Sunday, September 23, 2007


Press of Atlantic City: Home

Check out this link above. This is where my son in law Dan works. This morning it caught on fire. Now he has no idea if he has a job there or if they'll send him somewhere else or if he'll be on unemployment. I hope whatever fire damage there is, isn't major and the guys can repair it quickly. He will find out tomorrow what is going to happen.

As for my grandson Daniel. He is doing so much better. That horrible rash is almost gone. You can barely see it now. The steroids are working great. But there is 1 problem. He has become very aggressive. He is torturing his big sister, hitting people, throwing things. Dan took him outside to play so he doesn't hurt anyone, lol. It is one of the side effects of the steroids. He has 3 more days to take them.

Now as for my grand daughter Marissa. Emma got her registered in school and after all was said and done the school said their school is full and they will have to find another school who can take her into their kindergarten class. They found one and it is 1 1/2 miles from the house. Dan drove to it and checked the mileage. Beings they have 1 car and Dan needs it for work, there is no way Emma can walk that far with 3 kids twice a day to take Marissa to school and pick her up. So Marissa sits home each day waiting patiently to go to school. I suggested to the school official who called to find out if she can attend the school Rebecca goes too. I can pick Marissa up in the morning and take her to school with Rebecca and bring her home afterwards. That is no problem on my part. I would do anything so that child could get an education.

As for Emma she is doing just fine. She is enjoying having another babygirl. And she is very happy Adrianna is now nursing. I on the other hand have a big problem with my new grand daughter. I walk in she is wide awake. I pick her up cuddle her in my arms and 2 seconds later she is sound asleep, grrrrrrrr. It happens everytime I hold her and any other baby, lol. Emma says it's my big boobs, there giant pillows. She's such a stinker, lol.

I just put Jim's dinner in the oven. He is having a stuffed cornish game hen. I made Rebecca and I some Ellio's pizza.  I didn't feel like having a huge meal. Tomorrow I'll make a nice meal. Either Spaghetti and meat sauce, BBQ Porkchops or Chicken Florentine with a bordonaise sauce. I'll decide on that tomorrow. Did I rest this weekend. HAHAHAHA, what is rest? My apartment is trashed, my energy level is low and I just don't have any pep in me. I did clean the livingroom. I'll get to the rest of it during the week. Guess that is about it for now.

Love to all...........Cindy


  1. Glad Daniel's healing up. We had our experience with steroids when Jordyn was alive and first being treated at Walter Reed, they are awful. Just a suggestion have Emma find out if he needs to be weaned off, because if he does and they don't it will be 100 times worse. As hard as it is, just remind her that he really doesn't have control over it in many ways. Jordyn was like clock work every morning for 20 to 30 minutes she'd want to just hit...I told her she was allowed to hit the chair (she was at the clinic everyday to get her chemo) but not a that's what she'd do. She cried and hit that chair. IF she hit a person, she'd get a time out and have to sit alone away from everyone and she did NOT like that at all.

  2. This is just one more thing you all didn't need.  With all you've had on your plate recently.  I'm glad that the new baby takes to you so well and feels so safe she goes right to sleep.  I sure to hope they get Marissa's school situation worked out.  It's almost October.  School's been in session about a month here.  I'm glad lil Daniel's rash is feeling better.  It's still incredible to me that they couldn't diagnose target rash.  Geesh.  First year med student can get on the internet.  Hmph!

  3. I was thinking the big boobs were knocking her out before you said Emma said it!!! Because my mom is big boobed and the same thing always happened. They loved them jumbo pillows :) HA HA HA HA. I hope everything works out for Marissa, geesh, you guys have more problems with schools there it seem and getting them in where they need to go or you want them to go. I will go check out that link. I pray he is set to go back to work, Emma and her family don't need this right now with everything else that has been happening. Glad to hear Daniel is doing good, it is a steriod issue and he will start eating like a horse to , lol.
    Hugs Sis

  4. I hope things work out for Dan, Emma and he are certainly having some worries at the moment.  I am glad little Daniel is a bit better and I hope he comes off those steroids soon.  I hope that maybe Marissa can get into the same school as Rebecca, it would make sense, I shall keep my fingers crossed.  It would be lovely for them to be together.  Adrianna is doing well, thank goodness, and don't worry I am sure you'll have plenty of time to play as she gets older.  Hugs, Terry x

  5. You rest now CINDY! Pretty soon things will begin to settle down into a routine with the kids and you will have time t worry about cleaning then. Do yall have school buses up there Cindy? If so; can the kids ride it? I am so happy that little Daniel is doing so much better. Tell Dan to put it all in God's hands and HE WILL PROVIDE.
    love ya,

