnio test. She was told to plan on being there for at least 3 hours. They want to make sure she and the baby are ok before she goes home. After they leave there they will be going to Northeast hospital to pre-register and have blood work done, for tuesday. Then tuesday morning it is back to Emmas after I drop Jim off at work, and Emma and Dan will leave to go have the baby. She'll be home thursday or friday. They only keep you for 2 to 3 days after a c-section then send you home. I can't believe it. In less then 48 hours I'll have another grand daughter. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

It will be raining those 2 days most likely. They say a storm is coming up the coast. I love rain though, we can use it. I enjoy watching a good thunderstorm and rain falling from the sky. There's something about it that is so relaxing to me.

I have 138 emails left and about 70 of them are alerts. I am going to spend a few hours tonight trying to read and comment your journals. Because I know the next week is going to be crazy. I was thinking about turning off the alerts tonight before I go to bed, but then I thought NO WAY, I'd miss hearing about your lives. So the alerts are staying on.

I am keeping my instant messaging off tonight. Sorry, but I have too. Otherwise I will not be able to get caught up with journals. I cannot talk in im and read and comment all at once, it breaks my concentration. Well, I had better go now and put the corn on and slice up the cucumbers. The roast will be done soon, then I can make the gravy from the broth. Have a wonderful evening, and I will keep you updated on what's happening and add pics as soon as I can of the baby.

Love you all...........................


  1. WOW, it sure is close to baby time :) How exciting!! I love the photos! I want a cupcake!!!

  2. Sorry to hear the Eagles lost, I'm sure my Dad was crushed!!  Darn those cupcake monsters, they seem to hit all over the place.  I'm keeping Emma and Dan in my prayers - can't wait to see pics of the little one.  Have a great week.  Leene

  3. Why does Emma need an amnio this late in her pregnancy?  Just wondering.  

    I can't wait to hear all about the new baby and see some PICTURES!!!!  And those cupcakes are looking MIGHTY FINE TO ME!!!!!

    Loved your pictures!  Rebecca looks like she had a ball.


  4. Oh you sound so excited! It is nice to see you this way, I will cont. to keep Emma and the baby in my prayers. A new granddaughter, What a blessing!


  5. You know I will be praying for Emma and the baby to be safe.  It won't belong before you can smell fresh baby head too!  LOL  That roast made me think I need to do one.  Haven't in awhile.  And I'm gonna add the potatoes and carrots and onions in with mine and the lipton soup mix on the roast with the butter.  Guess who isn't dieting that day? ha ha.
    Love to you all,

    P.S.  You didn't think you could get by with making cupcakes without the cake monsters not knowing about it did you really now?  LOL

  6. ummmmmmmmm.....I want to come for supper! lol I need to do a roast too...haven't had one in a while.
    Loved those pictures of Rebecca! Why are they doing those tests on Emma? Why a C-Section? Meanwhile I will be praying for her....and YOU too!!!
    love ya,

  7. Keep us posted on Emma!  Why are they doing an amnio so late, when the baby is being delivered next week?  Can you tell us?  Sending prayers... Rebecca looks so cute!  

    be well,

  8. Cindy, good luck for Emma's test  tommorow , Hugs Lisa

  9. Looks like Rebecca was having a good time with the cupcake mix!

  10. Pics of Rebecca are sooo cute!
    Sending a prayer up for Emma tomorrow. {{}}
    Have a good week.

  11. Good thoughts and prayers heading your way...........
    we lost our first game too.. 15-14  GRRRR
    love ya

  12. Looks like Rebecca had a fun fun fun day all the way around!! Good for her!
    Pam xoxoxox

  13. my IM is always off....i never know when i will get up and leave the PC.
    I want some cupcakes too! They look SO good!! The dinner sounded delicioious too.
    LOVE, lisa

  14. Wow lots going on your way. Can't wait to hear how things go. One way or another she will be here soon.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  15. I loved the pictures! I'm excited for you!!! :o) I know I can't wait until April to have my next grandbaby! lol :o)

  16. Those photos were brilliant!

  17. loved the park pictures and those cupcakes look so yummy
    cannot wait to see the baby!
    i hope eveyrthing went well