  6. Steroids are FUN aren't they. I'm so happy Daniel is better. That scared the crap outta me. Just remember he can't control what he does as soon as he stops taking them he'll be back to himself, but that doesn't help Marissa in the mean time LOL.
    Hope they allow her to go to school with Rebecca. This just sounds so unorganized on the school system part. We don't have that here. Regardless of how many kids have to go, they go and the school is required to make room for them, hire more teachers if necessary and sometimes they have to bring in buildings to do it.
    Geez.. when it rains it pours. Poor Dan. All he's trying to do is take care of his family.
    LOL you sound like me Cindy. I can put a baby to sleep in a second. I always tell everybody I'm like a big body pillow. When I want to put Kyan to sleep, I tell him come here I wanna hold you. He'll say NO just because he knows he'll go to sleep in a second still LOL.
    Hope you get some energy soon. I'm talking myself into painting, but I think I may just save it until tomorrow. Get up early and do it.
    Take care, Chrissie

  7. I hope Dan's work turns out ok. Man, you guys really have a lot going on! I hope Marissa gets into school soon! Poor baby.
    Have a good evening.
    Pam xoxox

  8. Hope all is ok with Dan's job situation! Will sendup a prayer.
    So happy Daniel is doing better! Praise God.
    Hope Marissa gets to school! {{}}
    Nice to hear Emma & baby are doing well. :)
    Dinner sounds good! Yummy yum.
    Was so nice talking to you on phone this afternoon, you sound a lot like I expected, like that little bit of "Yankee" accent that creeps in now & then. hehehe
    Have a good eve & upcoming week.

  9. Cindy, sending up a prayer for Dan that he still has a job, glad Daniel is feeling better, hope Rebecca is feeling better too, Love and Hugs Lisa XO

  10. if you keep this up you will get sick and then what use will you be to yourself or anyone else? If you dont somehow take care of YOU, who will?
    I hope your SIL has a job...fires are awful. I hope the school situation also works out somehow for Marissa...poor kid.
    LOVE, lisa

  11. so thrilled that your grandson is feeling better--that must bring a great relief to you all.....I hope Marissa can get into school---lil ones learn the most at her age.
    Hope and pray that Dan still has a job---keep us updated!

  12. good to hear the little one is doing better.  
    but you need some rest too.  i am sure your imunnity level is low anyway.
    take care

  13. good to hear the little one is doing better.  
    but you need some rest too.  i am sure your imunnity level is low anyway.
    take care

  14. I SAW that fire on the news this morning!  I can't believe Dan works there!  They just cannot get a break this week, can they?  I hope everything works out OK for them...AND FAST!!!


  15. Glad Daniel is much better and hope things work out for Dan.  
    Good luck.

  16. hope Dan still has a job. glad little Daniel is doing better even if he is aggressive. praying Marrissa gets into school :) have a good week


  17. Glad things are settling in... I hope that Dan will be able to work...

    Sending prayers for all.

    be well,

  18. So glad to get the news that wee Daniel is heaps better  prayers answered for sure. Thank you Lord.  Now we must pray that you can get a bit of rest. and that all goes well on the school front. Have a good day  love sybil xx

  19. Oh man, Cindy, you sure need a break from all these problems.
    I hope Dan has a place to go for work, that sucks. Hope  Marissa gets into a school soon.

  20. what a week you have had. I hope Dan still has a job. What an awful thing. The reason your new granddaughter falls asleep in your arms is because she can feel the love you bring. So happy that little Daniel is feeling better, that poor kid. I can't believe that the school is full. Marissa needs to go to school and I hope she can go to the same school as your daughter. Geesh, you would think how hard is it to get a child in school. I never understand the system. Good luck with everything. Hugs and love.

  21. I am praying Dan still has a  I am glad little Daniel is doing better...great news to read this morning.  Hope your week is a good one...take care...many hugs and love,

  22. Glad to hear that Daniel is doing better. That was cute what Emma said! :o) I say that to my daughter! lol I truly do hope that you have a great day!

  23. i told you god would answer our prayers for lil man and i will say a special prayer for dan about his situation too

  24. I sure hope they let that baby start kindergarten at the school you can take her to! Im gla dall is going well with the new grandbaby! take care and get some rest! Denise

  25. LMAO.,...well at least they know who to call when the baby wont go to sleep. Hope the fire didnt cause enough damage to put him out of work. Hugggs, Robin

  26. im so glad daniel is ok
    hope dan still has a job
    and i hope marissa is able to go to rebeccas school i bet they would like being there together